The Rarest Soviet Heavy Tank

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Source: Spookston

The IS-7 is one of the rarest vehicles in . It used to be overpowered when it first released, then it was just sorta ok. Now it's back to being very .

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The Rarest Soviet Heavy Tank


  1. 300k QnA soon

  2. Russian teams are so bad… last day i played top tier and you just get spanked bu Sweden all the time😂

  3. Hey Spookston, would love to see a video on the T14, I’m not to sure if it always had it but it recently got smoke charges which adds to it being op

  4. please play the object 211 china

  5. In my eyes the IS7 is perfectly fine where it is. It does not have a Stab compared to most tanks it faces. Also its armor is not invulnerable like most people say it is. The thing about the IS7 is that it has insane mobility for its class and most people that own it know what they are doing. (And maybe the shell aswell)

  6. I find it funny that I cannot find a spookston video that I haven’t watched and normally I just check in very 2 seconds to see if a new vid has spawned

  7. Btw it’s because I love ur vids that much

  8. Day 4 of asking spookston to play the JaPz K A-1

  9. you spookston play the pakistani alkhaled mbt2000 its got good mobility

  10. Day 7 of asking spookston to play the M26E1, T25, M26, T29

  11. 6:28🤨

  12. Day 6 of asking Spookston to play the French CCKW 353 AA

  13. Can you play tiger2 pls

  14. Time for some suffering – Chieftain Mk.3

  15. You should give the Excelsior a go – it’s got a great reload speed and it quite fast for a heavy tank.

    Great video, btw!

  16. Try M103 stock 😅

  17. Is this sim Safe to Download???

  18. Play the Ikv 79

  19. I want this tank sooooooooo much

  20. 11 Video asking you to play the Swedish spj fm/43-44

  21. I love that tank

  22. Drive out the AMX-10M

  23. Day 1 asking spookston to play the object 906

  24. The cut out instantly after being bombed gets me every time.

  25. So they moved up the Type 87 RCV with no stab, no thermal, no any sort of range finder, no armor and only 90mm max pen, but the obj get to stay ? yeah right.

  26. Day 13 of asking Spookston to play the italian P40

  27. can you use the arl 44?

  28. OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT

    Is-7 without stabiliser would be smashed even by leo1 meh
    Don’t know who would play this trash when you have quite nice 8.3 tanks

  29. Kreuzritter Gottes

    are you kidding? i get 1 shotted in my is7 by heat and often newer rounds. total bs. its like the maus but weaker, due to higher br.

  30. where is that first clip from?

  31. Day 9 of asking spooks to play the M4A3 (105)

  32. You should play T80UK

  33. Those Saddam jokes got me good!

  34. “Taking on four tanks at once by myself is impossible.”
    This is every. single. match for me. Rule no. 1 of War Thunder, you have no team. Ever.

  35. 279 can be at least 9.0, this shit haunts me

  36. No, no, the saying isn’t “where thjere’s smoek, there’s bad guys”, the saying is, “where there’s smoke, they pinch back.”

  37. Thw Ikv91-105 is pretty cool

  38. Андрей Житник

    I recently got to the 4th rank in the german tree. How bout you show us what to do?

  39. Андрей Булкин

    Like the stalker gaus shot sound on that noscope.

  40. I feel this video, the entire team just vanishes for some reason

  41. Average_ONI_Enjoyer

    They were now moved up :3

  42. How do you now if you’re full uptier or downtier ?

  43. 7:05 imagine the pain of facing an IS-7 in a T32……..

  44. How do you see them on screen like that ? when ever I play realistic battles I die instantly with 0 kills bc I can’t see anyone

  45. -pays gaijin 1500 USD for a tank
    -first game full uptier

  46. 5:23 is that a binocular into snipe mode shot?

    I’m asking as I’m a new player and although my games are certainly improving, I still suck at open maps where I tend to get sniped from all over and don’t know how to deal with them, even if I tend to see them

  47. IS-7 staying at 8.3 but next update the Obj 279 moving up to 9.0 according to the br change list

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