The Quest for 10,000 Damage in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Will the break the 10,000 curse in World of Tanks?



  1. Mokie Power Gaming


  2. Wow and first

  3. Second

  4. Alexander Zafirov

    Are u going to do long videos where u play during them again?

  5. Who thinks Quickybaby gets bored of World of Tanks?!?

    • Nah I met him at tankfest and his energy for content creation and new ideas was really high!! Sure I think he does find it a bit boring, he has done almost all there is to do and is a Unicum, but I think the community is what keeps him interested in this game

  6. I wish I was good at WOT but non p2w is too grindy

  7. Currently seing 69 likes lol

  8. another amazing video qb!

  9. This man is amazing

  10. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    i wish i can get that lucky and do that amount of damage in my server(SEA HK server).

    but alas, having an infestation of aimbots here and the server meta of kemp hard till you die by doing brave things is just frustrating to do any missions that requires 3k+ damage.

    • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

      @Ikhwan Maul coz i’m in the asia area. from the philippines.

      that’s why i connect to the nearest server.

      any DSL connection and playing anywhere beyond asia area is asking to get a ping of 300+

    • Hahah yeah I hate playing HK, the dynamic is better on Au but it barely has enough pop!

  11. Andrea Cappelletti

    Have yet to watch the video, i dont belive for a second that quiky manage to make 10000

  12. One day qb..

  13. bro you lost me when you say cvs.

  14. You’ll get it one day 🙂

  15. He is doing 9.5k dmg not 10k

  16. him never getting 10k damage will be a meme forever

  17. I hope he never gets 10k. These videos are fun to watch and his expressions are priceless. Great Job Quacky….. Keep up the hunt but even if you do get 10k, dont show us and keep the quest going.

  18. havent watched it yet but from past experiences youll get 9,999 damage
    at least itll be over 9k

  19. Halfway through, when you said the replay was from June, I pretty much knew then you didn’t make it. Good try, you’ll get it one day.

  20. I got 10 k dmg with E3, but it was on the test server 🙁

  21. MuhammadAli Uppal

    convinced that QB is cursed . XD

  22. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Wonderful gameplay!

  23. wait till he get impatient and pull out the vz 55

  24. I’ve done it. And I’m pretty crap.

  25. The only time I’ve ever gotten 10k damage was on the test server when the Strv103B was first introduced in its absolute first form. Remember, this was when the Swedish TDs came combined with the removal of triple overmatch, which they decided to ditch in the actual update. Nobody knew about how sneaky they are and the weakspot on top was a mystery too, so I did 10,284 damage. And then lost, because it turned into a 1vs3 with me backed into a corner and flanked. But the fact that this rather random game gave a scrublord like me the opportunity to get 10k damage does prove how OP the 103B was gonna be without 3x overmatch.

    My actual highest damage game is like 7,9k in the JPE100.

  26. You can do it! When you return, well rested and fresh. Enjoy your well deserved free time.

  27. Haven’t watched the video but working on the assumption you got 9k again this should become a series playing tier 10s with the objective of getting 10k

  28. I’m a potato at this game and I managed 11,000 damage with a JP E100 lmao

  29. Wondering if you have the most games between 9000-9999 dmg without a single game >10k

  30. What was the saying? “Seventh time the charm”

  31. i dont play enough wot to know the rewards at the end of the vids, i used to play but just watching qb is fun kek.

  32. 10k damage is very hare imo. This week I had a game in my Bourrasque, Tier 10 game, where I had 10 kills total, was 1 against
    5, killed 4 but died…. Absolute heartbreak. Ace tanker, pools medal, first on XP but lost…

  33. At this point it’s a curse that QB can’t break

  34. it’s 3rd time in recent year, 1 shot away :/

  35. epic result

  36. tshar fyootur for

  37. Well, I once dealt 9996 damage and I have never gotten more

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