^^| The Oddest Tank in WoT? Archer.. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. Polish flag on a tank named “Rob Roy?” That’s like… some kind of
    blasphemy right there.

  2. I managed to get the ace tanker in this **** vehicle…..Don’t ask me how

  3. the archer is just a great tank! love it ! you have to learn it’s way, and
    it will reward you with great games! great camo!

  4. Archer, “so Swedish TDs are almost as fast in reverse as they are in
    forward, thats cute”.

  5. I wish I had lots of gold to throw away

  6. I aced mine in the 3rd or 4th battle, almost stock with a new 100% crew.
    That means not I am a good player, but that the most good players try to
    avoid to play that tank:) The precision of the gun was amazing, pixelshots
    were always the first choice where I would hold fire with any other tank in
    the game. Sick machine, but the setup with the turned gun sucks so hard
    that I put in in the reserve.

  7. The memeiest meme you’ve meme’d this week

  8. name it turd bucket

  9. Well done Circon !! Give WoT even more reasons to nerf OP TD’s !!!

  10. Fun game…..and well played Grilla

  11. Shame I had to Unsubscribe due to lack of a YouTuber’s unresponsive​ness

  12. Rob Roy; the brand new meme-machine….

  13. SEVENTEEN PremShells in a 171 pen Tank at Tier V? Serious? …

  14. I’d love to live in a countrey where money mean something..

  15. it’s sad that this gun, which is nice at tier 5, is also the best gun for
    the tier 7 Challenger in the same line. Try plinking that 17pdr off the
    E75, let alone IS-3. Any if you do get flank or rear shots you do a beefy
    150 damage

  16. lol Circon just spent how much gold on a bloody Archer?!?!

  17. before the video starts… does it shoot arrows?

  18. Aye lmao you’ve got to send this to papi jingles and mama Rita

  19. I find it kinda sad that this is essentially what sniping TDs have been
    reduced to: camping, defense, and a side of camping. Order during our
    special event and get a free cup of ice cold camping!

  20. The archer is just perfect for a tactical retreat :D

  21. Ahhh one of my favorite tonks ! Thanks for reminding me Sir Circon!

  22. The autism-mobile strikes again!

  23. Even better considering 7 people in Circon’s team did 0 damage.

  24. nice batttle

  25. those girly laughs, I pmsl

  26. For some reason this has been my favourite British TD of the 2 lines. Next
    I’m bying Tortoise on the other and grinding towards Charioteer on the
    other, but still the Archer was my favourite. It’s such a unique vehicle.

    Nice video Sircon 😉 keep them coming!

  27. Thanx for the video, I wasn’t even thinking about grinding british TD’s and
    now even less :)

  28. 3rd Mark inc.

  29. Bär mitderlangenScher

    I always feel like a frenchman when i turn around in this tank to leave my
    comrades behind :D

  30. Archer Confirmed for OP. WARGAMINGPLZNERF


    Circon is OP… Either way, plz nerf.

  31. Jeez, you’ve got more gold than my ex-wife.

  32. The Archer has a great quality to it though! It’s pullout game!

  33. the guy saying in chat ” kill your arty for kolobanov”….

  34. play the S35 CA that is a meme tank and op with 105mm

  35. i wish i have all that gold and credits to waste

  36. This camo and viewrange! Most tanks on that tier have like 300 viewrange
    max, they just will never spot you :D

  37. Top kek mate.

  38. This is one of the best games i have seen in a long time. Loved it <3

  39. It’s amazing how you can take some of the worst crap vehicles in the game,
    and make them look good. 😀

    Also how is it you always seem to get the right map!! :p

  40. Hi twitch

  41. 5:30 beginning of replay

  42. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    circon is so darn good that he outspots lights in his td

  43. We all need to pool our moneys to get circon a proper tent after all that
    camping. :p

  44. Best camp EU!

  45. This was hillarious yesterday. Love the Polish flags xD

  46. Should’ve named it “agility”

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