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  1. rule shirt when

  2. You learnt some cool tricks from dollarplays

  3. 6:35…
    kinda sounds like some Vietnam rock song (when you imagine Hueys flying into the sunset with forrest gump on the ground…but Ltn. Dan)

  4. Phly: we got a you know what

    Me: no no I dont

  5. Yes, the add-on armor was taken off a knocked out panther

  6. Jozep Linus San Felipe

    Phly, use the g91r/3 nord missiles to kill air targets to make the reich proud

  7. At 6.7 American always get up tiered to 7.0 to 7.7 and I always struggle because German tanks camp in the back and I get pooped on

  8. hey guys i am also trying to start a war thunder channel please support me and tell me a good name for the channel i have already posted a video on this channel please go there and subscribe

  9. Shows the weakspots of the tank and immediately regrets it.

  10. Phlydaily, my name is Kevin Babu and I have a request. There is no KV-85 video in your channel. Can you please fix that?

  11. Theres like rock music playing in the background kinda

  12. hey phly new german carriers on WOWS make a vid or somethin.. i think the names are.. Rhein, Weser, August von Parseval and Manfred Richthofen

  13. The additional armour isn’t from the Panther. The only Panther armour is 80mm of RHA welded onto the mantlet.

  14. Rule number 11 : Rock are dangerous !

  15. 38,1 mm is the exact number of the sherman side armor, so..

  16. Lol big daily

  17. 11. Depression

  18. I just unlocked like 4 hours ago nice to see you playing it

  19. “Oh, a man of culture.” Ahhahahahhaa!

  20. Will always beat me, why this op piece of junk is in 6.3

  21. OP tank with OP BR ? Checked !
    Bushes on weakspots ? Checked !
    Spawnkill ? Checked !

    Congratulations ! It is the gameplay of courage !

    • Super Pershing is not even close to overpowered, especially compared to Germany’s selection at 6.3.

      Just because it can do well doesn’t mean it’s overpowered, and American 6.3 is nowhere near as strong as German 6.3, so it’s not an “OP BR” either.

  22. Unnamed US tank battalion commander talking to a Pershing crew, 1945: “Shut up! And after he’s dead [Panther], cut off his face and wear it as your face!”

  23. Phly please keep the intro music, I miss it!!!

  24. Allright now i want to get back in WT and take out this bad boy 😁

  25. I can’t tell if the actually thinks the boiler plate they added on is actually from the Panther or not…

  26. The thumbnail be like

    CaN i PlAy On YoUr PhOnE?

  27. I’ve been trying to play but PC players are so toxic. Me and a friend were playing and were being actively sabotaged because we were playing as Russia and Germany respectively. Ramming our tanks as we were trying to shoot, pushing us into water or out of bounds. Firing machine guns to give away our positions, even shooting us down while we were trying to fly.

  28. Type 61 (Day 1)

  29. only 5 ads today ad daily

  30. Mullu ki Shan Rand Khan

    Bro your rule book looks like Quran

  31. the added Armour is not from a panther it was made from boiler steel…. some american engineers got the metal from an abandoned factory and welded it to the front of the tank……..

  32. Challenge: Jump in the Ki-109, use your 75mm cannon and bring the death to enemies of Emperor!

    BANZAI !!!…..BANZAI !!!…..BANZAI !!!

  33. No one talks about this tank, but it dominates 6.3 especially in AB. It’s nearly impossible to penetrate from the front because of the troll turret, and it’s not that common so you don’t know where to hit it. It’s like a Tiger II H but harder to kill, and at a lower BR.

    • Not even close. Tiger IIH has literally one weakspot and that weakspot is highly unreliable for a lot of tanks at or below 6.3, not to mention the far better reload and better mobility.

      Super Pershing has a well armored turret, but the turret can also be easily penetrated in the gaps where the add-on armor doesn’t cover the turret face. The hull’s extra armor is modeled as structural steel and barely does anything to stop the majority of rounds fired at it, plus the hole in the armor where the MG port is.

      Super Pershing is not harder to kill than KTH nor is it “nearly impossible” to penetrate frontally. It is, for all intents and purposes, a worse tank than Tiger IIH.

  34. you should really stop putting the good bits at the start. Its kinda shit.I never bother to watch the video as it spoils it.

  35. Rob Axel Sedilles

    Philippnes tank

  36. Rob Axel Sedilles


  37. Play the TU4

    Attempt #1

  38. One of my top 3 tanks to use in the game. The british 6.7 lineup is insane too

  39. You forget to put bushes front lower side… Even t34 85 and T44 can get one shot from front lower left side!!!!😠

  40. What is this thing?? Ok its a rock. Rock is danger. Move towards the rock*

  41. Using a 6.3 to kill 5.3 10/10

  42. Phly, you need to play the Italian AB 43, I’m 90% sure you haven’t made a video on it and it needs a ‘loving the unloved’ vid.

    day 23 of trying

  43. Attempt no.27 can you do a video on the hornet mk 3

  44. me wen i got kv-2: let’s do this! me wen i get VEAK 40 and USH 405: OH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YOU GUYS ARE DEAD wen i get in veak 40 i die from arty from a puma XD

  45. Sirens of North Carolina

    Bobblehead superpershing?! YES PLEASE

  46. Hey phly can you make a vid using THE YAK 9K?

  47. Its the best feeling to kill a German (high tier) Tank with a American Tank ^^

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