The One, The Only, The BAT CHAT! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The original assassin of World of Tanks, the Bat Chat 25t, is now top of the and here’s why it’s still the one and only!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. How about the turbo … 70 km/hr speed

  2. Love playing lights. A real challenge to make work game after game. Got the Object 430 and outfitted it with camo and vision so can play it like a light. Wow out spotting most of the lights in some games. Surprising what can work these days. Good review QB

  3. Daniel Zagar [Student]


  4. cant wait till qb realizes that the incresed stabilization you get from the irm is only there to compensate for the increased traverse speed it gives you, and that the stabilization stays virtually the same with or without irm.

  5. My B-C25t is a Scout…

  6. World of tanks console has gone to shit, QB u would get aids if u played console again don’t do it

  7. Thicchat 25t

  8. QB keeps forgetting the 50B exist 🙄

  9. i’ve been watching you for a while and i just got the game because i learned it was free and please anyone tell me HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS GAME IT IS SO HARD TO PLAY IVE ONLY WON LIKE TWO BATTLES *IDK IF I JUST SUCK OR IF THE GAME IS REALLY HARD BUT PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO PLAY

  10. Its been a really long time without a AMX 50 B video yet its still super valid as a tank, would be nice to see one

  11. Only OG’s will remember when this was used as spotter


  13. You still called the Bat the best light tank after the tier 10s came into the game

  14. “You’re gonna spot everything within those 445m viewrange, when they fire.”
    *E25 enters the chat*

    • su 122 44 joined the chat EDIT: and he left because pref mm* (but i think it also has the old td camo after shooting bonus)

  15. Well, QB. Your videos got me back into WoT. You utter bastard.

    Grabbed the Cobra Commander loot from Prime, blew some entertainment budget on the Renegade, and dropped the free 9k Bonds I had on vents and a rammer for it. Tossed in my best crew and I’m back to kicking ass. Well, not the *entire* ass, but still enough to be of use to the team. I at least hit one cheek per kick attempt.

    Already back to hating arty and have come to really dislike the Bourassque. Mainly because I’m an aggressive player and am always trying to seize new forward positions and end up way out ahead of all the pansies hiding behind rocks.

  16. I have to agree. The game is getting much quicker than it used to be. I stopped playing about 2 years ago. Recently I resumed playing the game and needed some time to get used to the new dynamics. The current state of the game favors speed and agility more than armor and raw strength. The only thing that hasn’t changed is how good QB is 😁. Keep up the good work.

  17. Talk about amx 50 120 please

  18. Teir 8 game in a ten, ofc you will do good

  19. i love the bat-chat 25t its great in nearly all ways 🙂

  20. Improved aiming goes with verts stabs and vents better then improved rotation and the best players in the game agree. So………….


    Im always playing this video and listening to it when im doing breakfast

  22. Ive Buyed the tier 9 yesterday and its hard to play but i have only 6600 games

  23. BC can be deadly, but you have to maintain your HP until 5th minute of the game.
    It is my rule, I can lose a max of 400 hp within the first 5 minutes – then it can be a good game.
    I maybe not a great player, but I really like BC and I have played this tank quite often. I mean – it is my most played tank, with 4000 battles on it.
    So – spot, ok. but safely. You need a really good crew. Really good.
    Shoot clips? Only to kill. If you will try to farm dmg, all guns will turn toward you.
    This tank has GREAT carry potential, that is why it so fun to play. You can pull amazing results from like 2 vs 7.
    It has many weak points, shitty gun depression, ANNOYINGLY small gun elevation, no armor (although it is sloped, and on ridges, you can make some enemies angry), gun… aargh, on the distance it can perform great and and a few seconds later miss a shot from 50 meters, only 3 crew members so to have important skills you have to struggle on high count perks (400 000 exp for this last 1 percent…).
    Frankly speaking, I feel that it can be outperformed by any medium if you would have 8 perks crew on them… but I still love it.

  24. I don’t mind when companies grab at my wallet for what they consider their share, my backside doesn’t mind the attention from time to time.
    I imagine Victor shoving his hand down my front pocket rummaging for loose change every time I hear “Bounty Equipment.”
    How ’bout videos from your FTP account or whip out your calculator and illustrate what kind of ridiculous $$$ you would have to pay for your CC account.

  25. All games end 15/5 or 5/15. Nobody cares.

  26. Николай Недев

    Hi quickybaby i thing bat chat is so powerful tank have a good day quickybaby.

  27. QB The Dude Lebowski

  28. Gandhi has Denounced you

    I am at teir 8 with the bc 12 t, should I grind the extra xp to get on the medium line or stay with the light tanks.

    I’m also on the leopard 1 line so I’m worried that having 2 mediums won’t be as fun

  29. 500m view range is never an overkill. ok ok on Himmelsdorf it is, but that is a bout it.

  30. I would never use IRM on a medium, they don’t need it. After firing 2,61 vs 2.22 with IRM is an overkill, itraclip is still 2.73. I would rather use turbo on it then.

  31. Does IRM reduce bloom after firing the gun even if you are completely still? I can’t find a 100% clear explanation on this. Also there has been a huge debate of IRM with Improved Aiming, some people say IRM 10% will only compensate for the faster rotation bloom and bring it back to normal, while improved aiming keeps the bloom 5% smaller at all times (which is true, confirmed in WG video). I tested myself but just by feel I cannot really tell which is better.

  32. I always loved it when I use all the shells in the mag…it always gave me some sort of satisfaction 🙂

  33. Noah Le Boutillier

    I don’t know what game you’re playing but when I play in my T10 lights there’s always 3 or 4 per game?

  34. AMX 13 105 is for me better

  35. Make a vid with skill

  36. my guy aint even showing us ace tankers… is this what u have become ?

  37. Hey QB, is it true what they are saying out these strange imprisonments happened in Belarus? I keep seeing short clips about people randomly being imprisoned for a few days, weeks, month… if so do be safe.

  38. Depends what you are trying to do…do you just want to get that one game or do you want to 3 mark it…I go with the first for 3 mark…

  39. I was waiting for this Top of the tree, so I can switch to the Bat form the tier IX. And I have to say it’s impressive, even with the smaller 100mm gun it performs great! I can only imagine the big gun i a day or two. And having a full girl 4 skill crew helps I guess…

    I decided to get bond equipment for it, the vents anyway, and I run it old school, Vents, Vert stab and optics, because that view range makes all the difference.

  40. Profesor Baltazar

    QB is not telling the whole truth, I’m tomato but AMX 13 105 is much better in medium role then BC25t. Also if you have tier IX Char Futur 4, your BC25t will collect dust.

  41. QB, you’re a shill and a lying pretender.
    If you have a doctorate degree, I am Jesus Christ.
    You don’t even know that inert gases like argon exist in out atmosphere or the chemistry of Nitrogen in our world, and you say you have a phd in remote sensing?
    My guess is you rented toxidos and took some pictures at a graduation event. No video of the ceremony that’s the more important days of a phd’s life!
    Bow shilling for a Russian Mafia company? Way to go shitter.

  42. I’ve been playing since 2013 and the bat 🦇 was my second ten after the is7 and it’s still my favourite tank to play, so versatile

  43. Maxing your view range and doing more spotting damage will bring your average experience up quite a bit.
    I have the best avg exp in my clan and I’m only a 56-58% recent, 52.% overall player. But I max all of my tank’s view range, even my heavies.

  44. Raphaël CHAUMONTEUIL

    L’unique baguette 😉

  45. What about a scout version with commanders vision instead of v-stabelisers?

  46. No crew level again all bond equipment again QB poor show

  47. I would try optics, vert stabs and rotation

  48. This issue should be reworked from WG ! I mean come on. A Medium Tank that does the Role of a Scout because it has 500 Meters View Range while scouts can Max go to 480 or so ?!?. Scouts SHOULD be the ONLY ones, who are having the Max View Range ! Otherwise, they are becoming useless in Battle !

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