The Patience Game – Churchill 3

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Spamming gold all the time against tier5s?

  2. That was a pretty gud first game, running into the cap like “mom said it’s my turn on the xbox”

  3. do you think wot will rip this tank’s prem mm?

  4. Thank you for playing low tier. Now I know what my tanks are capable of.

  5. Good idea Cincon: I’m gonna play my pref mm tanks as well, as long as they have pref. mm………….and I will bet you it will NOT affect the queues times at all.

  6. that first game the enemy team really messed up trying to fast cap

  7. well the only thing i could think while watching this replay was “5%”

  8. circon goes: “reliable gun .. reliable gun… ” and blindshots the 12t … lol

  9. This is one of those tanks that loads so fast that I would probably be able to trick myself into thinking I would need to reload a drum at some point.

  10. More apcr maybe?

  11. Cancer 3

  12. I LOVE THE MATILDA BP…. circon beat this game I did…. love that tank….it can fire on the move 1.9s reload AND hit weakspots.. dpm is insane….. nothing WG made was this good for sheer lols… totally unique playstyle…. except bishop arty (which can also fire on move!)

  13. Chandler Kristoff

    Oh no anything but this tank lol 9/10 times i play the Church 3 i wish i was playing a different tank, no seriously, you want fast gun? play Matilda, same speed and gun but more reliable armor imo, you want tier 5 Russian heavy tank? play Kv1 or Kv220 if you have it, what i’m saying is i ONLY play this tank to train my crews, and even then it’s only worth it because of that insane XP bonus in this tank 😛

  14. Super SimoreButts

    “Only 5% of all of all rounds shot are gold”…..

  15. this whats wrong with lower tiers ……. skilled ppl that have crew with 3000 skill spamming gold at new players
    sorry circ ……..but your doing it

  16. “Maybe I should aim one” is a good strategy in general.

  17. Chandler Kristoff

    I can’t wait for this thing to be buffed!! i don’t care about pref mm since the Church 3 can’t even fight other tier 5 heavies, buff the turret armor and the penetration and maybe the alpha to 110, or better yet if the buffs aren’t good enough i can trade it for a better premium Russian heavy 😉

  18. Maybe I should buy my churchill back… 😀

  19. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    if he had aimed at the Matilda it would have taken a 4th of the shots

  20. So Circon finally said it: “No fun for you!”

  21. Chandler Kristoff

    That stat padding Lefh is a

  22. “maybe we should aim more” lol

  23. Omg LET IT AIM!!

  24. 3000+ battles in the amx, lol.

  25. Splatterdaysaint

    That was fuckin viciousness incarnate Circon. This is my favorite vid in awhile. That looked fun

  26. seemed a really long queue time in your preferential MM tank, must have been all of 1 second

  27. Man this thing is so brainless and OP against tier 3 & 4

  28. War Gaming
    “Circon uploaded a new video of a British tank doing godly in a battle”
    “Now we must nerf it since it is not Russian”

  29. This reminded me of the absolute garbage tank, known as the Churchill 1. God I hated that thing…slow, no armor, and the gun is mediocre.

  30. For god sake aim that was annoying to watch

  31. World of Tanks is NOT pay to win….
    So how come you always have to fire so much ammo that it always costs so much to get a good game… Really good games hardly ever make a good profit…

  32. “Can you feel the money going away?”–that made me laugh–and I don’t laugh much.

    I like that you play mid-tier (I consider tier 4 to 7 mid tier) and don’t bad-mouth it all the time.
    It’s where free-to-play players (like me) who know their place (read: we aren’t good players) play.
    It feels bad to hear people say there is no challenge to it, it’s just seal clubbing, etc.
    I stick to tier 5 and find it plenty challenging. I think there are more like me than there are those who bad-mouth mid-tier who can really back it up.
    I think the advice you gave a while back to stay at tier 5 and alternate between the KV-1 and KV-1S until you get some experience was good.
    I’m American and like American tanks so I play the American tier 5s. After 7500 battles and watching lots of videos and streams,
    I discovered the derp gun for the M4 Sherman. That’s fun. It seems like the T67 and the M4 with the derp are the most fun.
    If you haven’t 3-marked them yet, I’d love to watch while you do it.
    Watching you play any tier 5 vehicle will make me happy as I get to see how you handle the vehicles and situations I see on the battlefield.
    Watching people play tier 8-10 doesn’t help me or the many others like me.
    It’s been said (I don’t know how accurate it is) that 75% of players are free-to-play.
    If that is true, it might be beneficial to make videos and streams that relate to that audience. Thank you.

    • same here. got to tier 7 and it just isn’t working for me. recently dropped back down to play with my skinned BDR and I’m having much more fun than I’ve had in months. things like the T67 and Lefh need some much needed nerfs but besides that tier 5 is quite nice.

  33. I feel bad for the Matilda IV, his newbishness is now immortalized on Youtube…

  34. full view range is really funny at tier 5…

  35. 15:10 reminds me of a King Julien laugh.

  36. Risky as a fox

  37. Oy pin heads crying about gold spam. It was at long range at a Matilda 4 from the front with a shitty 57mm gun. Reg AP wasn’t going to do shit and he clearly doesn’t give a shit if he misses. If you can’t take a meme BE GONE THOT!

  38. Spamming gold at a Matilda, no that’s shit mate, I’ve no interest in watching that.

    • Taekwon Crawfish

      Then why watch?

    • What an absolutely retarded question that is, you complete tool.

    • Taekwon Crawfish

      Awe im so fucking sad. The mouthbreather complains about something he doesnt have to watch. Then gets butthurt when told he doesnt have to watch. Then comes back to the video yet again to comment… again.

      Youre a special little boy arent you?


  40. 2 great matches in a row – thanks for the content. you should post more runs like this Circon as this isn’t the first time in your stream and surely not the last…;)

  41. almost looked like the duck shoot game back in the day lol.

  42. Love it! I do the same in my KV-220-2 and laugh the whole time. .

  43. Your videos are always the first ones i watch when i see them pop up, and i’m subscribed to like a billion channels, love your content, keep it up my dude

  44. Sperm gobbler.
    One stat padder calling someone else a stat padder, oh the fucking irony…

  45. “Maybe we should aim one.” Sound advice sir.

  46. Come on, you are using ration, you have trained crew and I wont deny you are very talented too, look your view range, stug can not spot you, even from half of your view range. What this game is showing us then?

  47. This is like the E25 reload. So fast the commander can’t catch up with each shot LUL

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