The Rarest Tiger Tank

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Source: Spookston

The German VK (P), or the Porsche Tiger as most people know it, is a rare sight in War Thunder. It trades armor effectiveness for a bit more mobility, but it's still pretty fun. I'm surprised it isn't more expensive on the Gaijin marketplace.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from to last):
Command Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:

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The Rarest Tiger


  1. wuhowboutnextimeyagetabordatcanhandledanootronstile later

  2. The Chinese Emoji at 4:20 throw me out straight away :DDDD

  3. Day 8 of asking spookston to play t-50

  4. DAY 1 can you play the T34 US tech tree i want to learn that fat thing please

  5. You should play the leopard 1 I just got it and the apds just feels a little inconsistent but that’s just the jump from long 88

  6. Day 1 : Try to PT-76B but now with reload buff

  7. Day 3 of asking you to play the AMX-10RC

  8. Video 1 of asking for ru 251

  9. Thatonerobloxdude

    play the Panzer IF 2 every tank tier two tank fears this tank

  10. Hay Spookston I would like to see you make a video on the Italian P40 tank.

  11. Ville Järvenpää

    I think I’ve asked this before but please play ItPsV 90, the most terrifying SPAA at 8.3. But you must play aggressive and I mean *aggressive!* Push to a cheeky position and tear any passing tanks apart.

  12. I remember the T-62 at top tier video. Can you do a T-55/54 at top tier video? It would silly goofy

  13. everyone saying kv220 is too OP meanwhile while playing with kv220, you get one shot with breech shots or the 88mm bounces from turret face 90 degrees down and kills everything

  14. 3:00 the shell penetrated just enough to reach inside while hitting the armour piece on the turret, causing it to explode and hit the enemy ammo rack which was nearby.

  15. Pls play t54 1949

  16. guess what today i got 17 assist i swear😡😡

  17. Goddamn these uptiers, this game has gone to shit.

  18. I was the blind kv220 lmao

  19. Churchill crocodile would seriously be fun to see!

  20. Garrett O’Brien

    Hey Spookston. Can you play the merkava mk2d. Or any of the merkavas?

  21. day 9 of asking spookston to play t-50

  22. You should try the Cromwell I its quite quick with a low speed stabiliser and is oddly really survivable and i don’t know how but sometimes you can survive shots you really feel like you shouldn’t

  23. You should play the Marder A1, I’ve been using it and I can’t tell if it’s terrible or decent

  24. You should play the object 685 seems like a light tank right up your alley

  25. next can you play the rank 2 br 2.7 Lago 1 in the swedish tech tree i think it is the lowest br apds shell in the game

  26. 3:00 The answer is simple : the game is completely broken. Economy, balance, matchmaking, post-pen damage, penetration, server and don’t forget the holy trinity of bias (USSR, Germany and USA) and France getting more fucked up update by update.

  27. Day 3 of asking spookston to play the BT-42

  28. You should play the Foch its very fun

  29. say 1 of asking spookston to play the ca loraine

  30. day 3 of asking spookston to play the ca Loraine

  31. You should try the TD version of the ARL 44

  32. Can you do the Foch because French bias

  33. Bulgarian Nationalist

    Play the jpz-45

  34. you should try the challanger 2

  35. You should play the British firefly

  36. You should try the super Sherman (the one with T26 turret on) that just came out

  37. Davide Ballistreri

    Day 5 can you please play the Italian M4 Tipo IC please

  38. Try the sturmpanzer ll Bison. It’s basically an installing at everything in its tier

  39. No video today

  40. Day 46 of asking Spokston to play ST-A3! almost at 50 now 😀

  41. im back and i still want a t92 video

  42. 4:26 is just such a funny sequence lmao. I cant even explain how broken my pc setup would be after that

  43. Back when this thing was released, it was absolutely broken OP.

    The engine deck vents that slope down the rear had 200mm thickness plus a decent angle and using the backwards IS-2 tactics made it nearly invincible.

    I made a great many people VERY angry using it.

    Even though it’s been fixed. backwards VK best VK.

  44. I debated with a friend (and in comments) that thing where a 88 mm cannon can penetrate a Jumbo frontal plate, on distance, but never at short range.
    It also never happened to me with the 75 mm.

    My theory was that on “distance” a low velocity projectile “curve” reducing the effectiveness of the angle.

    The theories in comments are that the 88 works better against multiple armour plates on distance, because it’s heaver than the 75 that has more penetration but on single armour plates.

    My friend theory was that the jumbo plate is modelled with “errors” and it has “zero armour” pixels that you can hit if you are very lucky.

  45. You were probably scouted that’s why the planes were targeting you. Either that or those planes are the ones you killed and are trying to get a revenge kill with planes.

  46. The Churchill reminds me, it’s video 8 of asking for something on the Churchill chassis.

  47. 4:21 pov you activated 500% booster

  48. I like how he can see tanks and im like smudge?

  49. Noah’s awesome vids

    Lol 😂 i rarely seeing this

  50. haha, spookston has discovered the amazing pzgr ammo for tigers.

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