The Original, The Best – T29 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T29. 's so refreshing when of the original tanks is still one of the best and the T29 is no exception!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Back when it was just t 29, tiger, is the t 29 always felt like the best of them. Not the big alpha of the is but big enough and a much superior gun handling. Specially cause of being the only one being able to mount stabs.

  2. I love my T29 have it 3 marked!

  3. Just cheese hull down with HE and HESH

  4. Hey Quickieboy. It’s obvious what a WoT knob licker you really are. You haven’t made a true video about what this game is really like. I know they give the youtubers free stuff just to make everyone think they’re so awesome but they’re not. This game sucks. It’s only successful outside of the U.S.A. because we play real games over here. NOT Pay to Pen. Pay for tanks. Pay for loot boxes. Pay for ammo. Pay for characters. Pay for everything. And now with the new update they’re going to lose a huge portion of the player base b/c it’s evident what a bunch of crooks they are. Not to mention their crappy programmers. I’m going to play a real game that I only paid once for. I’m sure you’ll keep on knob licking wargaming’s balls. This game sucks & I hope they go bankrupt.

  5. My favorite tank to play WoT. Such a beast. Sad I may never play it again since Wargaming just destroyed the console of the game with its latest update. RIP World of Tanks console. You were fun.

  6. Милан Лесић

    Love from Serbia.

  7. I know you are a PC player but you need to comment on what wargaming has done to console!!!

  8. Cover the Console Update 6.0 Travesty

  9. definitely one of my best tanks. too bad the end of this line sucks

  10. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Good show old BeaN!

  11. Honestly. This battle was nothing bot killing bots with a commentary. I’d say even in 2v4 they already lost. In that 2v2, a close to full hp T29 acting like it still can be lost because of an E25.. Even a 2 shot t6 med stopped you from being aggressive. It was a terrible game and to be very honest if we go into a t7 battle where we are top, this is what happens.

  12. E25: I have the highest dpm on tier 7!
    One shot KV2 comes around the corner

  13. The real hell is the next tank in the line the T32 horrendous pen on a tier 8 tank

  14. One of my favorite tanks.

  15. i love QBs commentating

  16. T29 weakness=o-ni is too close. So never let oni to come too close to U if U are t29

  17. I remember the days when those “mouse ears” could be penned..That tank was not so mighty back then..and not so popular than IS or Tiger I

  18. Good old T29. In the old Days, the “ears” where part of the Ammorack. Luckylie thees times are over 😉

  19. KV-2 btw – had a really nice game a couple of days ago with 10 kills 🙂

  20. love the t29…. hate the kv2… not sure why, but can’t do well with it…

  21. Love these 2 tanks

  22. Hey you remember the times being hull down was American tanks thing?

  23. T29: Haha Armor Goes Brrrr

    S-51: (X) Doubt

  24. that feeling when you get the same gun on the T32 🙁

  25. Such a great tank, my second favourite tank behind the Jumbo.

  26. I like shooting the t29 in the cupola with HE, the person driving begins to get scared and usually pops out of his spot giving me that flat yummy front… awesome tank too many noobs above tier 5 miss the old tanks

  27. Hey Quickybaby, maybe u can make some videos with other classic tanks in the current meta, like the Tiger 1 and so on? Enjoyed this one a lot, love to see oldies demolishing new fantasy tanks 🙂

  28. QB TopTier Gameplay – as usual

  29. This tank is really good

  30. QB I cannot remember when was the last time I got decent MM with my T-29 so there it sits in my garage looking good but, against good players with tier 8 and up, it’s one loss after another and even my gold rounds wont pen. Your skill and ability to play any tank you come across makes it look so easy but it’s not for average guys. Keep up the good work sir and God bless.

  31. Has and still is my favorite and most played tank after all these years.

  32. Seems like qb gets climax whenever a decent player plays along him lmfao

  33. I have 5 000 battles 2nd account. Main reason for it was T29. In time I got much more tanks and higher tiers than I originally planned but T29 always was for me best heavy tank in game

  34. I hate gold noobs i only got 10 gold rounds in my t3485M for T8 tanks

  35. I enjoy destroying T29s in my big old O-Ni

  36. What a garbage of a tank! It drove me mad with that crappy gun handling while three-marking it!

    Baboons three-mark tanks, as Skill does! 😀

    GJ QB! 🙂

  37. Eduardo Tierno Yamin

    Just reporting: GG pronounces Hehe in Spanish. It is like a contained laugh, I would say that it is more discreet than LOL and much less than LMAO =/
    However I have seen that GG has also been used a lot in games as an abbreviation for “good game” as well as GL for “good luck”.

  38. Still a beast and one of the best.

  39. You know why those games feel like classics? Because they are, they are classic, old, not how things are now-a-days. Usually today you just get lemming trains and get complete 3 minute stomps.
    These such games like in the video are wonderful and, tragically and so much so that wargaming needs to change something, exceedingly rare.

  40. Tiger 1 obviously doesn’t belong in the same tier as this and IS. Tiger 1 should be at tier 6, and Tiger 2 at 7.
    E75 at 8 with IS3 etc.

    Make 2 versions of E100. The current one should be at tier 9. And tier 10 E100-M should have spaced armor on its turret front.

  41. Hi quicky im this kv 2 im markoc10

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