The Quest for 10,000 Damage in World of Tanks: Part II

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Source: QuickyBaby

Will the T110E3 break the 10,000 damage curse in of Tanks?



  1. Cuiv, The Lazy Geek

    Suggestion: hide the damage counter on your screen – will remove some of the pressure!

  2. You will do your first 10k in tvp 50/51, I feel it in my gut.

  3. Got my first 10k dmg game in the original T-X FV-4202 medium back when everyone said it was trash. God i loved that tank, had so many great games in it, talked my whole clan practically into getting them and we would roll 3x divisions of them, some of the most fun games I’ve ever had.

  4. Someday Quicky. I believe you’ll get it eventually.

  5. Maybe your 10th vehicle will do +10k damage

  6. Good grief. QB, you’ve become a hot air balloon head.

  7. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    At least….It’s over 9000!

  8. Keep at it quacky, you’ll get there soon!

  9. Fun fact, APCR in real life has terrible penn against angled armor, i dont know if its the same story in WOT or if they even included that penn physic in the game

  10. Too many stupid Jingles watching teammates (Win Harder) They don’t realize when an obvious win is obvious.

  11. You should’ve asked the team to help you reach 10k, maybe saying that in chat might mean ur tm8s are more willing to help you out

  12. All I know is that I’m getting the T110E3 for the armor and Damage

  13. Just a thought, maybe try it with the m48?

  14. Dam dude, still a dam good game! I hope you get that 10k soon. I also love your video’s I seem to get better at this game every time I watch these. lol

  15. I’m not sure what exactly inspired the alias ‘quickybaby’, but I tend to imagine you are aware of the manner in which you were conceived and it was rather hasteful, hence quicky baby. I like to remind people that they parents did the dirty, brings me joy to see ppl cringe.

  16. Frustrating. I know the feeling. You do all the work, all the pushes, all the plays, and then the seagulls come in behind you and take all the cream off the top.

  17. If somebody still doesn’t know, QB did finally get 10k dmg in 60TP not long ago. Saw his live stream on twitch right when he was playing that match haha. Lucky me.

  18. I feel the pain. You can do it!

  19. I used that rock as well with ae phase one I think

  20. I used the rock on C1 about 1 and a half month ago with obj 430U and I can sit there 4ever and I blocked about 6k dmg..

  21. The curse of QB strikes again!

  22. Tin Foil Hat says WG is watching and stitching up QB with the magic stat switch…

  23. drive a shitbarn or a death star load hesh and a lucky full health enemies that drive sideways

  24. Moraru Vasile-bogdan

    i know you are an enthusiastic of this game, and also when bad things happend you punished them, you should try to make a video and ask wargaming to tell us what happens with the shells whitch are disapearing in some games, shells that you do aim and the shell hits something and disapear or something like this, this is a thing that makes old players goo away, like i intend to do, after almost 9 year of game, i do take in consider to leave this game, after hours and hours and skills over skill i do have game wich i do not understand what happnes

  25. to hell with quest, 9k is not everyday joy especially for many other players, can have some pride 🙂

  26. Even with pay2win, Quackybaby still can’t get 10k 😛

  27. do you know how many such ricochets i have made in 10 years? how many shots…going somewhere in tanks…and i ended up dying because no damage made? its not rng its bugs bugs and more bugs. as far as for the low or up rolls? its just casino as most of the game aspects. a huge casino.

  28. The best I have managed is just over 9700, that was in an Amx 50 120 of all things, I find its just one of things that can only happen when the stars align and mm decides to give you a team that’s happy just to camp and let you farm damage and an enemy tesm that attack one at a time to let you kill them then reload, I found all my autoloaders have higher top damage games.

  29. “Can you believe those ricochets?” Yes…. yes I can…. after 10 years how can you *not* believe that? O_o

  30. those 2 shots into IS turret screwed the quest

  31. The T110E3 was always one of my favourite tanks. Such a beast! Just felt unfair against lower tiered tanks.

  32. and meanwhile Fabian does 7,7k dpg over 12 games…

  33. Man. I thought you had this one. 🙁 14,000 damage left and you only needed a fraction of that. So close. GG.

  34. Hey QB, I was wondering, do you still do viewerreplays?

  35. Tied my self but had cheaters too many games lately boy hard times ahead nowadays

  36. Alexander Zygmanski

    Try the badger it had good dpm

  37. Never gonna happen.

  38. Put a piece of electrical tape over your in game damage counter and just play. You’ll get your 10k without stressing.

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