The Rarest Panther Tank

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Source: Spookston

The Panther medium tank is one of the best German vehicles in all of War Thunder. The Ersatz M10 is probably the rarest version of , masquerading as a US vehicle.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Rarest Panther Tank


  1. Day 1 of asking you to play the TOG III

  2. Spring animator 9073

    you should play the tog

  3. Another attempt trying to convice spook to play the glorious Sturer Emil

  4. can you play the is 2

  5. > start tank game
    > there are planes in it
    > uninstall it

  6. day 31 please play obj 435

  7. play the ARL 44 day 20

  8. Day 1 of asking plz play xm 1 gm


  10. a swedish guy on yt

    the best camo in wt is the finish summer camo

  11. 4:40 music bit is crystal castles char i think or the bulletproof and char remix for celestial eagle.

  12. Play OF-40

  13. Day 81 asking spookston to play the oliphant mk.1

  14. You should play the BMP-1

  15. Spookston you may be knowledgable about tanks, but your fashion sense is completely shunted and you lost rights to comment on anything artistical anymore lol.

  16. Day, idfk, of asking spookston to play console War Thunder

  17. hey spookston what about another cas video i recommend the pe8 (btw love your vids)

  18. “oH i DoN’t KnOw WhAt HaS hApPeNeD tO mY tEaM”
    Spook, you should already know the german tanks playerbase. Thats what happened!

  19. As bad as the M10 disguise is, I have actually fallen for it before and lobbed an HE shell at the side of a Panther. Luckily it was a Germany player so they didn’t notice, but it still made me reflect on my life choices for a second.

  20. vid 1 of asking spook to play Chi-He because i find it to be veri good

  21. Hi spookston, do you use a sound pack? And if so, what is it?

  22. Hey Spook could you play the Leopard 1 or the Panther G?

  23. Spookston were tog video

  24. play TKX or Typ 10 they basicly the same tank

  25. Day 1 of asking spookston to play the Italian VCC-80/60 with its 2 second autocannon.

  26. can you play the TOG II?

  27. 81st time asking for a T-55 video

  28. Day 9 of asking spookston to play with the Lorraine 40t

  29. the first time i saw this tank i thought it was a french m10 and died to it twice because both times i shot the front plate i, was baffled to say the least

  30. 6:15 “I Jumbo, You Jumbo, Me/She/We JUMBO.”

  31. day 91: asking spookston to play type-10

  32. Jackson?


  33. I like that music from CC Generals… Needed some time to remember

  34. when you play war thunder and you hear the effects in spookstons videos live, in your ears, each time you kill a German vehicle,
    or a missile flies past you it doesn’t matter.

  35. Attempt 7 of asking Spookston to play the Conway

  36. 5:33
    Killed by 7.62mm MG Is just straight up disrespectful 😂

  37. Would really love to see you play WT Mobile Spook!

  38. Plane players ruin the game because they have no skill cas needs removing

  39. why this panther have more speed in turret rotation ?

  40. Day 77 of asking for the SU-100p

  41. Id love to see you and Odd jump into Hell Let Loose and try out the armored combat!

  42. Hey Spookston play the AMX-13 (FL-11) I think its a really underrated vehicle and I find myself having a lot of fun in it. I am going to post this in every video I watch until you make a video on it

  43. To get rid of that spotlight effect on the “definitely not a night battle” maps, you have to lower the “Global Illumination Quality” to medium.

  44. (Burning intensifies) oh I am on fire

  45. Coo-puh-luh. No Q! Brave Rifles! 😂

  46. What do you mean “Panther”? I only see M10 there.

  47. Doom Barn suffering? Pretty Pretty please?

  48. Im on a 15 game ground rb loose streak 😊

  49. Please play the Pbv 302 (BILL), it is soo … meh …

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