The Norfolk Tank Museum

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Source: The Mighty

So this week Rita I went to a tiny little museum in deepest, darkest Norfolk. Luckily, the natives were friendly.



  1. The way Jingles held that SLR you can tell he was definitely a pusser.

  2. If you’re still in this neck of the woods, The Muckleburgh Military Collection is another great little museam on the North Norfolk Coast.

  3. I have been here

  4. I’m a little disturbed that I get this on the top of my recommendations after I thought of an idea for this kind of museum yesterday

  5. Man I love these small museums I got into a Chinese mig 15 that shot at our guys so cool

  6. Chieftain and smooth bore gun in the same sentence? That’s heresy!

  7. Can highly recommend a visit here Jingles:- (if you’ve not been already)
    It was awesome when I went about 8 years ago and every time I see a video of it it seems to have got better. Wargaming used some of their tanks to show differences between vehicles in the game in some vids on the webby for WoT. Think I will have to go back to visit there again and take in The Norfolk Tank Museum aswell. That Chieftain, fully stocked and ready to go was awesome! Impressive weapons collection aswell. I live near the site of the old Royal Small Arms factory and the Royal Gunpowder mills, so was cool to see all the Lee Enfields and Bren Guns, think they may have more variations than the RSA Museum!
    Muckleburgh, back in the day used to take you out for a couple of laps in a very small and fast personnel carrier of some kind for the entry price as long as you kept the receipt… that was a blast.

  8. A real gem!

  9. Rita and Tanks….. JIKNGLES ! You damn, lucky Bastard ! 😉

  10. I notice the very careful securing the weapon procedure you follow. Always treat a weapon as if it is loaded, until you have made damned sure it is not. It is never “safe to assume”, and a good habit.

  11. 7:53 The Jingles moments are contagious. 150 cm howitzer?

  12. Muhammad Firstian

    That armored car looks more like BT-7 more than anything else.

  13. Thanks for this video, nice to see this place featured.
    I can also suggest a visit to the Muckleburgh Military Collection in North Norfolk which provides the opportunity to drive a M113 (check their website) and has a large number of interesting vehicles.

  14. Did I really just hear you say smoothbore gun??????? oh Jingles had your head in shame .. 🙁

  15. Went to this museums special display, like a little tankfest in August 2017. It was a brilliant day. Recommend a trip if you are in the area.

  16. That’s not a Bren gun in the first shot it’s a LMG…You should know that bud as we still had then in the RN in 1991

  17. jake brown collection

    The bren shown briefly is the L4 7.72 version which was still being used up to and during the first golf war. Also cheiftain is a 4 Man crew.

  18. How can anybody dislike this video 🙄

  19. Well looks like I’m adding this one to my itinerary when I finally get to visit England for the first time! Thank you Jingles!

  20. Hmm, well at Bovington a couple of years ago they did tours with 3 people in the chieftain with a guide, they indeed had a boiling vessel in it too.

    I’d really recommend you go to the Boscombe down museum near Salisbury. Their main collection consists of cockpits of jet era aircraft cockpits and almost every cockpit can be climbed into.

  21. Anyone else notice how much better armored look with Rita @ the commanders hatch?

  22. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    ew my god lol that beard

  23. Absolutely ace museum. Like the Ashmolean used to be when you could look through everything:o)

  24. Very interesting

  25. Bad Jingles! No smoothbore guns for the Chieftain – otherwise there would be no HESH!!!

  26. Thanks for the heads up – been wanting to go to the UK for the tank museum and the Imperial War Museum .. looks like a place to add to the list ( not that I just want to see tanks in the UK).

  27. 150 cm artillery? That didn’t look like naval artillery…
    (that was sarcasm btw?

  28. You need to go to the Bunker Museum in Gothenburg they let you sit in the pilot seats and on the wings.

  29. JINGLES, NOT HAPPY, this place is literally two minutes away from my work and my house. i keep meaning to go there and it would have been the perfect excuse to go if i knew you were

  30. 11:00 – ‘Please pay in the tea room’ – SO British! 🇬🇧

  31. ‘Norfolk’s maddest man!’

  32. SLR, i remember being trained on that and the SMG. Always remember my RSM sticking a good fudge into someone due to him cleaning it in the back of a 4t and the cap and spring flying out the back…….lots of stamping to get the truck to stop lol….. ex R.A.M.C
    P.S….can Rita show me around please?

  33. Could’ve sworn I’ve been here, although that might have been the Isle of Wight one…

  34. Ok, jingles, i demand you tell me where norfolk is to Liverpool, yes I’ll send images of the visit

  35. Got to love a B80 Rolls

  36. Hey, Jingles… steady on with the ‘not as old as that’ stuff !
    I trained on the Bren in it’s LMG manifestation during the early 80’s, and I’m still a real regular spring chick, and not a day older.
    Seriously though, really pleased to catch up with one of your vids… it’s been a while.
    Best regards, from a ‘deepest, darkest’ Norfolkman.

  37. Cobbaton combat collection near barnstaple in Devon is well worth checking out too! 👍

  38. I hope you come visit City of Norwich Aviation museum.

  39. Harold Henderson

    Jingles and Rita take drive to the local store, IN AN ARMORED CAR. Nice!

  40. Holy crap. I live really close to this and never knew it existed 😂😂😂, thanks, visiting soon, me want to sit in my tier 10 Chieftain, sorry Jingles, I know PC doesn’t have it, but it’s just a FV215b with a tiny bit less armour.

  41. You were in the Navy jingles?

  42. What part of South Norfolk did you drive through that looked like a lawless dessert. Moron.

  43. Do your home work chieftain has a 120mm Rifled barrel and a crew of 4 that’s 3 in the turret and the driver
    As your ex navy surprised you never mentioned Deborah two full name HMLS Deborah (Her Majesty Land Ship) as the first tank crews came from the Navy

  44. So when are you and Rita having little WoT streamer babies?


  46. My father was in the USAAF 8 th Air Force in Norfolk at Rackheath RAF Station 145 not too far from this museum. The 467th Bomb Group flew Consolidated B24 Liberators.

  47. Was the woman with the kids American?

  48. It doesn’t have the interaction of this museum but if you are ever in Holland go to Eindhoven and check out the Overloon museum

  49. Hi Jingles and the ever lovely Rita.
    you guys get to do some really cool stuff and this is something I would have given my right arm to partake in this day.
    thanks for sharing this both of you.

  50. Great video of my local tank museum, though not sure I agree with your description of the lovely Norfolk countryside, ha ha!!! Aiming to get to Armourfest this summer…

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