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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing one of the original BOOMSTICKS in World of Tanks, the one, the only 268! Who needs the Version 4 RIGHT?


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. With ammo racks any tank can be a deathstar for a second

  2. giving this tank gun rammers along side some extra speed, it feels like a high powered medium without a turret and is amazing at just punishing others mistakes

  3. Man I fucking loved the 263 I wish it hadn’t got replaced. I missed rushing in and putting that dpm to wooooork. Even tho it was long as hell and couldn’t turn to save its life. It got shit done. And don’t get me started on the su-122-54. It was my favorite tier 9 TD. It’s Low profile and gun made it a bigger version of the e25

  4. WoT isn’t a game, it is fraudster application!

  5. Man that washing machine in the back is kinda growing on me. Lmao.

  6. @QuickyBaby, come out of the closet already, that washing machine get’s more screen time than your forehead.

  7. could u please make a video on the obj 260?

  8. obj268 can 0.3 or even 0.29 and it can work very well just like this video

  9. 3:28
    Quicky sounds exactly like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

  10. I love my 268 if only I could play this well in it 😂

  11. Look even QB needs to load mostly gold in tier X matches.

  12. the 268 was my second tier X TD and I gotta say…its so bad. The WZ provides basically the same gameplay but everythings just better. I cant recommend the 268 in 2021 however its cool in the sense that it still kinda works

  13. when I was in the sandbox test server I immediately free xp my way to the obj. 268 and it was a beautiful tank it wasn’t the best or most unique but definitely a good all-around tank and it was pretty fast for a kinda derp gun

  14. 60TP’s get ammoracked more then any tier X tank…

  15. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I absolutely love this td, almost 3k battles on it. Very nice DPM for a 152mm gun. Maybe WG will buff it in the future but interesting enough, the Grille, once considered OP, it’s at the bottom of w/r. WG sure demolished that german td.

  16. I think the 268v4 was needed to balance out the fast heavies

  17. nah, T30 was the original Boomstick

  18. Back in the day:

    Object 268: Hahaha I’m the most popular tank in the game

    Object 263 (Tier 10): Why nobody play with me ?

    Now present time:


    Object 268: Why is nobody play with me ?

    Object 263: Oh gee first time ? ….

  19. From your position, you can actually shoot down the tree from your left towards you by shooting its left side with HE for extra concealment.

  20. Hey quick finger guy can you donate 1 gold?

  21. Real original broomstick. T18

  22. Is it me, or did Quickybaby say, “Won of Tanks”?

  23. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    Nuff haha
    Why are they named ‘object no. xxx’ btw?

  24. Nah original boom sticks, KV-2, oils school T34 Heavy, and the ISU with the BL10, all those before the 268

  25. And one of the best ever? Nah, that title still sits with the WTF 100, lol. It was so good, they nerfed then removed it.

  26. The Original Boomstick was QB’s rapper name before he started streaming

  27. I have not gotten this yet but I have the SU-122-44 and I do very well playing it like you played this in this game. I need to get a 268.

  28. I actually just researched this tank and meant to buy it today. One of the easiest grinds I’ve ever had in WoT. I now have about 5 or 6 tier 10s researched and waiting to be purchased.

  29. I still love my 268.

  30. Got a cool 33% win rate in my 268. Less than a hundred game but still. I haven’t been able to replicate my obj 704 play in it for some reason beyond my comprehension.

  31. Freiherr Dinckelacker

    People still play this game?

  32. Nice washing machine 👍 !

  33. They seriously need to give us the 263 back, it was by far my favorite tank when they removed it.
    They literally wouldn’t need to change anything about it, it was perfect the way it was.

  34. So many TD players forget they have a W key. Would rather camp and lose than move and try and win.

  35. one day they will nerf V4 and this will be the monster

  36. Tracked 3 times and it is over….

  37. RNG gods favored u in this match 😀

  38. I downloaded wot for the first time in 2 years yesterday, should I play it?

  39. My first tier 10 TD and was considered ok in Clan Wars right back in the earliest days. Probably because there weren’t many options. Hits hard though and decent camo

  40. QB can you please put a load of washing in the machine before you hit the “go” button on the replay?

  41. That push into the east was such a good play by QB.

  42. Wasnt your last video on this tank on the same map lol?

  43. I loved the obj 263 at tier 10 I got so mad when they replaced it with the overpowering boring bobject

  44. Why we have this tank in the game it there is Obj 268 V4. I can’t pen that tank with standard ammo. All other tanks can easy pen the Obj 268.

  45. The original boomsticks were the ISU-152 and the Obj 704.

  46. I’ve had this vehicle in my garage for quite a long time but never played it. Lately I decided to try it out. And I must say I absolutely hate it. The game calls it an assult TD but I find that at close and medium range just about everything just goes through the upper armour, even without premium ammo and even when hiding weak spots and using (the frankly pitiful) gun depression. And playing like a sniper isn’t exactly fun either with a main gun that misses about as often as a T92 and around 20 sec wait time for the next attempt.

  47. Nice video!

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