The OMEGA SNIPER FV4005 Stage II in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Stage II Gameplay, Tier 10 British Destroyer. World of Tanks HESH and HE Ammo FV4005 Stage II Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank.

Let’s remove rammer from FV4005 Stage II and boost the gun handling to the max to see if we can actually hit more shots and deal more damage!? 🙂

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. What is your go to setup with FV4005 Stage II in your everyday matches? I have seen a lot of Rammer, IRM and Optics as well.
    Anyway, have an absolutely fantastic Sunday!

  2. dpm all the way. Stalin decides where shells go anyways.

  3. boomstick quickscope rng is now on fv4005 side

  4. No wonder i get sniped by that thing all the time

  5. You definitely dont need a rammer on the FV, go for the improved accuracy, better hitting your shots than miss 2 shots just faster😅

  6. I have this setup in my fv4005, for some reason i cannot play that tank without a gun laying drive

  7. to me rammer is not worth it in this tank, you will not use the extra dpm if you cant hit and this thing and the deathstar must have gun handling equipment

  8. 8.55 no not 200 under average 199 under average.😂

  9. why your crew’s skills are not “compressed”,how can i set them like that?

  10. Fv 4005 sponsored by Heineken

  11. Hey Dez do you know joe?

  12. The only tank that you shouldn’t use rammer on it

  13. Imagine you’re trying to do TD-15 for obj 260 and you’re 72 dmg short from doing in with honors? That could be the most painful thing ever

  14. all i gotta say….. is WOW and GG

  15. actually amazing games haha

  16. Looks like a Heineken can 😞

  17. Wow , a Heineken tank !!!!!

  18. Nice. I wish my FV would work like that…

  19. i have never since i bought fv played it with rammer just not worth it

  20. Glad i dont see this td on the battlefield, just derps everyone lol

  21. did anyone see that Strv 103B in the first game??? he freaking yolo’d base like a true Chad

  22. There is no point into having the greatest DPM of the game if you can’t hit where you are aiming.

  23. fv ap can overmatch the strv upper plate

  24. The red star is the main thing

  25. Paid Actors!

  26. @dezGamez ur FV legit looks like “Heineken beer” hahaha

  27. you forgot to show field modification

  28. hope your ok with all this trouble in Ukraine, and Russa going through Bellarose to get there, be safe

  29. “Want to see a magic trick? I can make your hit points disappear!”

  30. i dont use rammer at all

  31. I have started to go for more handling and mobility over dpm. Only my 122 tm has full dpm setup to make it playable.

  32. This tank in Ranked was hilarious fun

  33. FV4005 : The tank that sand you back to the garage in less time than it takes to tell !

  34. Your fv reminds me of a bottle of heiniken beer

  35. Reality Dysfunction

    Fuckin EBR doing 548 alpha. Ridiculous OP tank.

  36. And THAT wasn’t an ACE tanker? WOW.. Awesome video 😁

    • 4.9k at tier 10? Why would that be an ace tanker? 4k at t8 isn’t an ace tanker….

    • @smiork valexy 7. And I’ve seen people do it with 6+ depending on the tank and time of year/number of people playing it etc. What was the point of what you are saying? You don’t think it would be an ace? ok.. I do.. and???

  37. heineken cammo?

  38. The Heineken tank!

  39. 0.34 isnt that bad

  40. This one is obviously sponsored by Heineken beer.

  41. By looking at this setup fv is much accurate then grille with 0.2 accuracy or RnGJesus bless u.

  42. wanna do a suffer vid, use any arty as a td EXCEPT Obj. 261 or premium ones, hahahaha

  43. also use only AP on arty when going TD mode.

  44. This camo looks like Heineken 😎😂

  45. Rolled out for one game in the WZ 111 QL
    Got immediately deleted by this Barn.

  46. OK Dez, so I’ve been trying this for myself.. I could almost do a ‘nope’ video of all my missed shots.. time after time.. 4-6 times per battle.. then it dawned on me, the majority of your content is using a really, really skilled crew.. You’ve got a 7 skilled crew there.. It’s absolutely pointless for us regular Joes even to watch your content.. your not in the real world man.

  47. How did Dez know I was being sexy and naked. Does he pay FBI for access to the phone cams?

  48. krunoslav barišić

    I love FV. Platton of 3 FV is the best fun

  49. Because of F RNG, less than 10% of my tanks have rammer now-days…

  50. nice one! …this battle is proudly presented by HEINEKEN 😛 LOL

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