The Only Tank I’ve Tried To Refund

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Source: Spookston

's not often that you find a truly useless tank in War Thunder, especially a premium one, but the German 15 cm .W.42 was pretty close that on release. It was so bad I asked for my GE back.

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The Only Tank I've Tried To Refund


  1. You can tell who hasn’t watched the video yet because they think I’m saying the Panzerwerfer is still irredeemable 🙂

  2. SMV CC56M Typo. 2 Jum. (German Ver.)

    Use it as backlines

  3. For those who don’t know you can actually refund premium vehicles as long as you didn’t play a battle in it. I once bought the F5 premium and then post purchase clarity hit me and asked for a refund. They fortunately did give me my refund and funny enough since I technically owned a rank 5 aircraft I was able to purchase the cobra even after it was removed from my account!

  4. It werfz panzer

  5. Because all my favorite vehicles (including this one) have such a drop before hitting the first tick in the rangefinder, I have swapped my mouse scroll wheel to adjust range rather than camera zoom. Trust me, for low velocity ammo, it is absolutely necessary,

  6. it sucks but its so fun when you get a kill in it hahah

  7. Warthunder: ”It’s totally garbage 🗑️ “

    Enlisted: “One of the GOAT”

  8. I honestly quite like that thing, I mean I bought it with 75% off and it’s just super fun to take apart almost everything since even the stronger vehicles have little enough armour underneath or above

  9. This vehicle looks so good, and actual historical vehicle, shame they made the rockets so weak

  10. Maksims Jevlampijevs


  11. You could have brought up false advertising. Because it’s named Panzerwerber fut it does only werf Raketen and not Panzers.

  12. Spookston makes every tank look great

  13. Sergio Castañon Olivares

    I love this tank my absolute favorite

  14. Rocket vehicles like this were really improved by the hull break mechanic. It actually allows that oversized HE to do something.

  15. Why did you stop moving at 5:51 when the bombs were dropped? I’m going to assume it was for the comedic affect, tell me if I’m wrong.

  16. “I don’t know what happened to the teammates I had on my flank.”
    German players happened.

  17. This vehicle used to be my highest K/D vehicle before I decided I hate life and wanted to play British 4.7 for the rest of my life. The key to using this vehicle effectively is to always set your ranging to 200 so you can aim properly. This allows you to use your semi-automatic weapon significantly more times than if spend 200000 years trying to figure out where the hell your rockets are going to go

  18. This is mien panzerwerfer

  19. That thing should have 5000% SL gain as it’s ungodly ass vs anything that isn’t paper

  20. I am disappointed that it doesn’t throw tanks.

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