The Puma Is VERY Balanced

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Source: Spookston

The Sd.Kfz.234/1 20mm Puma is an absolute menace in low tier tank battles. is an incredibly fast armored car with an autocannon that shreds anything. I don't know what was thinking putting it so low, but it's one of the most busted tanks in War Thunder.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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The Puma Is VERY Balanced


  1. Got absolutely annihilated by a head cold or something over the weekend, so the next upload might be from the stockpile. Gonna be making a big announcement later today though 🙂

  2. Erenik Gillgrenov

    Somua SM next as it’s on sale rn?

  3. day 2 of asking spookston to play M-51

  4. *Insert YounglingSlayer 3000 meme from Star Wars*

  5. day 34 of asking you to suffer for us by playing air

    my family is being held gunpoint pls

  6. if you havent please try the is-6

  7. 25th video of asking for the T-55A

  8. Retard Posting Inc.

    r3-t20 at br 2.0

  9. thx man i hoped the people forget the tank and the price will go lower…it jumped in the top now….

  10. Ah yes the 20 Puma or as i like to call it the 2-umour for the unstable cell growth it causes.

  11. jeder Schalker ist ein hurensohn

    How can you get it? Is it in the tech tree?

  12. Gcjgcjbdjgdjhfxbvxhcx

    I have the Sd.Kfz.234/4 aka the 3.7 puma

  13. Day 32 of asking for SU-100P

  14. Ive lost count but day ??? of asking for PvKv II

  15. I played obj. 906 lately it’s really fun. Wish it was a bit faster though. More speed=better

  16. Judas Dedalosson

    Spookston, there is a german word for “second hand embarrassment” (4:20) it is “Fremdscham”

  17. Im buying one right now so I can die in 20 up tiered matches without a kill.

  18. Day 9 of asking you to please play the AMX-10RC

  19. The 3.3 Puma is the rectal cancer of German ground because for every 1 decent Puma players you have 20 that will take the Puma into higher BRs, get slaughtered, and bail after 1 death or waste their spawn getting revenge CAS leaving Germans down multiple players in minutes of the start.

    Its gotten to the point that if I spawn in at 5.0 and up and I see a bunch of Pumas? I just go back to hangar, the match is already over. Sure enough within 5-7 minutes I see the loss notification pop up.

  20. song name at 2:46????

  21. Since you can use event rank 1 event vehicles to grind events now, this has been my go to event grinder.

  22. FireDrake12 Arc

    Germany players are the reason Germany has so many under-br’d OP vehicles, while simultaneously also being the reason why half the US tree is over-br’d.

  23. please play the wiesel 1a4 next

  24. Was that neverwinter nights combat music at 8:25?

  25. Alexander Tasche

    One hundred thirty fourth video asking for the Spj fm 43 44

  26. Day 36 of asking spookston to play the M51

  27. I’m a German main, yet I don’t charge blindly

  28. And I don’t act like a coward by spamming smoke, does that make me a monster to German stereotypes?

  29. The only good German tank in the game

  30. Why are wheeled vehicles obscenely loud. I lightly tap W and the engines goes “REEEEEEE”

  31. worth 2buks?

  32. camon Turan II

  33. Day #13 of asking Spookston to play the IS-6.

  34. The over looked aspect of this vehicle is that it’s an event vehicle meaning you could seal club for events

  35. I think Spook likes the halo series ngl. Heard so many sound effects from CE and Reach lol

  36. spookston when he seal clubs new players in a fast moving vehicle with a gun that shoots and he does well (it clearly needs to be 7.3)

  37. I think it’s just Premium Bias

  38. Autocannon puma’s ungettable like the Pakpuma right?

  39. hey spookston you should play the panzer 3 b, it’s a panzer 3 with a much weaker engine, and transmission, a mediocre pen 37mm, and it’s barely bulletproof topping at 14.5mm, overall a funny silly little tank

  40. just started a brit lineup & had many run-ins so far with this…. thing
    my poor archer….

  41. germany is good at low and midtier? what kind of games are y’all getting in 💀

  42. Two words: seal & clubbing

  43. 10:42 16 times the details

  44. your a funny guy I want to see odd bawz and you play a match

  45. 8:28 when the Senator B1 enter the chat, anyways u could try this thing in highter BR? I mean when u think about it this thing is a ducking IFV lmao

  46. Video 20 of asking to play the Sturer Emil

  47. Balanced

  48. You know it’s a tough encounter when the Skyrim combat music starts playing

  49. King of Gameing

    11:57 I feel like throwing smoke in a very scary vehicles face is a good tactic

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