THE OFFICIAL TYPE 93 aka Toyota Technical Video (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

THE OFFICIAL TYPE 93 aka Toyota Technical Video (War Thunder)
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  1. ENJOY phellas! 🙂

  2. Cut a hole in the roof and let the left side guy stand there with a MG of sorts. Not sure if the drive by shooting style sticking a handgun out the window would work 🙂

  3. Phly: There’s so many plane now yay!

    Game: I agree!

  4. Phly: u can‘t kill a plan with this Also Phly: shoot 2 planes down 🙂 5:45

  5. You need to try this take the type 93 and flip it inside a zone and keep capturing the point all the time

  6. NoobAdventureHD

    Plays AA gets no plane kills plays lighttank gets 2 in a row

  7. *like a Mustang. (Not BMW)

  8. Humvees DON’T GO THAT FAST!

  9. “Mom and dad is that you?”


  10. When will you do a vid about HS 129 B2???

  11. It’s so very Gaijin that all of the most fun vehicles are the least useful.

  12. All shoutout and thanks to kingoftoast, what a comrade!

  13. The most boring vehicle in game

  14. Corpulent Allgod

    17:51 is how the Japanese do the Kabuki “YoooooOOOO” when they get hurt.

  15. Andreas Van Der Merwe

    Phly go offroaddd ur using a toyota xd

  16. The part where he spotted the Rad 90 though

  17. Around The Verse

    Lol whait what? A pistol? To shoot himself or spotted tanks?

  18. THE ontos tank should also be counted as a technical.

  19. I hope to god Phly doesent have drivers license.

  20. Makes a vid about same thing 3 times…. SU-7 “sad noises”

  21. It’s Japanese and Right Hand Drive… left guy needs the pistol lol. 🙃

  22. That ww2 plane was a spitfire.

  23. More vids of Type 93s, please.
    And with more Touhou Eurobeat.

  24. It totally needs a 50cal just to be able to do SOMETHING

  25. Instead of a handgun they could just give it spotting

  26. Its an AA Phly, ofcourse its not meant to engage anything thats not flying

  27. Maybe there is a glitch that when you’re upside down, you’re really invinsible for the ennemie team ?

  28. 0:30 *KINEMASTER LOL*

  29. A rag on a stick

  30. i do content right i think

    British stormer HVM ans swedish Lvrbv.

  31. [100]LAGSWITCH_EXE


  32. glupan traktorić

    @PhlyDaily FlaRakPz 1 has no machine gun u cant do a thing and it is 10.3, if you are lucky you will kill the tracks or barrel..

  33. spawn camping “fun”

  34. loving the unloved ARL-44(ACL-1)

  35. 4:33 “Wish me luck here.” *proceeds to murder 2 heavies and damage a further 3 in the span of 20 seconds*

  36. 3:57 ooooooof

  37. baron entertainment

    Hey phly, guess what you haven’t played in 5 years, the Walker bulldog . Please

  38. Gun to the left side guy. Driver in right side in Japan.

  39. Demonitized *_*

  40. OnlyPhans69 LMAO xddd

  41. I love what you do for me, Toyota!

  42. The new Toyota commercial is PHlippin’ bitching!

  43. mahadisal ahadani

    dem….I hope Phly still doing vid after 8 years. I’ll definitely play this game again that time.

  44. Han with his pistol and vibing…

  45. Shout out to Kingoftoast for helping Technical PhD

  46. “What’s that?!”
    *sticks face to the monitor*
    “Oh that’s just something on my screen…”

    How many times did that happen in this game xD

  47. Only phly could ask for a handgun to shoot at a TANK

  48. When do we get access to your only phans

  49. Richmond Neo Ong

    8:06 be like rageyourdream.mvp

  50. finally some good old memes like your old videos had =)

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