The ONLY Tank What Does This… | World of Tanks IS-3A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Russian Bias with IS-3A (ИС-3 с МЗ) Autoreloader Gameplay. World of Tanks IS-3A Autoloader, Tier 8 Premium Soviet Russian Tank. Best Autoloader in World of Tanks.

Due to a lot of requests, I am going to play with the Ultimate Russian Bias tank in this game – The IS-3A. The only autoreloading tank in World of Tanks which has the reverse autoreloader – The less shells you have, the faster your reload. 😀

So, let's play couple live with !

What do you think?


  1. Soviet or Russian? Make up your mind Dez.

  2. @Nele It’s so biased it can be a Russian tank

  3. does GLD instead of Optics help with gun handling?

  4. Why does everyone think this is unbalanced?

    The IS-3 A is the only Autoreloader that imposes you with a decision.
    EITHER: Have good DPM
    OR: Have a Magazine

    With the rest of the Autoreloaders you automatically get BOTH
    As long as you keep your magazine full for a potential burst, you also have a Good DPM.

    If anything it is actually more balanced than the rest of the Autoreloaders.

    • I agree to your assumption.

    • Carlos Ballesteros

      False, think of it this way, when an normal autorreloader empty the mag is absolutly vulnerable, that dont happen with is3-a cause it will load another shell in 9 seconds. Having the reverse autorreloader has no downfall. Use it like a normal gun when u need to shoot = great dpm. Dont need to shoot? dont problem, store more shoots in the mag and have them ready for when u need them.

  5. 5 star buffet,, served cold

  6. Suggestion:

    Don’t use optics on the IS tanks. It’s not worth loosing an equipment space for an useless equipment piece in a close-combat type of tanks.

    The IS-3A being the best example.

    You would be better with vents, stabilizer and improved rotation.

  7. 4:17 Beautiful

  8. I have this tank and managed to two mark it. I tell you its gun has a mind of its own. Renegade, Caern and many more tier 8 heavies are much more reliable than this.

  9. I had it. Sold the OP shit. Didnt challange me.

  10. Okay Dez, i like you, but most people cant afford bounty equipment, they will also not play with big repair and heal kits, you using it just makes it seem more OP. Not to mention that crew.

  11. I hate it when you cut little pieces out of the battle…just speed it up or something, but don’t just chop it up!

  12. 300k subscribers coming soon !

  13. Imagine the italien heavies had a siege mode in which the reload would work like on is3 a and when its off it will be as usual

  14. Dez. I hate this tank for all the reasons you expressed. Like you, I rarely (can’t remember when) play it. In fact, it was a Christmas box tank or some such.

  15. IMHO 703 VII is a better tankl. Better frontal armour and much much much better gun handling.

  16. What’s with the moon base and Serb comment? I don’t get it.

  17. I love playing my IS-3A. Using vents, EGLD and stabalizer. Blind as a bat, but woth the sacrifice. Also having a 6 skill crew helps.

  18. You’re on drugs… The IS-3A is a TERRIBLE tank.

  19. lol, “visible from the moon”

  20. social3ngin33rin

    pay2win cancer
    This is why people stop playing the game
    lolol omfg all the stars
    Who put all these shells in the way Comrade?!
    We could fire faster if they weren’t in the way!!!

  21. Everyone is “Russian bias here, Russian bias there” but for some strange reason nobody ever says “French bias”

    Meanwhile. Ebr’s, leafblower, borrasque, elc even 90, etc exist.

  22. It was good hearing you soo cheerful! Thank you

  23. I agree Dez, I sold my IS3-A as I hated it. I thought it was a pile of shit.

  24. Turn on English subtitles, and see what in 0:41.
    There’s something epik there

  25. Gun never depressed !

  26. I traded in my is3-A for a super pershing lol

  27. had this tank long before it was an autoloader, was trash then but now you can miss 3 times lol, so its 3 times better lmao.

  28. This tank is like having a 4th shell in the magazine with the quick reload after you dump the mag. Nice… No bias there…

  29. I like this tank and I’ve played it many times. The tank would be OP if it got better MM. On the NA server you are almost always bottom tier. The only tank I own with worse MM is the Defender.

  30. His talking faster than usual

  31. Adriaan van Vuuren

    You seem to be in an excited mood today Dez. Especially for your good old Russian bias tanks ha ha.

  32. play 1 game with every tank from a line like lets say is7 starting from tier 4 maybe to be shorter

  33. a full platoon of these will ruin any teams day

  34. You wrong, IS-3A isnt biased op, that only italian heavy are ridiculous nerfed. 🙂

  35. Of course pay to win tank is allways best

  36. Branko Dimitrijevic

    I saw no domination on this video so please buff the Is 3 a

  37. 200IQ! 😀

  38. I finaly got the tank, stock is bad.
    But maxed out i like it, fits my play style

  39. how do i get a DezGamez skin 🙁 i feel my life is incomplete

  40. the feeling is that you could destroy the whole enemy team but actually you don’t

  41. nikos theodosiou

    0:46 russian bias is over 9000

  42. THERE IS NO RASHAN BIAS in this Rashan game! XD

  43. DugThatOutMyself

    They are better than normal equipment WITH the bonus anyway.

  44. I have nearly every teir 8 russian heavy (no is5) and the is3a is my least favorite of them all. The gun handling is so incredibly bad that you have 1200 effective dpm in a city brawl. MM is also crap with it unless you’re playing against lemon players or know how to reverse side scrape.

  45. It makes sense comrade…Less shells faster reload, more dmg to spread communism! Is good!

  46. IS-3A shit gun handling, shit mobility, shit ammo. Does that make it op ? I don’t think so.

  47. I would pick ventilation instead of optics, because of trashy gun handling you shouldnt shoot in long range engaments.

  48. hi dezgame, yesterday I found out other tank game in steam named “Armored Warfare” its nice new and old tanks, maybe you can review this game for us. thank you

  49. 0:48 Most Russian tank ever,that skin is purfect!!

  50. vebjørn andersen


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