The REAL Waffentrager E-100 Coming Back?! | World of Tanks Waffenträger Event

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World of The Waffenträger: Legacy – The Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2022. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf E-100 Returns. World of Tanks The , Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100.

It is that time of the year again, when Waffentrager Auf. E-100 returns to World of Tanks… But this year might be different, because they are giving us some very weird hints towards the real, OG Waffenträger auf E-100 potential comeback.

What do you think? Would you like to see it back in the game?


  1. Well well well how the turntables… Do you want it to be TRUE or NOT?
    Let me know what you think!

    • @Florin i would not be so hyped;

      Gold rounds are for credits now;
      All shit players, lazy players and those who just don’t know the game now use only gold ammo,

      people gold spam you even when your bottom tier in a -2 match maker game, like 10 vs 8’s and 8’s vs tier 6, there are more and more tanks that are impenetrable hull down tanks now than ever, let alone the worse teams since the match maker has gone to shit, so many 15-3 games its not even fun when you win like that.

      Oh and did I mention, the fact now if you shoot any tank through the side and hit the tracks (unlike patch 9.4/9.5) u used to be able to pen hulls and do damage, now you just get critical hit and zero fucking damage….

      Or the fact elc 90’s not only have ridiculous camo/view range….. but can bounce tier 10 tank destroyers off the tracks…or the light vehicles like ebr’s who have indestructible wheels…. that only slow down, when hit, without doing any actual damage to HP!!!

      They just get a “critical hit” and keep on running…. sadly I am not sure what the people at wargaming are doing? But they seem to be a bunch of complete and utter fucking retards in the board rooms!

      They have destroyed their own game, and it’s getting worse. Oh and on top of all of that, YOUR HE SHELLS NOW DO FUCK ALL DAMAGE TO HULL DOWN TANKS THAT HAVE NO WEAK SPOTS!!!!


      So if your under them, u will bounce every time. It’s just retarded. I honestly wish they would sell the rights to the their company and give it to someone who knows wtf their doing.

      They got a case of hitlers disease and MEGALOMANIA, every new tank is not unique or has better features, it just has better armour and increased gold pen.

      Then the tank after that has even higher gold pen and more armour, and the next one after that is even more gold ammo pen yet again and even more armour!

      They can’t balance fuck all, they are clueless!

    • @Robin Van den Dorpe right?

      Yet minotauro is not OP, foch is not broken (mini wt auf e100), or the kranvagn, chieftain, object 279e, or 99% of the hull down tanks without weak spots, like buffed t100e5’s, object 268 v4 (yes its nerfed but still broken as fuck) , stb-1, blah blah blah. The buffed 140 with roof as good as the t62a, but with better gun handling and now 1 more degree of extra gun depression……

      What a load of shit. That tank was only OP va one tank? Once its clipped, it had 2 shots left, which was left open to any player spamming he to auto pen its turret and rinse the tank. Plus it had no camo, not great mobility and a long reload!

      There are far more OP tanks in this game

    • @Pencil Case with optics and cvs now, this thing will light up like a Christmas tree in the middle of a dark field! It was fun on xbox though. I think it still has it too tbh

    • @PizzaBazooka you mean the premium players who actually pay so you can play the game for free….

    • @MrPatrickpiet Oh? Are you suggesting I should even thank such players, who always say things like “fuck off”, “get good, tomato bot”, “ahahah, die of Covid, arty scum” and such? Your argument is totally invalid, as there are other factors that make an online game free-to-play, it’s not only the paying content. What do you think will happen when all non-premium players will leave the game, because the premium ones made it unplayable and frustating? Are you saying that premium players will be so many and so rich to be able to fund the game for years without new players? I don’t think so.


    It would be more good than a minitaro at least i can spam he at it

  3. Tbh I never got to play or fear the Wt on E110 and have only seen it in the mode and on some videos, I came to love him due to that and would like to see him back in action.
    Tho I think WG will probably jack up the price or cost to get it to an uneven state.

  4. It may become another Minotauro. Since they released this new auto loader mechanics it would make a sense. Drum, with long interclip reloads. But by my humble opinion, Waffentrager is like a dinosaurus, and it belongs to history. Do not revive it pls!

  5. i wouldn’t mind seeing it IF players could get the “Chieftain T95/FV4201 also..

  6. Criticizing Criticizer

    So Italian TD line was a ruse to introduce the Waffentrager E-100 back into the game? well played wargaming lol

  7. Yes, we need it. tired of the stupid hull down meta.

  8. It would more so fit in now, I think it will be more like the rank battles reward FV/Chieftan that OP tier 10, but more OP than that tank. Basically, it would still be a bit too OP for the meta, but that’s my opinion, even though I have not played the game for at least 6 months, so I don’t know anything about the new Italian tanks.

  9. Finally they bringing it back, oldie but goldie.

  10. Well Dezz, check the soundtrack for last event and this event. As you said, it is absolutely the best soudntrack for events WG released, but it seems that this version (I mean the version for event 2022) is not as good as last one. The vocals are too high (sounds like kids almost) and sound overall is not as full as last version. This is pitty. I hope, they will do something with it, because last soundtrack is so emotional, so adrenalin pumping…simply…perfect. So please check it and let us know your opinion 🙂

  11. if they did an assembly line even for the WE100 it would be perfect for draining players of free xp and resources before the release of the new chinese heavy line. Just sayin

  12. its 2022. we were told things will come, but they didnt. we werent told things to come. we were told things will come, but got something different. i refuse to form assumptions. i refuse to get hyped based on words.

  13. well it looks like ill only be playing t6 and t7 tanks after they come out

  14. There are so many extreme tanks into this game. So the WT E100 can return

  15. It wouldn’t be OP or a meta tank. It rather would be a Cobra in steroids. And to be honest, we don’t need it. I do not want more and more tanks that kill other tanks in seconds. It makes battles more fast paced. Do we really want to go below the 3 minute mark for the average battle duration?

  16. Yes pls return to game WTF E100 pls WG!!
    I want see more one shots with Shit Barns:)

  17. honestly I wouldnt mind wt auf e100 nowadays. It probably wouldnt even be OP. People would just farm it with HE, but situationally it would still be great tank. Unlike broken minotauro which is just stupid.

  18. Yes I would like to see W T E-100 into the game. BUT, it should get an x factor of getting 500+mm pen when shooting at Chieftards, Italian TDs, Krans

  19. Ah yes. My Second researched Tier 10. First has been E-100 which was just bad, so i really enjoyed it. Had the pleasure of playing it for 30 Battles until wargaming gave me the shitty grille instead. I will never forget this WG, that was scam at its best

    Pls gimme back finally

  20. I was close to unlocking the waffen before it was removed for the terrible grille imho.
    It needs to comeback into the tech tree.

  21. the players who unlocked it in the past should get it for free. if they auction it it I would be very dissapointed (as usual)

  22. ID Welcome it back!

  23. I had it before it got taken away from me, and as a replacement i got the grille.
    Let it come back in the game, i dont mind, specially with al the op tier 10s nowadays.
    So WG, take my grille, an give me back the WT auf e100.

  24. they should just delete my grille 15 and give me my waffen back..

  25. Jamezon Exenbändiger

    i bet they will release it and it will be an absolute op tank

  26. If the WT auf E100 comes back into the actuall MM I’m gonna cry. And no, those won’t be tears of joy.

    We don’t need a toxic tank like this D:. That is, of course, if they don’t nerf or adjust it in some way

  27. My wallet doesnt want it but my FV does

  28. Waffle e-100 is on my personal list of tanks I’ve always wanted (started in 2012) and I hope I would get it as a tank collector

  29. If it ends up being a playable vehicle for randoms, they better give it back to everyone who used to have it.

  30. It would be just like the Foch 155 and Foch B or the new italian cancer
    Even without any nerfs.

    WG just doesn’t allow any good German tanks to be competitive in any tier in the game.
    Eather they put them in wrong tiers and there are many examples where they are underpowered, nerf them or remove them completely.

  31. Probably some auction…

  32. Baysicaly an foch b whith hug e turet=chieftan remover=obj279 e deleter

  33. Bring that giant German 4005

  34. Tommy Moore RVA @FastHatTrick @ohboywm

    If it does come back, those who had it before, should get the option to swap their Grille for it.

  35. if they made them like the assembly shop the game will actually die because its just going to make it a premium tank and ruin the game even farther than what the state of the game is now.

  36. So i know wg it will come as a blackmarked tank i think

  37. In this current will regret for coming back to the game..better stay as a legend..

  38. i am legit all into getting wt back. we have now intuition, multiple high pen HE guns, ebr ect ect.

  39. I don’t think it’s right to put him in the game. Those of us who played with him had it taken from us, and now if it is to be obtained for game currency, it is not right. If he comes back I think I’m done with this game. 11 years of playing for what? To fill WG’s pockets.

  40. So can I swap out my Grille for it….never really liked the Grille,but that’s what they shoved at us

  41. We need something to balance the minotauro

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