The Old “Balanced” Dragon – ZTZ96A – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The ZTZ96A is slowly showing its age, but does it still hold up at 9.7?

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  1. Justin uploads while the other major WT youtubers have chosen to step away.

    Bold….. I can respect that. I loathe the Russian Government and won’t be giving a dime to WT but as an American I also respect those who continue to play because well “freedom of choice, speech” and numerous others. We don’t all have to agree on the direction the WT community should go. I like it more actually that most are torn between “it’s a game” and “it fuels the Russian government”. Nice to see people thinking with more than just their wallet but using their conscience wherever it takes them.

    • @Tyrex
      For me it’s a purely moral standpoint in that you either support autocratic fascism that tries to crush democracy and the right to self determination or you, like the brave people of Ukraine, stand up to it.

      There’s not much I can do at the moment, but what little I’m able to do I will. If that means commenting and holding YouTube creators responsible for being cowardly (be that because of political conviction or protecting their income), then that is what I will do. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    • As War Thunder is a passion, nearly the same as it is a job for me, I choose to not engage my content in the political sphere.

      Do I disagree with what’s happening? Absolutely, and openly condemn it outside of my “profession”. However, seeing that I do my best to separate my hobbies and enjoyments from my political leanings and biases, im doing my best to not let it overwhelm me as a person and a creator.

      If I get a large request from my community, I’ll make a statement about my stance and expectations.

    • @JustinPlays
      By choosing to continue to support and advertise Gaijin, a company which sponsored a pro-Putin streamer, in a part of Ukraine that is illegally occupied by Russia, as late as last year, you ARE taking a political stance. You are also giving up any claim to morality. Your community shouldn’t factor into it, unless, of course, you’re afraid of your revenue stream getting disrupted. Either way, you’re willing to forego basic human decency in favour of profit. For shame.

    • @A Rude Gesture I’m not a communist. I am a Pulmonologist though which does sound similar.

      Bit ironic having someone accuse you of being communist when they don’t know your stance on the conflict or on politics. Not very democratic of you.

      I have no intention telling anyone whether they should support Gaijin or not. I simply respect that Justin is uploading and putting himself out there while others seam to have remained silent.

      It would be really easy for him just to continue to post vireos and leave his commentary absent of any mentioning of the conflict. He chose to mention it and explain his thoughts even if it was brief.

      He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation but at least he has the guts to bring it up. Brave would have been a better word then bold.

    • @Brian Aldwin
      It was Tyrex who claimed Justin was a communist. Not I.
      If you had bothered to read the conversation you would’ve seen I even dismissed him outright on that claim.

      However, your arguments are just as ridiculous and shameful as Justin’s. You dare to call Justin “brave” for not having the moral fortitude to break off his advertising for Gaijin’s products particularly given the reasons he provided? It’s laughable.

      In fact a bit sickening, considering that what the Ukrainian people are doing is brave. What Justin is doing and the reasons he gave for continuing to do so are nothing but shameful.

  2. ztz96a after the chally 2 tes and t90a, is one of the most good looking tank in this game in my opinion, i just love this type of tank

  3. 11:00 bro that su7 fly by is so coooooooooool

  4. hope we get type 96B soon this 2022, preferably this march. basically it’s a 96A that can go fast in reverse and neutral steer. ONCE MORE THE CHINESE MUST RULE THE TOP TIER META !!!


  6. ussr sale is fun for farm T-72AV so many low LV guy need to play it idk why

  7. I really like the ztz96a having thermals and era and good turret armor at 9.7 is awesome

  8. Those Chinese high tier tanks look really good

  9. Imagine camping 3/4 of the game and killing the half of enemy team whlie they’re driving out of spawn. I don’t support that

  10. Remember when this had 7.5s reload and oversized crew?

    • the 99 still has driver’s head penetrating the top hull, gaijin imagined it had steering wheel and driver had to sit up, where in reality it’s still the old stuff

  11. I wrote a comment here earlier about money one pays to gaijin financing russia, which I deleted. Gaijin is of course listed in Cyprus, most likely for the reason that they dont`t want to pay taxes to russia (or, at all). Sorry for this misinformation.

  12. Seeing them Of40’s wants me to see Justin play them

  13. Pretty bad timing, but yeah China is not directly concern, great vid tho

  14. That things mg has been oneshotting me in helicopters for the past weeks and it has been painful

  15. William Benedict Alava

    Scumy tactics(shooting at the track and barrel) yes but it works then that’s how to shut up bastards.

  16. Bruh I hate it when when I hit the wrong button I think the like button and the hate button should be spaced out more lol but I actually loved the video

  17. I must say the 96a is pretty nuts with the thermals amazing dart and good armor just an upgrade to Russian tanks at the same br

  18. Bruh why do your gen 1 thermals look better than mine when I play that thing

  19. Nice!!! Been waiting for a revisit on this! Can you do the Rooikat 105 Justin?

  20. ah the good old ‘communist rack’, the nice big carrousel that goes big boom when paired with Weston ordinance

  21. I don’t play russian games

  22. All we need is Korea tech tree.

  23. That camo/skin is pretty sweet.

  24. 4:25 since when did accessorys like the gun and body armor become part of the tank xray

  25. Pro tip, just carry a full load, you die in a single hit either way

  26. Phly was cringe city in his early days hahahah, You have lightened up a lot since when I started watching you Justin, I love your content bud and I like the way your videos are laid out now! Thanks for the content brother!

  27. Would like to see a vid on the AMX 10 RC

  28. I would really enjoy it if you’d play line ups instead of single vehicles. You could have 1 main vehicle the video is about and then have like a 30 second intro to 1 or 2 secondary vehicles that maybe don’t warrant their own video but are good as a backup at a certain BR.

  29. What should I use with the T72 Av turms?

  30. leopard a1a1?
    class 3p?

  31. I still don’t get how ZTZ-96 has weaker base armor (excl. ERA) on the turret than T-72B (also excl. ERA). IRL it is supposed to be stronger, at least at the front. The thickness of composite (NERA) is greater, NERA array is more advanced and efficient, and the steel backplate (IIRC missing in-game) is also thicker than that of T-72B.

    Plus, it is supposed to have second-generation thermals IRL (same as ZTZ-99-I/II). First-generation thermals are on original ZTZ-96 and possibly ZTZ-59D. Third-generation thermals on the ZTZ-99A (at least for gunner).

  32. p̷̏͋ï̷̢g̸̅͝ĕ̴̙o̸͗͠n̵͚͆

    The amount of people bringing politcs in this channel is so annoying…it’s his job,it’s his hobby,he doesn’t support what russia is doing,neither do i.Please.

  33. ZTZ-96B when?

  34. Gotta grind those social credits lmao

  35. Ngl, the ZTZ96 is one of my favs MBTs both IRL and in game. In game I feel this much smoother than the ZTZ99(both 99-II and 99-III)

  36. Can u play sk105a2 next?

  37. but FY4 it is reverse engineering Kontakt-5 so this is literally a bootleg

  38. 9:26 no wonder its called realistic battle

  39. I like how you are talking about the recent “event”. You don’t talk anything because you don’t want to make enemy on any of the side, and you also didn’t make the topic for gaining popularity unlike a few content creators that i already know

    By the way, loved your vid 🙂

  40. Out of all the Chinese premiums, which ones are the best?

  41. American nuclear technology was “bootlegged” from the Germans. AKA, gave literal Nazis nice jobs and new lives. But I guess that doesn’t count?

  42. Slava Ukraini!!! I like your videos though

  43. One of my favourite 9.7 tanks.
    It’s actually not just a ZTZ96 with added ERA and Thermals, it also got a more powerful engine which is actually very noticeable, a much more mobile machine.

  44. My most played ground vehicle.

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