The Plight of Light Tanks – Advice for When WoT is 1 vs 29

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  1. Notice me senpai

  2. Lemming, we miss your silky smooth voice so much. Why so inactive these days? although if you are getting burnt out on the game, take your time. Thats better than going the way sliphantom went

  3. Christiaan Carstens

    These whoregaming ass clowns can prevent these roflstomps if they cared , I just fucking drown if i see this bulshit going down.

  4. It’s always funny to watch you get angry ???

  5. When are your streams?

  6. Thanks for showing off matches like these! You´re probably one of the only real educational WoT-Youtubers, who doesn´t only do highlights. Keep going, learned a lot from you so far, especially retreating at the right moment and repositioning/good positioning. Though in my eyes you sometimes play a little too save, often some calculated risk really pays off especially at higher tiers. Lower tiers are mostly flanking, attentionabuse, steamrolls or viewrange-snipingabuse anyway.

  7. So refreshing to watch a WOT Video that defines the frustration one gets playing WOT at times, also gave excellent advice in those situations. Thank you.

  8. You speak of “spotting damage” and too often you were sitting in the rear of another tank. You even mention it at the 12 minute mark.

  9. I loathe Abbey, it’s one of the worst corridor maps in the game. It’s bad in most classes, but LTs, in particular, they’re so little to actually do, it’s just terrible, imo.

    It seems like you’re trying to play an LT more like a MT.

  10. Doesn’t matter if you stop for 1 minute or 1 year, MM is going to balance your ass to 50% plus or minus 10%. 🙂

  11. I just found your channel a couple days ago. Are you Canadian? Lol

  12. Konstantinos Kalogeras

    I miss the streams….
    Most informative player out there. Commenting while playing is quite enjoyable.
    Wish you start streaming again!!

  13. it’s good to see that you have games where your entire team is shit too

  14. more bad games please !

  15. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Bruh, as a light tank driver, it always triggers me when I see replays like these… Like what the hell am I supposed to do to increase my win rate when I play only at evenings and everyone on my team decides to go potato mode… You can literally, unironically, LITERALLY get teams like these the entire evening and all you can do is trying to score decent amounts of damage in under 4 minutes before your team is completely wiped out in a 2-15 game. It’s also the reason I kinda gave up on 3-marking my AMX 13 105. Mission impossible for me :/

  16. why aren’t you streaming

  17. How to recognise a Unicum. Plays two games like that and doesn’t proceed to rage and break shit. Me, I’d be yelling at those heavies in chat about how they could possibly continue to push when it’s obvious they’re needed back at base.

    I guess that’s why I will always suck.

  18. you always run and leave your team mates to die you talk about how to play but you hide to much untill the end not enough action compared to some one like quicky baby who gets stuck in and still gets good results

  19. You take these losses so well. I’ve had enough and am on a sabbatical. Great vid by the way. I like learning new spots to scout from.

  20. Seems to be a lot of teams like this lately on NA

  21. This reminds me of some of my battles in my Type 62 tier 7 light tank.  When your team is poor you end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off, searching for relevance when there is none to be had.

  22. On my AMX 13 75 after 100 battles I have super unicum WN8 and… 39% winrate.
    And I’m not playing passively.
    Often teams won’t even deploy properly which equals insta loss.
    And in a light tank you can’t push on your own.

  23. In the second game I think you should have gone swamp and lit people coming in which gives people something to shoot at. When pubbies have something lit they will stay to shoot. Just an idea.

  24. i gotta say that I think the team would have fared better if LR had stayed on the north side of the map and spotted for the tanks that wanted to move towards the enemy base. With no LT they were just cannon fodder. No offence, but it does seem to me that when a unicum sees a battle is lost, all they think about is the damage they can collect before the game ends rather than playing with the team. The north side tanks were not the best players and were never gonna win, but they still deserved the support of their light, IMHO. I’ll watch it again now and probably change my mind 😉

  25. Chandler Kristoff

    LemmingRush you’re still in the Mahou clan right? the big Mahou Vs Fame showdown is soon and i want to see you fight Shishx haha

  26. Sensei one O one

    Best advice of the day: Stop playing, walk away.

    Exactly what I do, three losses in-a-row and I walk away, don’t fart against thunder.

    Come back an hour later and enjoy. It’s usually works well.

  27. This is why I have quitted the game and spend my time on more important things. Even if you play fairly well and don’t make much mistakes, you are still regularly punished by all kinds of chance-based factors e.g. your team. I’m not saying other people can’t enjoy the game but at least I myself can’t see the point to spend any more time (or money) on this game.

  28. I have those type of games almost every day so I change tanks and tiers to try to get a better matchup. Sometimes it works

  29. Clark Kent Hoshino

    Hey Lemming

    I noticed you aren’t running food on the T-54 Lwt. Which I found kinda hard because when I grounded the T-54 Lwt. without a decent crew wouldn’t have max view range.

    Could you give me a general tip on when and why I should use food? I know I put food on most tanks I 3-mark which is a nice small increase to most tank statistics but right now I find the dilemma of suffering credits.

    When should I be using food?

    Thanks for your help.
    N3RV3 [-G-]

  30. I’m actually curious lemming about your opinion on overall player/tank balance? Do you think it is time for WG to look into a comprehensive rebalance for classes and tanks given that some are just idiot proof while others require a good player just to make average. I’m not suggesting everything need be the same, but I’m starting to think more and more with map and tank changes the game might be better served by an attempt to rebalance the game as a whole to attempt to create a new less toxic meta, and not try to just buff and nerf current tanks within the present meta.

  31. No this is the reality of the absolute SWAMP of shitlord scrubs that have came into the game and RUINED IT.
    You know its bad when a 44% WR player with a 375 WN8 and 18K battles starts barking orders like he knows what he’s doing then msgs you after the game to call you a scrub because you didnt do what he told you
    and you got the high caliber and 5 kills in a 15-5 loss while he got zero damage.
    I mean hell I aint no Unicom but FFS

    • It’s quite the opposite for me… I only recently started playing. I have 2k games, and I try to improve by watching these types of videos but I always get these people that shit talk all game. It honestly quite tilts me but I don’t talk back cause I dont wanna start an argument and cause my stats aren’t high enough lol. 😀

    • Joshua Alexander

      T.A.P. Gaming I don’t want to be an asshole but the entire category of unicums is that they get the exact same teammates as you but through their skills manage to win and perform well regardless. Yes, both of you will get completely retarded teams that you absolutely CANNOT win with. But the other kinds of teams are definitely winnable, and we know this because unicums can win 60% of the time without a platoon. So you should ignore the situations with the retarded teammates because even the best players do not win by overcoming those players. They win by overcoming their bad players in an average match, thus winning more than average.

  32. OK, I know you’re a pro and all, and should be lauded for posting matches like this, but I feel the second battle in particular needs some critique. I was particularly disappointed in your trashing the team without looking at your own performance.
    You played that match like a high DPM med, not a light. The initial position was brilliant for a bat chat or 140 that could melt heavies with side shots (thanks for showing it). But you’re in a light who’s DPM by ROF, accuracy, and pen will make you much less effective there.
    So objectively, as a light tank/eyes, what did you do? Ascertained, that there were no heavies in the city. Left due to fear of 4 td’s, then switched flanks. By the time you switch flanks, the tracks side had been overwhelmed as expected by heavy overmatch, and all but lost by the time you fired the first shot. You retreat nicely dishing damage where possible in a lost effort, but meanwhile heavies in the north with no vision are mowed down by TD’s and arty from range. So you are forced to farm damage and spotting from range in a lost battle, having contributed nothing until the match was lost. Clearly not horrific moves, in general, but the wrong moves for this specific match (obviously we all make the wrong moves at times in retrospect).
    What could a LIGHT tank have done better? In your initial approach to the city pop the ridge line you ducked below and light the 4 camping TD’s early before they’re set. You had 2-3 TD’s and arty with shots that were rendered useless by lack of vision. Even after ascertaining that the city was vacant you could have helped the heavies and TD support vs TDs and arty at range with vision.
    You left the initial location “I don’t want to fight against 4 TD’s”, ignoring the fact that, as a light, your bringing the fire of a death star, WT, Conway and arty to bear.
    So anyway, I’d call that a well-played med match against daunting odds, but poor light performance. Needless to say, I’m not the greatest, but I felt a critique was needed
    Cheers and thanks for the replays.

  33. Quicky is a star, Klaus is funny but LemmingRush is the one that will show you how to win… Hands down best in the business!!

  34. This like playing at the card table in Vegas, take a break or go to another table if you can’t win. Why sit there and lose hand after hand. Some days in WoT you get in the roll with idiots.

  35. spotting for idiots…thats my sum of the light tank gameplay in wot

  36. OBJ 430 has 390 alpha not 440

  37. My phylosophy is similar. If MM is giving me crap teams and RNG sucks and I loose 3 battles in a row while still being top 5 on team I log off for a few hours or the rest of the day. Then I play many of the other great games out there. Usually when I re-log in battles go better.

  38. Completely unrelated Lemming, but your vocabulary and the way you express yourself keeps surprising me in a good way (lol I’m learning English from you) and I was wondering if you’re in uni and if so what are you studying. I’m studying mechanical engineering in Australia 🙂 Keep up the awesome work too, love your content

    • The Nozar Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      No I’m not in uni yet, i have one year of highschool left

      Good luck with engineering, i hear it’s difficult 🙂

  39. This game is over… the new RNG crap doesn’t yield close games anymore. All games ive been playing are very lopsided… this will kill this game fast.

  40. this is exactly why I love watching you it forces me to actually think while I play which is something I think everyone struggles with when they play. Keep up the great content and PLEASE keep up the live commentary its great to watch and learn!

  41. ever played war thunder?

  42. I had a game on Live Oaks tonight that was 29v1. I did almost the exact same thing you did but from the north. We won because the 13 57 is a damned fine tank and I was hell bent on not losing despite the team melting quickly

  43. Whenever someone says “useless scout” I always wonder what they would do themselves, and if you ask it turns out they would do something so completely moronic that they would’ve died within seconds.

  44. butterflyspinart

    On Abbey, you can boost from the South into the Abbey without crossing middle

  45. Nice to see a you tuber show the game as it really is, when I get a ruin of shit games like you had there I play my OP Prem tanks with pref MM . I find that even if the MM is not working for you Pref MM tanks at least give you the opportunity of carrying games on your own.

  46. Prophet HerbAndDerp

    Lemmings are you playing on the MOHOU vs FAME game? If not, gotta love commentary from you :).

  47. Lost 10 in a row recently. It was appalling.

  48. ekin deniz yıldız

    just uninstall already the mm has been shit for ages, will stay shit, hence they are moneygrabbers with null good intentions
    waste of gaming time

  49. Seeing this video I don’t feel so bad about my games in the T-54 lightweight.

  50. SPG damage expectations are a little on the bizarre side. Inch to the left, you get 50 damage. Inch to the right, you get 500 damage. One lucky bit of RNG and you miss what you’re aiming at and smack another enemy tank for full damage and 30 riveting seconds of stun. But without them, you’d have people camping in aggressive spotting positions, cruising around at 60 kph, and otherwise enjoying their game.

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