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  1. There’s always something very pleasant about this channel, every video has a spirit, it’s really entertaining. Even if I’m not in the mood to watch war thunder videos, this man makes me enjoy it!

  2. Day 113 of asking phly phor a video on the m47 tank

  3. Turkey is not Ottoman. The Republic of Turkey was founded on secular and democratic foundations. Turkey is not the continuation of the Ottoman Empire.

  4. Wish Abrams

  5. Sir please believe me, i have a perfect reason to suggests that PhlyDaily is behind that “one-of-the-kind Grand Thief Auto situation”

  6. Здарова, нравится твой канал!

  7. crazyamericangamer

    The F-100 super Sabre is the most basic pile of basic there is

  8. Combined tank and air love to see it back on the channel

  9. Suddenly Turkish!

  10. 9:21 Possibly the angriest I’ve heard you in a video in all my years of being subbed. Glad to finally hear you as angry as I got on a daily basis while playing, lol

  11. OTTOMAN 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 TÜRKIYE #1 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 TÜRKIYE 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  12. Whats your opinion on the rp changes last patch?

  13. Youtube GOFm Yetkili MoD


  14. Low tier


  16. Wtf I got recommended the tank rampage video before watching this

  17. Pitty the tank is worth like $300

  18. Kendim Yapabilirim

    This is not Turkish amry tank. i am Turkish

  19. Ahmet Yağız Akbaş

    İ’m turkish:)

  20. Hello Phly. If you see this. Please phly out the I-16 TYPE 10. I have been requesting since Sept 2018. Thank you.

  21. Play a plane 🙃

  22. I had a huge anxiety attack yesterday. It still comes time to time but watching your vids really helped me cleaning my mind. Thank you 💗

  23. Hey fly, I guess I’m a war thunder noob, but how was your elevation adjusting as soon as you rangefinder completed? Anytime I range find I have to adjust it afterwards with separate key binds? There a trick I’m
    Missing. Lol keep up the good videos they’re always entertaining!

  24. Batu_bolle_vdb Bok


  25. Day 222: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  26. We wouldn’t call it that, frankly.

  27. Kemalist me watching this : 😠

  28. also makes me chuckle when he calls the Gepard a flakpanzer XD

  29. 5:58

  30. there is no such tank in our army😁

  31. They better bring the Magacha to Israel

  32. KE stands for kinetik enerji which is you guessed it kinetic energy

  33. amzing intro

  34. what is the name of the music in the intro

  35. But it’s not a fast lane, it’s the overtaking lane.

  36. 9:22 Lost your sanity for a bit there havent you? XD

  37. It’s not the Ottoman Empire my friend, it ended in 1922. Republic of Turkey since 1923. Please fix the title.

  38. Man, something about you uploading a vid on the M60 that made my youtube feed filled with that 90s San Fransisco M60 rampage lol. Thought maybe someone else also uploaded videos on that particular event but the latest one happened last year. Nice one, Phly.

  39. Since this came out I’ve been waiting for this video

  40. Oof seeing them rus teams getting destroyed hurts lol

  41. this is racist wtf

  42. Day 1 Play the Porsche Tiger again since i do believe its been 4 years since you last played it and it needs some love

  43. ottoman?
    *angry polish lithuanian commonwealth noises*

  44. ANormalYouTubeUsername

    Day 6 of asking for a WMA301 video

  45. Im the ONE person that goes that back route to C, only to be sniped by a ISU-152 in the bushes

  46. The Leopard Rounds are not that good anymore. Gaijin made the DM53 from a long Rod to a short Rod

  47. What is wrong with YouTube!? I just got 4 Ads in only watching 6 minutes of the video 🤨

  48. It`s 25mm ammunition belt looks gorgeous)

  49. Overnight it got pushed to 10.0 and now has 1860hp instead of the 1200 shown in this video…. how did that happen….

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