The Offspring in World of Tanks!

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The Offspring have arrived in here’s a white guy giving the “pretty fly” a review…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I wanted to buy this tanks as i was getting a very sweet deal, an amount that WG doesn’t generally do for tier 8 premiums. I was so tempted to get it given I my only tier 8 premium was bought in black market. But then i realised that 1 is enough. So decided to drop and played the game, matched against LPC and my Caernarvon AX obliterated this tank, shots right through the upper hull, no amount of sidescraping saved that guy.
    Yeah, its not worth it.

  2. I personally love the penetration giggle. These guys were at the height of their popularity during the Beavis & Butthead days. I have zero doubt that is a nod to it. Funny stuff.

  3. now if only i could get Trixy from The Black Tide Rising in Armored Warfare

  4. I way rather have the offspring in this than the women if I have to have the female crew I disable voice women are annoying.

  5. It looks ridiculous

  6. I want the Samuel L. Jackson tank!!! A Mötley Crüe tank would be awesome also.

  7. This tank needs to be way more gringy!

  8. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Well QB, if you think the penetration thing is debased just think about Euro positive racial stereotyping you all participate in ALL – THE – TIME. I’d agree that perhaps we can make a bit of room for adolescent Bevus and Butthead type of cringy shit to be give a bit of free reign since they are still young and trying to figure things out and that perhaps Offspring should evolve out of that but Ill tell you .. There is no good excuse for racial (positive!;) stereotyping under any circumstances and whats worse is how Euro’s do so very much to try to justify the rightness and even necessity of that corrupt practice. More still ~~~~~ Shit, lost my train of thought!

  9. This is a FUN tank. Fantastic gun. Solid turret + 9 degrees of gun depression = you can work the ridgelines. Solid mobility. Got mine with a 30% off coupon, $27 U.S. dollars… Sweet…. (View range 476 meters with: BIA, 50% Sit awareness skill, Coated Optics, Vents)

  10. Bartholomew Macaluso

    This is all about American attributions… And I resent attributions of Americans which, unreflected are more than laughable in the light of deeply contradictory “EUROPEAN STANDARDS” which do so much more than fall short of what is cringy and what is not.

  11. Yeaa another great turret armor tank… This hull down meta is real

  12. The Tom Hanks Tank… Coming to a battlefield near you…

  13. Did everyone forgot about the primo victoria

  14. Player: Penetrates an apcr shell
    Arnold voice: “Stick Around”

  15. I wish ACDC will get a tank in here, maybe a premium Hellcat which can play Highway to Hell

  16. I love the Offspring. They have helped me so much in the past. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I can’t pay 40$ for it. Also QB you can’t get the T95E2 anymore. You get a choice of a few tanks or a heap of credits

  17. Gonna hold out for the Keith Richards tank… it’ll never die.

  18. That looks fucking stupid.

  19. I love the offspring voice actor

  20. ….. well this gives me a new reason to not play WoT….. disappointed that when they his they don’t say: “I gave it to him baby e-hu-ehu”

  21. I hated the ‘Primo’, and I hate this, it’s turning the game into a kids ‘gimmick’ game – respect the tanks and game. If you’re going to do this then get a decent band i.e. Megadeth.

  22. Imagine a British tank with Tom Hardy’s voice

  23. Philip T- gullaksen

    QB when I played the Offspring tank I got a lot of bounces off the front plate, most of the games I played I got 2000 damage blocked

  24. TheMightyCongueror

    For the suggestion for actors to voice commanders; Keanu Reeves would be a good one for american vehicles.

  25. i tried oh god i did, please tell me how to pay money and buy something because this is too expensive, by phone, it will shut me down, i don’t have an account to pay. You’re a great character, I wish you all the best. They write you thousands, please answer me if you can, you have time.

  26. Brad pit on fury 5ank??

  27. This voice acting is perfect. Such a nostalgia for 80′ / 90′ kids 🙂 I am 87′ my self and I find it perfect with all this references. For all those who already killed their inner child – I feel sorry for You.

  28. I got shot in the ass 12 times by an American Scorpion. He didn’t go blue, but then drowned himself when he got bored.

  29. yes as a offspring fan I do love this tank…
    2nd or 3rd match in this after that honey mokn period
    3200 dmg was pretty sweet

  30. How many more Band themed tanks will we see?
    An Iron Maiden British heavy would be great but it would need six crew members.
    Pussy Riot Russian tank
    Rammstein German tank etc etc.

  31. Why not use the chinese 59 patton in the comparison?

  32. *Quacker Bby complaining about NOT getting TK’d by “friendly” artillery?*
    (can’t please everyone, lol)

    Though they can or could still track potential damage on things…. maybe

  33. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson! Swearing when he gets hit! That would be awesome! ?

  34. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Austrian not German, also it would make more sense for him to be in a 1951 M-47 Patton, seeing as that is the type of tank he owns.

  35. *Speaking of Streaming, any THOTs on swapping to a Gaming stream site to ‘Mixer’ things up for a bit?* (Can keep your camgirls side site at Twich, sure)

  36. There’s only a few songs that I actually like by them, but most of it is shit, and it’s just a way for a 90’s band to make a “comeback” and remain relevant – As for the tank, I’m glad WG gives us the option to remove the awful scheme they gave this tank, it’s horrific.

  37. They were one of the greatest bands ever. I can’t wait to get this!

  38. Rick and Morty?

  39. It still baffles me that Friendly-fire is still in the game. I don’t think anyone really likes it and doesn’t improve gameplay. The only useful thing you can do is being able to track your teammates when they keep trying to block your tank or just trolling you.

  40. Is there still a way to get a t95e2 still?

  41. Arnold after getting killed: ill be back.

  42. So, we’re not allowed to be men? Why triggered and cringy? It’s hilarious! I think you’ve been brainwashed by politically correct leftist douche bags.

  43. minute 15:38 I was laughing my head off, qb chuntering like an angry german. I kept rewinding it.

  44. 90s music is pretty cringe

  45. The next Tank should be with Rammstein

  46. Best Feature of this Tank ist the Ofspring Music in the Battle 😀

  47. I graduated high school in 84

  48. We need a tank with the Spice Girls now.

  49. I feel like this can be more comparable to the centurion 5/1 as the tanks (to me) have similar play styles

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