The Pubbie’s Guide to Being a Unicum

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Man, Lemming, why do you have to tell everyone our tricks! I told you everything like a good apprentice and now you betrayed us!

  2. Sorry but point of this video ? No ytmoney left ?

  3. ItsTrajectoryMate

    Best guide ever! Thanks to this I now have a 4k recent wn8 thanks Lemming! ❤

  4. now we got a clue ?

  5. why didnt you put brain power by noma under it?

  6. Have you seen Quickibabys last video??One of your clanmates played in this video..☺

  7. Oh so that’s what I’ve been doing wrong

  8. loooooollllll kek troll

  9. And so the truth is revealed…

  10. Wow, I thought Lemming a good guy who saves gold and credits, but doesn’t seem like it since he spams gold now…. Lemming we worshiped you… but not when you spam gold!

  11. monjodav - MonjoFR


  12. Marshall Allshouse

    I did this and my WN8 went up from 300 to 3000!
    Thanks lemming!

  13. Kinda feel that thats the universal way of being unicum……

  14. Can confirm it works !!

  15. Those are some dank memes and what not.

  16. Oh damn………..he just let the secret out. SIGH!!!

  17. Captain VinylSiding

    Dang now I get it….

  18. Ahahahahahahahaha… best laugh of the day.

  19. Telling the oldest jokes in the… well, same ways as ever to be honest.

    Also, you are a phony, you used a small first aid kit. No wonder you have to flaunt WN8, you clearly are not a real unicum with this video proof.

  20. Yeah, when I used TankDestroyer590’s clip for a series on my channel, people said that “he used heat so it doesn’t count” or “prem shitter”

  21. All the bad players that refuse to use gold ammo are going to be really disappointed when they try this lol. They are finally going to learn that just spamming gold doesn’t make a bad player better lol. I always get a good laugh at the people that get upset at people using gold because they think its cheating or it makes them somehow a better player.

  22. It’s that easy!!! I can confirm this simple trick got me to where I am now.


  23. need to get rich before being a unicum

  24. With this load out from his moon base serb will rain down upon you nothing but the best of RNG and top tier MM

  25. Wheres the pubby you mentioned?

  26. That wasn’t funny, Its true.

  27. Bahahaha! Funny, but true.

  28. lmao 10/10 also in big news i got my 3rd mark on my e50m hurrrraaaaah fuckin finally

  29. where’s the sound?

  30. Genius, now I can be as good as lemming

  31. Best video ever! Now we know your secrets for awesome game play #not

  32. Forgot to turn on the vision/camo hax.

  33. Couldn’t have said it better.

  34. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    Now I can be a unicum, thx

  35. Umm. .No sound and 23 seconds long. Did you forget edit/screen your video . ??? Maybe this video only works on a desktop computer.

  36. Instructions unclear, HE loaded

  37. i cant say its funny sadly :v

  38. Premium ammo with credits gives you 70% penetration chance while premium ammo with GOLD gives 110% penetration chance. Don’t believe me? Ask @LemmingRush

  39. Hey im a pubbie and I found it really useful! But I think med kit something is really bad. I put premium gasoline instead, It furthers my stats! And also with the gold loaded that means I’ll pen everything that’s a good strategy, but ain’t it gonna cost a lot? Nahhh.. Thanks big times 🙂 Can’t wait to rush to the enemy base!

  40. Haha. Top kek

  41. Someone is feeling salty.

  42. Got my gun stuck in the toaster, doesn’t work.

  43. Already done by Anfield

  44. I’ve been doing it wrong for 5 years now! Damn it!

  45. Rastislav Chynoransky

    If you don’t think this is a joke, go and rethink your life !!! LOL

  46. Now I know how the stat-padding works. Time to grow from 1k WN8 to 3k WN8

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