THE POLISH DEFENDER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Prototype is always compared to the Defender in World Tanks but is actually better?

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  1. Dude!!! have you watched T-34 Movie its awesome

  2. Ugh, watching your vids, makes me want to play again so badly, need to get me a house, which I’m working on, instead f the temporary ghetto I’m stuck in…then a new comp, to be able to play on hd and finish grinding out bonds for my M60. Yes I’ve seen the vids on it, fought it many times, they are awesome, at least to me. Though in the game, sadly way worse than the real ones. The M60 was one of if not the best MBT, before the Abrahams/modern ones.

  3. Message In the Bottle

    Not gonna lie if I knew that this tank was coming out I would have waited instead of buying the original soviet defender. Still tho I’m kinda glad this game despite its money grabbing and balance issue flaws, I still had a fun investing in this game. Its been a while since I play this game and been doing more productive stuff in my free time but definitely gonna enjoy what I have (going purely free-to-play mode) when I start playing world of tanks again. The original defender is still a fun tank regardless of its controversy.

    Ps. I found tier 10 tanks way better than tier 8 premium, my first tier 10 tank T-57 heavy is beast! 💪

  4. Fawlkes Lessaariss

    Ah, this is why I can’t get a Mastery in my 50TP ptr… QB is there padding the numbers.

  5. Top Tier vs Low Tier …. boring

  6. Butch E30 M3 s14

    252U is great in tier 6-8 tier matchmaking, from tier 9 up utter trash to brawl with…

  7. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    AMX M4 49L and 50TP
    A Almost OP one from unfightable country.

  8. Butter Apple Pie

    wg, 3d style for this tank! pls!!!!!!!

  9. Twitch ruined wot.

  10. this tank is pretty damn fun. did almost 6.8k damage once

  11. I’ve always heard this tank wasnt that good but now I kind want it. I’m a good player i just never rlly payed attention to this tank.

  12. why I killed it in the morning with my t30

  13. Haven’t played this train wreck in a while and feeling a lot better about it.

  14. Good tank stronk tank
    I got one when they come out and I loved the gun depression small lower plate and the reload for the alpha is awesome

  15. 4:45 – one thing I do a lot in WoT is tell my allies “Attack!” only to remember that that action button was removed.

  16. I’am Polish. I serve in Polish army when I’am younger. Tank brigade. With PT-91. Which one it’s better?? “Polish Defender” or German E 75 TS ????

  17. Bourrasque is far more broken the the Obj.252U

  18. Quang Đăng Phạm

    How does this one be a Polish Defender ?

  19. Pino dinamite 2.0

    I love this thing

  20. What is the a good tank to make credits with?

  21. BBaállint! 😉 Bojler eladó!

  22. Besides the alpha damage I don’t see the comparison to the defender. The armour is not even in the same ballpark as defender.

  23. Gandhi has Denounced you

    we need jingles on this channel

  24. I wouldn’t say that Lorr did a misplay. He had 2 shots left in mag and those were enough to finish you. Going for reload while being rushed by enemy tank would be battle between DPM, reload time and lucky bounce. Waiting behind corner so he gets the first shot and tracking was fine by me. If he decided to fight and not run away he did all he could.

  25. Hey QB, Is playing tier6 consider being a seal clubbing???

  26. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    Nice cover of the 50 and great game. I Would’ve like to see a bit of discussion on equipment loadout options!

  27. Sergey Trusevich

    Hey QB. I get your point but I don’t think that the Defender is for noobs. I would say that they are 2 completely different tanks for different roles. Defender is for the more aggressive players and 50 tp is for the players that like to take their time. I can still get amazing games with the Defender even when I am bottom tier and the enemy team is full gold spamming at me. It’s just the difference between knowing how to use armour and knowing how to use gun depression and view range to your advantage.

  28. I thought he said this wasn’t quite “YouTube worthy” on his stream…

  29. Dominik Pawłowski

    KÓRWA witam

  30. Hey QB, I wanted to take a moment to tell you just how much I appreciate your content and what you do in general.

    There’s so much to say but I’ll go with the following :
    -You seem like a genuinely nice guy and I love the efforts you put every year in your charity streams.
    -Love your commenting, especially when you give those awesome players well deserved thumbs up.
    -You helped me in so many ways progressing in that awesome but oh so frustrating game that is World of Tanks, through all the knowledge and all that you pass on to us.

    Much love from a French neighbour, love the UK btw.

    Peace and prosperity to you and Tania who seems like an extraordinary wife.

  31. Choosing a tank is easy for me: I have the defender in my garage (won it one christmas) and don’t have a 50TP. Done.

  32. Is NA server share tanks, gold etc. with EU server?

  33. Hahha T30 AP/HE go brrrr

  34. Aidan Gutierrez

    The only reason the 50 tp is not the defender is because it’s not Russian

  35. My country.. btw there tank and the ones like tp60 or pretty much modified russian ones as a true polish tank which i am a bit embarresed of my country to have is the

  36. Guys shout KURWA NIEMCY ZNOWU if u see a germsn tank

  37. The Venom Rider

    @Quickybaby I know its a bit offtopic, but since you always say you want to stand for the comunity, i want to take this rabit out of the hole.
    Wargaming is messing again with the players forcing them to spend more and play more , and i dont see any one giving this subject its due attention. normaly top of the tree as a 50% off discount to tier five and under, and a 30%off discount for tiers 6 to 10. now they bangs this pathetic 3 lines top of the tree, well make it 4 sinde the Bat chat still up till 20/05, and the discount are 30% tier 7 and lower, and 15% off to tier 8 to 10. pls as comunity contributor, make a video about that, let the comunity share theyr toughts in the comments, and make sure wargaming see it. seriously they are sinking the player base again and again and again. i understand they have to monetize and win money. but this is getting insane.

  38. Captain_Context

    I do like this tank. Ever since I got it as rental. Then I bought it.

  39. I definitely prefer the 50tp pr over the defender.


    Great game

  41. Hey Quickybaby I play on console and just had an insane game, huge carry but I still lost. How can I share the replay with you?

  42. I bought this tank in the christmas calendar. Cant wait to play my first battle in it.

  43. bartosz bielawski

    Im Happy when i see defender on t10 , iT feel so good to kill such op tank :).

  44. Quacky: did you steel 2 kills from the AMX? Did I saw that???

  45. Rika101 Official

    oh, Quickybaby finally unleash his inner O Kurwa spirit…o kurwa!

  46. I watched this game live

  47. Ah, the quintessential Willy the Goat video where he dominates enemies two tiers lower with an OP premium.

    Great content as always.

  48. It’s really good only at staying in the garage.

  49. Poland can into space 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 😀

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