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  1. I hate playing …snipe the cupolas ……….games are supposed to be fun ….not like tedious job at home …like scrubbing the toilet

  2. Holy shit I’m so early this time.

  3. Such a gorgeous… skin for an existing tank.
    Camouflage patterns and division emblems should not be locked behind paywalls. Why would I need to buy this with real money for the sake of a skin? Why can’t I just buy the pattern with credits for the same tank?

  4. 4:47 : “goem” xD

  5. Less than 750 views and only 22 comments. Earliest I’ve ever been!

    Great tank by the way, and while this game play is second to none I did prefer Q.B.s rundown on the stats of the vehicle in his video on it.

  6. did you just fired gold to the VK’s stock turret? LOL. (just fire straight into the mantlet, the gun brokes all the time)

  7. So the Poles captured a few German tanks. Did they capture any Soviet tanks when the Soviet Union also invaded Poland?

  8. Don’t get why people abandon their teammates in the south like this. Is there a reason for it?

  9. Im so frustrated. My Twitch account wont accept my Password anymore and im sitting the entire time in the stream and wanne comment but cant. Sucks balls. But i think i like this tank. I really dont know what to expect from the polish tech tree but im pretty exited, even if it will take some time until they get implemented.

  10. Circon you scrub the only reason you won is because you had a tog 2… Git gud kappa

  11. Nice goldspam m8

  12. this only proves that there are no bad tanks, only bad players. put Circon in any tank and he will always do well!!

  13. pudl fights like bulldog XD

  14. i wish he put on nation voices

  15. Hi, first of all, congratulations on your replay, I find it very instructive to look at your style of play. A question: can I ask you how do you have a crew in the third skill since the tank has just come out?

  16. The_JoJo_Reference

    So we got a T6 tiger then one more… now a T6 panther

    If we get a T7 Tiger II I’mma kill someone.

  17. Only Circon can make the cos-play polish vk 30.02m look good. ?

  18. i got killd by a pudel today, i felt bad 🙁

  19. Circon what’s the zoomout mod called, can u give a link to it plz?

  20. “Oh we have a TOG II, we can’t lose, we can’t lose”
    May I tell you how true that is? My clan took 3 TOGs into SH one day, as the final match of the day. We won. One TOG got killed instantly, but one survived

  21. The mustache on your gunner is OP!

  22. why does circon twitch so much after every shot he takes? (the reticle, not his face or smth)

  23. VK 30.02 M with 10mm more side armor. Nice. Also, video on the 9.20 changes soon? And Chinese TD’s?

    Edit: Also, what are the Polish gun marks like?

  24. Three Mark it!

  25. What the fuck was they thinking when making the gun sound for this calibre of gun? It sounds so retarded

  26. gamer anime-otaku

    6666 views, not worried about this

  27. When you see circon in the enemy team you know you gonna lose luckely i play on console?

  28. pudel is best polish tank in wot at the time of this comment

  29. This premium is fine. It’s not OP, it’s not UP, is historical (even though it’s technically a copy), and doesn’t break the fucking game when introduced.

  30. Can you please do one for the poor socialists, no gold included??

  31. I need his modpack

  32. Why is the Panther M10 still a tier 7 if this is tier 6? They are both essentially stock panthers.

  33. I’m still banned from that polish joke. RIP dude

  34. pretty disappointed as every one who reviews this tank uses a really good crew and food. So they covering up a shit tank

  35. why is it that your tanks always behave differently then mine??

  36. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Why WG dont put RUDY as a Polish tank that it is??

  37. Hehe, this tenk has a little rng bonus to armor 😉 magic dings happen pretty often, shot from isu-152 dinged with the back of the turret for example..

  38. Seems alright – not totally OP or anything, ‘meh’ gun but has the mobility to get around the flanks so that doesn’t matter as much, and you’ll bounce the occasional shot as well.

  39. Marshall Allshouse

    i really wish tier 6 pen (overall) was more competitive, as i love the t 34 85m , cromwell b, and so forth
    this tank, however, is interesting because its a prem tank thats on par with its free counterpart. A step in the right direction imo

  40. LOL, pull hp and 3180 damage

  41. The tank came with a BIA as zero skill? How did Circon get 1.5 extra skills on top of that for a new nation after 2 battles? Did he conovert XP to crew training?

  42. **Golf Clap**
    OK Circ, so now, show the game with no crew skill and up against tier 9s. WTF was this supposed to show case?

  43. I like your new beard look.

  44. BagelsGamingOnline

    I wonder what polish moe looks like

  45. What is the point of adding these useless nations?

  46. The ammo capacity though 🙂

  47. When did WoT introduce Dunkelgelb…..Wicked, reinstalling now.

  48. SamuraiOfTheNorth

    try out type 64 with FULL HE loadout

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