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  1. Going in for Lasik!!!! I’ll be able to see covid soon!

  2. It simple. I see the Abrams I hit the like button


    I’m literally one tank away from getting my first modern mbt and I’m only like 4 planes away from getting my first jet woohoo

  4. Yoooo i might be seein These things irl soon i live sweden and russia is going to attac us….

  5. is the 2002 thing a joke I don’t get??? the game didn’t exist in 2002??? what tf are we talking about???

  6. I’m playing this thing in 11.0 and it’s dominating , superior speed, acceleration, 5 sec reload , smaller profile than other Abrams tanks and the most important thing about it SMOKE SHELLS.

  7. I don’t remember what I was doing in 2002… must have been a great year! 😀

    Edit: I remember! I was living off a lake where they had speed boat races there… It was a great year… decade, I don’t remember. 🙂

  8. My favorite tank of all time.

  9. This tank in War Thunder is older than me

  10. Nobody with a normal account is one hit hip shooting tanks from 1/2 mile away

  11. Who are those F#$*^@ people?!? oh…

  12. Damn
    I wasn’t even born yet in 2002

  13. Sometimes you see phly or the other big guys use protection analysis.. they always assume everyone got their tanks spaded so we all have the best shells available 😅

  14. just a guy that was bored

    I thought you were good at war thunder, then you spawn camped.

  15. Not to make anyone feel old but I wasn’t alive in 2002.

  16. You should play the m3 bradley

  17. Yeah I do agree we really need to push for more modes we need some variety from the limited experiences we have now

  18. Play the f89b in ground rb or show how weak the f89d rockets are at the actual patch. Xd

  19. You make playing warthunder look so easy lol


  21. I’m rather confused, how’s that of war thunder in 2002?

  22. Hey Phly, can you do an old school only air RB video about the Mystère IV A, it’s a gem in the shadow in my opinion (day 9)

  23. CredibleWhiteKnuckle

    Phly, soldiers shared stories how they could feel each pad on the track slapping into the ground. ‘sneaking’ is subjective when you’re talking tanks

  24. I was born in 2002 so basically the M1 Abrams is my age

  25. Glad to have you back Phly been missing your videos! Hope everything’s going ok in the family!

  26. This video needed the America F*** Yeah!

  27. I’d be kicked from heaven because I used the A4 early with 5 bullpups

  28. high br scares me and im starting to transition into it

  29. Played on/off since release :O

  30. I think my most desired thing from war thunder this year is new game modes, or the return of the D-point. I miss the D-point, it’s been gone for so long people don’t know why it’s here anymore.

  31. You gotta try the IPM1, best tank at 10.3 and it mostly gets downtiers. It is better than the M1 cause it shoots the M900 but also has the 5s reload.

  32. I was 19 E and 19 K MOS in the army in both M60A3 and the M1 Abrams back from 1984 to 1990. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  33. War Thunder really needs a game mode like Planetside 2. Just hop in, fight, do your objectives, hop out whenever

  34. Phly the worlds first living Meme…

  35. Yeah, breakthrough/rush and frontlines were probably my favorite gamemodes in battlefield. Probably the only time players got into actual defensive lines and attack formations. Conquest is fun and all but that usually develoves into 3 or 4 separate TDMs gling on or 1 team outright wiping the map and spawn camping.

  36. bro i have been playing since 2014 and still playing now with over 3000hrs i have seen almost every youtuber in battle but you… maybe lets team up one time?
    (have also been watching you since 2014 man love your vids)

  37. Phly playing Abrams: Terminator mode
    Me playing Abrams: …

  38. Crazy to think that tank is older than me

  39. Day 198: play the rbt-5 at top tier

  40. my abrams doesnt work);

  41. I wasn’t even alive in 2002

  42. Lets see if he knows the IPM1 got M900

  43. your big event join-leave idea sounds promising. idk why wt doesnt spice things up.

  44. I ha e been playing so long I remember when the promise / planned tree had theJ7w3

  45. When phly gets hit in the engine why does it sound like a bomb falling in a cartoon? XD

  46. Me an African:god bless America 🙂

  47. Bro, I need an airplane video ASAP!! Cheers ❤

  48. 2002 I was turning 2 years old……I am now 21

  49. Yeah. Been playing this along time.. Russian bias… Nerfed Abrams .. love it

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