The Patton’s Armor Doesn’t Make it a “Heavy Medium”

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. RaspberryPanzerfaust

    Notice me senpai

  2. Warcrimes incarnate

    Lemming, you made me less shit at the 140. Thanks. Any chance of a Nebelburg map tactic video? Something about how to get wins in Grand Battles?

  3. lemming knows whats up.

  4. My first match in the “Buffed” M48 I got my ass handed to me. The turret was penned repeatedly.

  5. Lol I wholeheartedly agree. Saw his video and he was so lucky.

  6. Go take a look at the Amx 30B’s turret lemming. Just bounced 3.2k damage against tier 10s 😀

  7. Lol someone watched quickybabys video??great vid though

  8. I say a one on one between Quickybaby and LemmingRush! WHO’S WITH ME?

  9. Lemmings just contradicting quickybaby

  10. It's not what you think

    Considering everybody and their mother just spams gold, 99% of the tanks in the game don’t have good turret armor.

  11. I have to agree with you. I’ve played the hell out of the Patton since the update. Being a really aggressive player I can tell you the armor update has helped the turret but it still gets penned by premium rounds and shots that hit on the outer cheeks. Yeah if you keep moving and snap shots the turret is much more reliable than it was in the past . But if you stop to aim you can still get penned. It’s just the bad player syndrome. They don’t know how to fight it so it must be op.

  12. QB is a prick, I’ve unsubscribed.

  13. Always contradicting quickybaby. Sounds like someone is a jealous

  14. I think the definition of “heavy medium” is not singular. However, I think any reasonable player should interpret it as “a medium with armor towards the heavy side of the medium tank spectrum”, rather than “a medium tank that has heavy tank armor”.

  15. In fairness, its a heavy weighted medium.

  16. Reliable? I could say a lot of heavy tanks don’t have reliably heavy armour either. I know what you are trying to say but so many tanks have situational armour.

    Btw Russian tanks don’t count. Bias is real

  17. 240 mm on the side of the turret is still pretty good

  18. BloopsPetKangaroo QSSF

    He only made this video cause of quickybabys video

  19. I wonder what QB is going to say about this video.

  20. Why would anyone not spam gold in Tier 10? Pen time. And why play top tanks with nerfed ammo? It’s P2W @ tier 10. Tier 8 is for credit grinding.

  21. Ooooweee double uploads

  22. Salt fields open again

  23. Haha hahaha hahaha… They buff the armor and make the weak point smaller. Hahaha hahahaa hagahahah you silly boy. Of course its not a heavy tank. Its a hull down warrior. Seeing lower tier tank shooting gold at my turret just make me even laugh harder.

  24. Can you be more negative?
    Cup half empty kinda person, huh?

  25. Lmao, QB’s subs are a little (for a lack of better words) salty. If QB has a problem with LemmingRush, QB would have already contacted him. LemmingRush is just doing a normal reaction of clearing misunderstandings of some ridiculous RNG in QB’s video. Besides, QB names his videos from the replays and the RNG of what happened in the repay.

  26. Lem and Quicky having beef like Eminem and Cage 20 years ago XD

  27. I think the reason for the confusion is because the term “Heavy Med” isnt as clear as it would seem. So im just going to explain it to the rest of you.
    A “Heavy Med” is usually a tank that has some form of mobility that is better than most heavies, but still not on the level of most mediums and relies more on the armor than the speed to win games. A good example is the Chinese heavy line with the 5A and the 113 taking similar roles in that the front plate is strong, turret is strong, and while its not as armored as other heavies it trades that armor for speed.
    The Patton is more of a “Med Heavy” or rather a medium which has more armor than most meds and is slower, but its still squishy when not in perfect circumstances. You tend to use the mobility more than the armor since its unreliable at best and is very dependent on the random, meaning for the most part assume you’ll get penned.
    TLDR: Heavy med has actual armor, Patton does not have actually usable armor so you tend to like not getting shot at more than actually trying to “tank” (no pun intended) shells.

  28. QB is a WG fanboy much more than most while there is nothing wrong with this QB does ‘gush exitedly’ over new features and tanks which again is fine, however the new players to the game and the poor players now get sucked into the ‘hype’ as QB is excellent with his video making ~ however 90% of QB’s fan base are not a super unicum player like QB so when they try to copy QB in random batrtles etc, most will fail then die and quick this contributes to the 4 minute crushing turbo defeats we see – “well i watched QB’s video and thats how in gonna play now copy QB by pushing fast and kill everyone” nuff said ….

  29. One step away from putting “QuickyBaby” in the title like your other video. Click baiting for views again I see.

  30. I am ready with my popcorn for LemmingRush vs Quickybaby 😀

  31. why always contradict qb jaha

  32. Oh come on, you can do better! Making an entire video just to say “QB is wrong”? That’s not pro style…

  33. but….but quoki bebi said it is a heavy medium? .___.

    well I dont think the turret is extremely weak (especially considering -2 Matchmaking) at a slight angle but still chances to pen for tier 10s are like 60%+ which is just not reliable enough.
    Thumbs up lemming, thanks for telling the truth 🙂

  34. QB and LR are both really smart, and I learn a lot from their videos. But they both have down sides. QB is just fucking boring. He drones on and on, putting me to sleep with his mundane bullshit like he has a stick up his ass. LR isn’t boring, but his commentary always makes him sound like a fucking holier than thou neckbeard uniscum douche. He even snorts at himself while he’s commenting on the average player. At least QB doesn’t talk down on people. To be honest, I’m subbed to them both and I get a lot from their channels, but they are both shit at commentary in their own way.

  35. Passive aggressive much?

  36. I actually think it’s a good idea to have discussion between WoT youtubers, and response videos and so on. Problem is, the community doesn’t understand the format and either treats it as personal attack or confirmation of their dislike of QB or whoever.

  37. Alexander kjellberg

    RIP STB-1

  38. Lol look at all the butt hurt QB fans. Opinions, people have them.

  39. the E100 turret is still bad in your sense

  40. the battles you lose are the most interessting for me…

  41. When I become a purple player I will say that quickybaby is wrong, and that the maus is faster than the t100lt, and people will believe me because of my purple status.

  42. stealing qb’s content

  43. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Holy shit that’s exactly what I said somewhere, but more detailed. I feel like a super unicum right now.

    What I said was basically: the M48 Patton has a good troll turret armor frontally because there’s like 250 mm effective and suddenly 380 mm right next to it, then another 260 mm and then 430 mm or something – and this happens on the mantlet as well –, and when you angle it one side of the turret becomes shit. While Russian and Chinese turrets are a gradient that starts with the weakest part near the mantlet and it becomes stronger the closest it gets to the edges.

  44. Quickybaby btfo

  45. Roast that qb ass.

  46. Like wtf ? None said that its unpenetrable…just before u got penetrated 7/10, now u get like 3/10…

  47. I’ve watched qb for years and really enjoy his content and only in the last year discoverd lr and i love his content too so i think im relatively unbiased. But lemming said nothing wrong in this video and i agree that it is kinda misleading to show 2 consecutive bounces from a jp 100 because on average qbs audience probably has a lot of lower skill players, not that that’s bad. This means i guarantee in the next few weeks we’re gonna see countless pattons sitting infront of 183s and jp100s losing all their HP because they saw a qb vid showing it bounces. But to be fair to qb he did openly state that you shouldnt try and bounce shots like that and he was only giving an example of how trollish and bouncy the turret can be. I just think with his larger and on average lower skill audience the message will be miscommunicated to ‘omg the patton armour is god like no one will pen me’ and imo lemming was perfectly right to point out the truth.

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