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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going show you why the E 50 M is the RAM GOD World of Tanks!



  1. That ram on the Maus was perhaps the most chad thing ever in this game. And it was done by a group of 15-16 year olds.

  2. I call bs. I set my e50m up for ramming, I rammed a tank half my weight that was sitting still. He did 1,200 damage to me and i Only did 500 to him when going down a hill at full speed (not a cliff). Sooooooo.

  3. Lot’s of fun QB…. but the KV-5 remains the king of ram in my book.

  4. I don’t understand the ppl obsessed with anime lol

  5. how come my is4 got hit for 492 and its not even a pen xD

  6. 9:30 the only similarity between Anime girls and real Asian girls 🙂

  7. I just got ramm-killed for 3x by a Luchs, in a Leopard. keep advice for fantasyland.

  8. Now that’s entertainment!!!

  9. If FV deathstar is played for fun (win or lose). Then another t10 build come along.. hahaha for fun.

  10. Qb do the ultimate camo build for the strv now that we have field mods. Thanks for the content qb.

  11. I love it . Gonna set my E50m like this from now on.

  12. wtf? Panzer girlz krew?????

  13. Gold nooooob

  14. Please try this using the e75ts i swear it would work well.

  15. kv5 still the best ramming tank , yes i know its heavy

  16. the nice and the bad
    69 down votes

  17. QB, don’t you dare forget the one-and-only RAM GOD, the “Bobject”

  18. Hi QB I was wondering if you can teach us, how we can install and use different commander voice in WOT.
    it really would help us a lot. Thank you.

  19. Nah, the E50M is good, but the Ram God of WOT is Steve Wallst. His KV5 train obliterated a full HP Patriot in a single hit. 😄

  20. Otherwise playing with Turbo, HP-Boost and Rammer is also Worth it. Since you can’t be tracked on the first shot when using the HP-Boost, it does ramming damage more reliably.
    And of course the Standart Med, Rep, Food as consumables

  21. Raming god with the screams of anime girls. Yes.

  22. His E50M crewmen tho UwU

  23. IS 7 is RamGod.. sorry. Run those same setups with that. Ya. Ones med.. ones heavy.. but. Ya. That pike nose

  24. Will modules that lower the taken ramming dmg also lower falling dmg? Since its displayed as ram damage and francly, its ramming the ground 😀

  25. Button 1: Upvote because QB ram-killed a Maus.
    Button 2: Downvote because anime crew.

    Me: Sweating profusely.

  26. now imagine with crew 2.0

  27. Really enjoy the zooming in of the stats. Makes them less boring and more engaging to watch!

  28. i believe a spall-liner only works with direct HE hits, not splash damage. I learned the heard way. Check out Dez’s video on it.

  29. do live replays becuz it is entertaining

  30. *Ultimate RAM setup:* Turbo, Spall Liner, Improved hardering. Use this instead of vents

  31. Hey Will, your YouTube videos are noticeably improved in the last year or so. You’re dynamic, engaging, and your content has more progression

  32. Maus ram made my day

  33. EEE Point Defender

    How does QB have GuP commanders in his E 50 M !?

  34. 👍👍👍

    oh cool, a Video about 06wallst 😀
    wait what?

  36. What the literal hell ?

  37. 8:55 I knew this was coming lmao

  38. The power of anime friendship cannot be matched.

  39. That annoying 121…. Example of the average WoT player these days, so selfish…

  40. love your content quickybaby

  41. QB with anime girls is the most meme shit I’ve ever seen

  42. The Maus ram got me.

  43. this is actually good content QB ! I am a veteran in this game not much content is actually this good these days was good to watch keep it up !

  44. That Maus tank, must be the most confused maus player.

  45. What about the Obj2684? 👀 Thick armor and fast speed….. if set up to ram 👀

  46. do 8k dmg, 1.6k blocked, some spotting and earn only 2x more base xp than someone with 0 contribution … nothing wrong with such reward system … even better when you earn more base xp than top player of enemy team

  47. enjoying the new editing just saying 😀

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