THE PUMA IFV IS INSANE | Extremely Survivable 30mm Auto-Cannon Poetry

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. this things BR is WAAAAAAY too low. i just versed a german team full of them and i dont think our team managed to kill a single one. im using 8.3 tanks and i put shots into it and then within a second they pone me out effortlessly. its just too good for 8.3

  2. In practice, aka in match apsds rarely ever works, and its absolutely busted that it has zero reload between belts so even if you ammo rack it it just keeps shooting

  3. You should try a PhIND THE PHLY. where we have to either phind your logo on the tank intro/description, or you try and phind 1 in the wild hunting other tanks

  4. Man I was waiting for you to make a cideo on the PUMA IFV! 🙂

  5. Hey Phly, the wirbelwind and other german 20mils have been nerfed in the update.. Why don’t you take them out for a spin??

  6. Odd was playing this beastie IFV and was up tiered in every game but maybe one.. and he was killing everything, even MTB with front lower glacis plate hits…

  7. And now let´s wait for the PUMA VJTF- better mobility and 2 ATGMs- tankgasm incoming!

  8. Yeah something I learned the hard way on is don’t shoot the sides

  9. So many German mains are asinine privileged whiners. massive 30+ page thread on forums of non stop “PUMA is so nerfed, too slow reverse speed, the ammo isnt good enough, change this, dont like that” and they make bug reports for every little issue they have with any vehicle. you broke the entire game for 2 months you happy?

  10. Even better if you’re rock scrambling. The force of W is strong in this one…

  11. Yes, the puma is a beast. It took me 4 missiles to knock out his damn turret with my m3a3 bradley with the top down missiles and I still couldn’t kill him. He fixed himself and killed me… just a little overpowered😅

  12. I can think of one thing that could kill it fv4005

  13. Ya I’m done playing American tanks for now all I’m getting is 4-5 pumas on enemy team just crushing us with their non stop fire and reactive armor :/

  14. Nhật Nam Đặng Vũ

    Personaly i would use the lvkv9040c bc its has a higher pen, cannon caliber, and better armor like the strf 9040c but its have a radar 🙂

  15. Very entertaining enjoyed every minute thanks for the content phy daily

  16. I actually managed to kill one of these things yesterday somehow with the t95

  17. The Man Of Myriad

    That “Mech Arena” game looks like a copy paste of “Walking War Robots”.


    NICEEE, might be perfect for the street fights near Kremlin!!! 👌👍🤘

  19. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    This thing about to be sent to 9.3 where its gonna be kinda poo

  20. I’ve watched a few YouTubers play the Puma and they have all said it’s over powered. Yet when I see them in game they get 1 maybe 2 kills then die. Based off what I’ve seen it’s very powerful in the hands of good experienced players, but in the hands of normal folks….it is balanced 😂🤷‍♂️

  21. Ground strike in the Swedish premium fokker D.XXI

  22. This video is insane and has prompted me to get the dang thing! I recently got the LAVAD and that thing is insane as well! This is the update of the 30mm cannon!!!!!

  23. Cybernetic Argument Creator

    Forget about it! Get a job, pal!


  24. “hur dur EBR is too Op”

    ” Oh wow Puma is so great, insane ”

    Double standard phly.

  25. and thus marks the death of Battle ratings 8.3 till a patch comes to move it someplace else

  26. How’s the buying an F4 for in your yard plan going?

  27. POV: Your an 8.0 Bradley 🙁

  28. “Perfectly fine, nothing to see here”
    Hahahahahaha, muhahahaha, Gaijined!

  29. Strv 103C best counter :3

  30. Why is convertible RP so useless I have over 20 MILLION and cant use it for anything cost-effectively, so why does it exist?

  31. Phly you should try su22m3 i know there somany asking for different vehicles but su22m3 its soo good and its kinda op its soo fast and have bombs and soo many other thinks soo…i ask you to play su22m3

  32. 8.7 next patch for sure.

  33. Men this update sucks on low tier, they nerf wirllaboo half of its damage now i cant even pen a god damn medium tanks anymore

  34. Deutsche Qualität

  35. Now keep in mind that the real Puma also has anti-tank missles…

  36. Guns: check
    Mobility: check
    armour: check
    survivability: check

    average germany players skill: not check

  37. Actual players are not that skilled

  38. Unholy Tendencies

    I mean this thing isn’t as unbalanced as the bmp2m but they should both move up in br, puma to 9.0-9.3 and bmp to 9.7

  39. I can’t believe you hit that fuckin plane at 23:00

  40. minigun Nathaniel

    Here’s how you can shoot a shadow while it’s in stealth put one of your weapons to it and fire you should still hit it

  41. What’s with the yelling? Obnoxious

  42. This thing is NASTY. If you like to play those rush tanks this thing is going to be you’re best friend

  43. Right side of the Lower Glacis people.
    Don’t shoot at the turret, it’s unmanned.

    And if from the side, shoot slightly near the rear.

  44. ❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Where merk mk4 video?

  46. That is a rolling DEATH machine!

  47. Der allerechte Tobi

    Please more Videos to the Puma Sorry my english is bad

  48. High Admiral Bittenfield

    I wish I was far enough up the tree to experience this before it gets nerfed

  49. Hey, quick suggestion, you should play with the T-44-100, they accidentally removed its roof, and I think it would be a fun video!

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