The Perfect Storm – AT-7 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

the AT-7 in its only natural habitat, the Ensk Map.



  2. always here for the awesome content and the memes

  3. “Theres PROBABLY a video for you”
    *sees yet another video that isnt a stream highlight*

    Kappa pls dont ban me

  4. you are so good if there was no community you`ll be bored as hell 🙂
    tnx man for all the fun

  5. That ram-beast AT-7. 😉

  6. At least that Ikea help you finish the ramming mission

  7. I find it crazy how everyone complains about using the same guns or not much pen improvement on other tanks, but nobody talks about how you use the same gun from tier 5 to 7 in the american medium line. Such an awful grind.

    • @KingCrusty you dont even know what the fuck you are talking about

      76mm not 75mm, Nobody use the 76 gun in the M4 Sherman
      105mm Howitzer not fucking 102

      76 gun in the E8 have the advantage of a gun stab, with high RoF, good for support, but people still use the 105 because it derp

    • @KingCrusty In that case yes… they do get the same gun… but that isn’t forced, that’s simply a choice you can make. But in this case, you may as well count the Pershing and the M46 Patton in this argument as well because they can also use the 105mm derp gun. They all get new guns you can use dude, I don’t see your point. There are other tank lines in which your point is valid, but not this one.

    • @My Hentai Girl Well, I’m here replying to people while out eating dinner. Don’t have the game to reference. All I know is that 76mm is fucking garbage at tier 7.

    • @MrEpic01 No they aren’t the same gun, but they are all 76mm guns with garbage penetration that no tier 7 should have.

    • KingCrusty that’s the stock gun of course it’s going to be terrible! Literally almost every tank line has the top gun of the previous tank as it’s stock gun! The stock T20 isn’t terrible, try the conqueror stock, it’s pretty much literally a Caernavon at tier 9. Its 230 alpha gun AND turret are the same. It’s so dumb.

  8. Another perfect game!

  9. Looks like that St.Emil just gave up on life…

  10. Well, you didn’t ram them, they ram you and they died, cause AT7 is a fucking bunker.

  11. Low pen on E8 is the one thing that keeps it from being face-keyboard easy mode… That and .36 accuracy…

  12. 300 likes, 0 dislikes. I see the chosen ones have assembled again.

  13. Loving the videos

  14. Your 3 marking streams and vids help me realise that I can have fun and play well in every tank. Well maybe not the mid tier Swedish TDs , but you know what I mean. (PipeH)

  15. ramming in an AT7 – somehow Monty Python came to my mind

  16. The fact that you got a ramming mission in the AT7 is hilarious lol

  17. These stellar games played in the slow lumbering bunker tanks are so satisfying

  18. The Tokyo Craftsman

    AT7 Another OP British TD, Nerf incoming….. LOL
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  19. I actually really enjoyed the AT line. Even the tort. surprised me.

  20. That is an awesome camo.

  21. Hey bud, could you also upload the regular versions of these videos ie without the commentary and with the stream cam on.

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