THE PANCAKE TANK IS CRAZY… – Object 775 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The Object 775 in a VERY flat tank that fires a 125mm missile from its barrel.

Lovingly called the “Pancake Tank” from the community this thing is a complete menace… so long as you're not in a full uptier. Quite possibly the most heavily armoured tank for its BR from the front, this is a pretty survivable machine though it only has 2 crew.

You can raise and lower the suspension for even more funny moments in War Thunder and you can even dig holes on the and live in it using the dozer on the front. I might make another video where I just dig myself a trench and hide in it next time! 🙂

Very tank.




  1. another OP russian i go bac play 3.3 -6.0

  2. This hurts my eyes… My brain keeps trying to compensate for image distortion.

  3. I love how the community collectively agreed on what soundtrack this tank has.

  4. seems like you have ESP.

  5. Nevermind pancake, let’s talk about the…
    front down, rear up gameplay!
    Tanks don’t really have a face.

  6. Something that would be funny is if you played it but only used the BUR ammo

  7. M109(any version) next?

  8. do we want to talk about the fact that you have crew replenishment even though the tank dies after 1 crew member dies

  9. Russian tanks are totally balanced…

  10. Are you gonna multi stream?

  11. Great, we need that for WoT too! xD

  12. I have a great idea for a goofy video, maybe after you have done all the fun new stuff – bring an RBT-5 to top tier and ram enemies in the side, launching the missiles from point blank. It can kill the majority of tanks (protection analysis told me that, anyway), and would make for a fun challenge. If it proves too difficult at top tier, just do it to Tigers and Panthers.

  13. How do you use the periscope

  14. i just wish gajin would just have the last stand back, what is the POINT of the crew replenishment when you cant use it on 1 crewmember left. i just say its stupid to not go back to it. and so useless to have it on tanks with 2 crews :/

  15. it does not react well to being hit by 105mm early apfsds at all lol

  16. the sound of this things engine puts me to sleep I love that sound

  17. shocker another BS OP dirty Russian tanks

  18. Isn’t it amazing how fast the crew took more ATGMs from the rack so fast there? That’s crazy

    I don’t think I’ve seen any other autoloader crew move so fast

  19. bro how do you change that inside barrel aim recticle to always a circle? ive a cross i dont like it.

  20. Dear oddbawz and all commenters I am getting no rp for tanks on germany and the maus is out so I would love some help for this I am on xbox if this helps and every other country I plays gets rp for tanks -sincerely me

  21. Lowkey feel bad I didn’t watch it when it first uploaded I thought I was getting click baited odd is the master baiter I must say

  22. Day 2 of asking Oddbawz to play the JPZ-4-5

  23. 3:58 Do people not realize that you can’t get out from in front of someone if they keep pushing into your side? Or are they all really that toxic? This happens to me *constantly*.

  24. Anyone know how OddBawz pinged on the map with his squad ping here…. 14:23

  25. Soover Soovering.

  26. Any bets on how long before the BR goes up?

    Shooting on the move with a stabilizer and ATGM system using a six second autoloader plus suspiciously quick reload of its magazine plus a hilariously low profile with heavy frontal composite armor and very small weak spots plus hydro pneumatic suspension? That adds up to an awful lot of seriously high tech bits in a single box. So it’s easy to see why it had no chance of actually entering service. Just training a dedicated maintenance crew for each vehicle would cost more than keeping a few dozen normal tanks in the field.

  27. Odd got us fighting off ads this whole video right before every 4th kill.

  28. This man is spawn camping again

  29. Twojego angielskiego nie znam

  30. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    this thing is more flat then my ex! how is that even POSSIBLE!?

  31. Day 1 of asking for yagtiger

  32. WoT might have a challenge with pancakes 🥞 against WT

  33. wait this thing looks fucking insanely broken

  34. when gayjin basically nerfed a Nato apfsds that all of 8.3-9.7 uses, Now this and T72 is almost immortal

  35. 4:24 accurate representation of the 2023 (failed) Ukrainian counter offensive

  36. Day 3 of asking OddBawz to play the JPZ-4-5

  37. Pancake love to destroy tanks

  38. needs to go to 10.7 immediately

  39. Day 1 of asking Oddbawz to play the Strv 81 Rb 52

  40. love watching you spawn camp super awesome my dude

  41. At present the BRs are broken. I have 1.3 got max uptieir while others got max downteir. So i was 1.3 facing 3.3. This happend before with 5.3 plane vc 7.3 jet. This must be talked about immediately!!!

  42. Day 4 of asking OddBawz to play the JPZ-4-5

  43. Day 4 of asking for type 60

  44. DAY 48: @OddBawZ i love the content and i have a request can you please play the Swedish BKAN 1C !

  45. Citroën DS tank.

  46. It just straight out looks like the aspect ration is way off whenever you select and look around this thing. And the longer you look, the worse it gets!
    God I hate it! 😵‍💫

  47. I just realized, it’s an actual Blin Machine!

    (Blin is Russian for Pancake)

  48. If it has 2crew then what IS the point having replancmet

  49. why dos this tank have crew replenishment? am i missing something? simulation battles maybe? 😀

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