The RAID BOSS of World of Tanks!

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T95 is as old as of Tanks itself and yet has stood test of almost like no other! Here’s Mr_BigBoss showing you why!



  1. T95 : One of the only tanks that having a bad team is beneficial but unfortunatly losing the battle is not what you want

  2. You know, the Dinosaurs once made Chuck Norris mad……………. ONCE…

  3. I put Chuck Norris in my tier 8 Renegade I have the Renegade skin so I thought it was a fitting tank for Chuck

  4. Complaints Department

    And its crap like this why they need to nerf gold round damage. I miss the days where premium rounds were only for gold, weakpoint knowledge, proper aiming, and armor all actually fucking mattered.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Complaints Department So you think we need to buff heavily armored tanks? FYI those are the most powerful tanks at the game at this point. There’s no need to buff them. Actually, they need to be nerfed.

      If the current meta is about impenetrable turrets on heavy tanks at least the meta requires some skill from the players. That’s a good thing, no?

      HE is something which should be removed. Totally unnecessary brainless tool for bad players to compensate for the lack of skill.

      Remove credit economy from shells so everyone can spam full premium (if they want to) and make the game more skillbased. That’s much better than buffing already the strongest tanks even further.

    • Complaints Department


      I’ll answer: IT DOESNT.

      To answer your second question: NO, any fool can get a tank with a heavy turret into a hull-down position and bounce most shit going his way. People bitched about artillery because “MuH hUlL dOwN tAnKz ArMuR iZ UZELEZZ!!11!!!1!!” so arty got nerfed. Now that you hardly see them except for people trying to do missions, actual cancerous tanks like the Kran and Chief have turned gameplay stale and boring. Why would ANYONE attempt to push into a hull-down Kran or Chief when they’re just gonna get blasted to hell by said tank they’re trying to push and allllll his buddies behind him? Load the skill and just try to ram it through their turrets? GOOOOOOOOD luck if you’re not a JPZe100 with 420mm of HEAT.

      The credit economy from gold rounds was NEVER a viable downside. Never has been, never will be. I agree, remove the economy from them, BUT also *NERF THE DAMAGE*. You preach about wanting skill-based gameplay? There’s no drawback to loading full gold and just LOLing your way through practically everyone. You get increased pen for the same damage as normal shells. THERE IS NO TRADE-OFF. True skill should indeed be rewarded by selecting the right shell for the right time. But with gold rounds? Literally why fire anything else?

      You saying that HE should be entirely removed is yet again to me, a flag of someone who has a Kran and/or a Chieftain and/or a Obj 279e and was one of the biggest crybabies about HE being too powerful. And it’s a double flag for me when you pull the “brainless tool for bad players to compensate for their lack of skill” line too. I could, and do, say the same thing about gold rounds and the people like you who shoot nothing but them! Literally all they had to do was reduce the damage HE dealt and left the penetration mechanics of it alone. It would still deal damage, popular derp tanks wouldn’t be utterly useless now, the Type 4 and Type 5’s shells could’ve been brought in-line, and everything would’ve been fine.

      You wanna know when things were more balanced, more skill and knowledge based, and more FUN? Back before these faster, turreted monsters were out, back before gold rounds were available for credits (and even shortly afterwards because people still didn’t spam them), back when people learned the weakspots of tanks/TDs, and yes even back when playing artillery was literally nothing more than a crap-shoot when you pulled the trigger: hit and deal a bunch of damage about 25% of the time, miss and do nothing 75% of the time.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Complaints Department _”Oh for christ sake. HOW DOES A NERF TO GOLD ROUND DAMAGE EQUATE TO A BUFF FOR HEAVILY ARMORED TANKS?!”_
      So you don’t consider getting hit for less damage is a buff? Sorry, you are so clueless about this game that I’m not going to continue. Go play your Blitz.

    • Complaints Department

      @VioletStatPedder – And you’re so goddamn worried about losing out on your precious damage AND getting to keep your pay-to-win penetration on premium ammo that I no longer have the desire to get it through your thick skull to the one remaining braincell left in your head. Go keep playing your overpowered reward tanks and spamming your prem ammo.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @Complaints Department P2W penetration LMAO. Where do you live? In 2011? Premium ammo has been available for credits for like a decade now.

      Okay, let’s keep it really basic so a simpleton like you understand it:
      If you nerf the alpha damage of premium rounds (and change nothing else) you directly buff any tank which relies on armor and nerf any tanks which relies on premium shells (has bad standard pen). If a heavy tank gets hit by a normal shell it has a higher chance to bounce it than if it was shot at by a premium shell. If it gets shot by a premium shell it does less damage than if it was hit by a normal shell. That is a direct buff to heavily armored tanks, which already, for your information, are the most powerful tanks in wot PC.

  5. Sad that the game still doesn’t have good matchmaking. A performance like that but you have the biggest losers on your team that prevent you from winning

  6. T95 is one of those tanks nowadays that if your opponents are newer players you just absolutely dominate.

    Otherwise, the gold spam at your weakpoints (or just straight through the frontal armor) makes the tank really sad to play in terms of armor.
    The gun and mobility matters so much more, and its got a great gun of course.

    • newer players at tier 9?

    • @Leonardo Alberti Just cause you got to tier 9 doesn’t mean you’re an experienced player.

      Trust me when I say there is a huge difference between someone who actually knows how to play the game, and someone who just grinded up to tier 9.

      Of course, tier and total battles really doesn’t determine if someone is good or not. But you’ll constantly see people either randomly shoot at the front of a T95 or spam gold at its weakpoints. And all it takes is 1 good player loading the gold and your armor is as good as useless.

    • @Mastersanada yeah but idk I feel like it would be difficult to find a player that doesn’t know about weak points and all that stuff at tier 9. I’m just at tier 6 with every tank I own (that’s my problem, cause every time QB does a video about a new strong t10 I always want it so I start a new tech tree from t1 lol. I think I have like 24/26 (I don’t even know anymore) tier 6 tanks) but I’ve watched hundreds of QB s videos and I feel like I’m quite experienced already

    • @Leonardo Alberti Right, but a large portion of the community doesn’t learn from better players.

      And still, just watching won’t do everything for you. I know it sounds weird, but if you haven’t hit multiple tier X’s you’re still relatively new to the game. Down at tier 6 I can easily put up ridiculous numbers because all I’m doing is bullying new players/bad players for the most part.

      Additionally, just knowing the weakpoint isn’t all. The T95’s weakpoints are thick enough that depending on the tank and tier, they won’t punch through. If the T95 is against 9’s and 10’s it’s just not even fair, they’ll just rip it to shreds. They don’t even need skill at that point, load HEAT with high enough pen and you can punch through the front.

    • @Mastersanada this guy is right. for me it’s more of like a feel. if i sometimes take break even for 1month and i come back then i’m playing absolutely shit. even tho i know what to do and how to play. just don’t have that inside feeling

  7. well pplayed but I would’ve face hugged the wz and tried to block the gun with my own. if he was spamming heat it would’ve been extremely hard to do dmg b/c gun = spaced armor. If he was using ap still its much harder b/c again, extra armor

  8. Cheese can be judged on how well it sticks on someone’s head or how aerodynamic it is

  9. Now I want a “No Ladybird” emblem for my T95

  10. if only gold wasn’t a thing in the game anymore

  11. Ugh, I can’t stand Chuck Norris

  12. Ata Oğuz Çetinkaya

    Lots of person says that t95 is Op and the armor is so good but i think not the armor has lots of weak points

  13. Hello from Ukraine.

  14. 9.7k Damage and he did not complete the mission because getting crits is a Bitch nowadays.

  15. why do you ban fans who even mention other WoT creators on twitch? isn’t that excessive?

  16. Can we see some content on the tier 7 premiums, they’re rarely featured anywhere (mostly because they’ve all been powercrept) but there’s some nice ones like the Panther M10 and the SU-122-44.

    • the Panther M10 was my first premium tank given to me through the referral program. I love the thing with the preferential matchmaking and good DPM, too bad QB will probably never even bother with it. I think he did make a video on the E25 last year.

    • AT-15A
      That’s another underappreciated tier VII

  17. Gamer_of_world of tanks

    I mean, what’s left when the T95 goes through?

  18. Fun until premium shells were involved, classic scenario

  19. I can’t stand the custom-voiced commanders. I really wish that WG would give us the option to turn the custom voice lines off.

  20. Neither the Tortoise nor the T95 are the best tier 9 TD… it’s the K91-PT 😀

  21. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Ah, qb saying undoubtedly wrong again lol

  22. He’s not using the Azov battalion upgrade or he would be dying 😉

  23. I deserve this after that ladybug saboteur glad to see the T95 being back on the channel

  24. Qq pls share yr equipment setup thks love

  25. It would be nice to have David Hayter/Solid Snake as a commander

  26. Geek Digital Music

    Heavy duty TD unless you drive off a bridge, right QuickyBaby?

  27. 😂 Darf Voder moment

  28. thank you,, LOVE the T95

  29. Everytime I do at least 6K dmg in a game I loose so I guess we share the same curse with MisterBigBoss
    Nice game mate !

  30. It’s a LADY BUG… not “bird” lol

  31. Why do you call them ladybirds?. Just curious QB. Been watching for years love your content. I’m just curious.

  32. Trying to three mark this is causing my head to hurt

  33. I think it was Luke that said noooooo

  34. Hello! I’ve watched your videos for a long time I was wondering if you can do an updated version of crew skill guides I don’t know if they’ve changed much over the years and I’m just getting back into the game after like 4-5 years

  35. Scary that without a premium account he would have lost credits – tier IX and X vehicles cost 1000 credits per shot on standard ammo!

  36. I guess you need a crowd funding page for a fly screen to keep the lady bugs out?

  37. I had Chuck in my VZ.55 and that was a mistake, it was a waste but he really just goes on to much and I changed the commander after a few games.

  38. 8:24 how would 95mm pen armour of 305mm?

  39. lmao the games in wot are lately all like that. you’re playing your tech tree tier6 tanks against tier 8s. do 2k dmg and still lose.

  40. 10k dmg and 0 crits. Fuck this game and fuck crit missions

  41. Lmao I literally paused the vid just to tell me gf about how you crashed off a bridge an I commented about wanting to actually see you play the t95 😂😂 shoutout to being one of the best content creators out there an listening to your community 🤟🏼💪🏼 great content qb! Thanks for getting us that t95 gameplay lol

  42. Thanks to Mr Big Boss

  43. So many low rolls 😥 last week I played Foch B and 2 full clips every shot low roll, rigged much.

  44. Noooo Mr big boy!

  45. damn
    im stoned right now
    but fuck man, im fairly sure i remember you making minecraft animations with mineimator with the name derpybaby or something, like 10-15 subs at the time

  46. Are there still people that can’t pen this td? It’s terrible and easy to pen from any distance

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