The Rarest British Tank

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Source: Spookston

I’m not known for liking British vehicles that much, but the unique Excelsior heavy tank as very enjoyable. It’s comparable to the Jumbo or Tiger, with very good armor and decent mobility. It still has to deal with solid shot, but it is very good.

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The Rarest British Tank


  1. How about this for a challenge: take one of the American 6.7ish heavies that have a ton of armor and .50cals (like the T34, but I think the T29 and T30 are similar?), but the only shells you get for the main gun are smoke rounds. So basically you’re hard to kill and you can blind people but all your kills will be with the .50s.

  2. @justinsmotovlog3857

    Day 42 of asking to use the zachlam tager please

  3. @russellnowiski7969

    used the t-34-57 and ended up surviving multiple shots by two M6A1’s by multiple im pretty sure around four shots per tank. so 8 shots total survived, then got pen on side by an M6A1 so yeah

  4. Pleeaaassseee play the T92 American

  5. Could you make video about ARL-44 (the destroyer variant), please

  6. The decal link just brings me to the warthunder shop that doesn’t have the decal

  7. day one of asking you to play the ztz96a (p)

  8. @handling_nothing238

    Spookston can you play the object 292

  9. 3rd request for spookaton to play the ratel 90 and 20

  10. play the m22 at 4.7 for memes

  11. hey s(pookie) could you possibly take the chieftain MK10 out for a video i will forever be in your debt

  12. @onlyrandomvids2907

    Hey spookie, i know its late but can you play that new sheridan 76??

  13. could you play the m22 locust? i would really love to see you play that tank

  14. Bro, I am new to war thunder None of my friends played this 😂 I need someone to help me on console

  15. You should play the standard T32 with the MG port, the br is lower than the T32e1 so it’s actually usable

  16. Spookston should try the pbv 302 bill

  17. @JerryGoGetTheRoyalNavy

    Me when spookston finally gives a shit about us:

  18. @pixelastronaut4313


  19. Day 31 on my journey to convince Spookston to play the Radkampfwagen 90

  20. Hi, can you play m4a3 105 Sherman?

  21. @nebuchadnezzer2436

    I quit WT a couple years ago, but the event for the Excelsior wasn’t too difficult, no. I remember ’cause it’s one of the only times I ever spent money on WT, and always regretted it… although the Excelsior itself was always fun to use, basically a Churchill VII, but more (forward) mobility, and less well-known weakspots.

  22. Spookston you should try the “P.108A serie 2”, I know you dont usually play aircraft but it has a 102 mm cannon which DELETES tanks.

  23. Gotta disagree with you on the Mustang unfortunately, the Corsair is imo sleeker and sexier.

  24. Did you know that Karelian lag rocks were the reason Finns held their ground so well against the Soviets.

    Source: Trust me

  25. “Killed the radiator” Is it an actual radiator or or is it radio operator?

  26. Bro you are cheating plus you are a furry

  27. Spookston I need help my friend is going mad fully courmiting to the grind add ketch on war thunder

  28. Can you play the the American m47 Im reaserching it so i whant to know How good it is pls

  29. Day 1 of asking for playing the T18E2

  30. I like the long content with odd, you two are funny together

  31. im very sick rn but a good spookston and odd vid helps! lol

  32. Day 1 of asking Spookston to play the Soviet Valentine XI. For Valentine’s Day of course

  33. Play the object 292

    • He already has played 3 matches with the 292 (according to thunderskill) so the video is prob gonna be up soon. He also has 7 kdr with it.

  34. 12:11 – 12:13 Relatable

  35. Play britain lore accurate

  36. Spookston Make a Video of Object 292 ( New Russian Bais ) You will Love it when playing in Object 292 .

  37. Play the M46, it is just a pershing on steroids at 7.0 that gets heatfs

  38. Day 21: You should play any of th cv90 they have good moblity and a powerful 40mm cannon along with having apfds as starting rounds plus it has he-vt

  39. @MartyHumphrey-nn7ck

    dang ik the dude ur playing with, that one scottish dude but i don’t know his name

  40. @MartyHumphrey-nn7ck

    lmao the kv1 driver took a 76 to the head, dude must’ve been high on vodka and stalinium

  41. This looks like a Cromwell to me.

  42. you sound like microsoft text-to-speech

  43. Vid 23 of asking for sim or arcade

  44. Day 2 of asking spook to play arcade

  45. I started on British tanks. Thanks for showing why i don’t need to go back

  46. 11:11 I totally agree

  47. Can you play Kv 85

  48. @morgankarlsson5347

    My friend please play the ikv72

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