The Renegade REVIEW! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Reviewing the new on the block, the RENEGADE!



  1. Heyo, woke up and starting working on this video. Hope you enjoy! <3

    • Yea good advice work to stage 5 then buy it. But it all depends on your skill level. Which for the majority of players is impossible for the 10 days lmao.

  2. so how much is this?

  3. with so many 2 / 3 arty games im not interested at all in any goddamn heavy

  4. Another fucking tier 8 premium American heavy that just shit’s all over the T32. You know it’s become such a sad fucking joke that it’s almost COMICAL that WGing continues to flat out ignore the T32 and release shit like this. Fucking Disgusting.

  5. “‘We’re getting free shit?” Let’s put it that way – Wargaming will put the starting price at 60€ as per usual – so if you play up to, say, 50%, you still pay 30 Euros for a Tier VIII premium tank, which is pretty much the normal price (of course, you get some extras here and there, but let’s be honest – who cares about that?). In other words – rather than just paying 30€ for a Tier VIII premium, this tank actually costs you 30 € PLUS a substantial amount of time …
    Yeah sure, one might argue that you’re playing anyway, and then, you can get better discounts and even get the tank for free yada yada … but let’s be honest here, who can put so much time into the game? Well, I guess at the end of the day it is for everybody to decide for himself whether or not he wants to go for this, but I think we should call a spade a spade here – this is first and foremost a marketing stunt and not just “free shit”.

    • Its litterally free stuff. Every rank gets you free shit you wouldnt get otherwise.
      Is it a marketing stunt to try and sell you the tank? Obviously.

  6. noone wants to play shitty american heavies with capolas the size of a house

  7. thanks for the vid Circon ? youtube compression savaged the replay was blurry allot

  8. LOL I first thought it wanted me to earn 3000 base points of experience in one battle and I was like WTF?

  9. I did the Caer AX missions for commitment. Couldn’t even watch wot for 3 months after. 10/10 would not waste my life again. The tank is fun tho

    • Same, I completed that 14 day challenge in 10 days and hated every moment of it. XP/hour becomes an obsession and every single mistake you make stresses you out immensely. Never doing one of these again unless the event requires less than 15k xp per day

    • Those marathons work best if you can afford to invest like 10€ in them. Get discount up to last two and buy the rest. Largest bulk of grinding is in last two so it actually makes it a good deal. That is of course if you can afford

    • God dang, man why didn’t you just spend $10 to complete the last Stage and save yourself a hundred hours?

    • @WhiteBaron777 from the start i never played to complete them if i completed one cool i got free rewards

  10. I don’t understand getting more than 2 good premiums anyways. This is not one of them.

  11. I am going to play as I play and see how much discount I can get. I am not going to play more than usual trying to get it for free. At the end of the period I will decide how to proceed with it.
    I still remember the first tank I got this way, it was the IS-6 some years ago. EDIT: Nvm, I saw the weak spot on top. There is no way I am paying any money for that.

  12. Great video, as always. Why reticle was so jumpy?

  13. Krystian Olszański

    it should be 265 to be good apcr

  14. What are those percentages above the damage counter ?

    • A mod – Marks of Excellence calculator by Spoter, normally it shows you the estimated values for your MoEs and calculates it during the match, if you press alt it also shows how much combined damage you did and how much you need for another full percent, in garage it shows how much percent you are in, what’s your average damage per match and how much average combined damage you need to do for 1/2/3 marks.

      It doesn’t calculate during replays, it just shows you the current value.

  15. How about some sandbox stream circon?

  16. Krystian Olszański

    I would block you Circ , too much pinging before even battle started 😀

  17. 50% off on consumables?….those were the good old days-now we should count ourself lucky when we get 25% off

  18. Now, if we keep the xp we earned from previous missions, it’d be a lot easier to see it being possible.

    Or if that was too vague i meant that it would be easier to see it being possible if we stacked the xp through the missions, so after you finish the 10k xp mission you start the 20k with the 10k you’ve already earned in the last mission for example

  19. I was watching the stream when you had that ugly RNG moment against like 5 other tanks that were less than 100m away. Freakin bummer, but I totally want this tank.

  20. Will be cheaper to buy it than tske the time off work, i know its not supposed to be that easy but thats too much

  21. Problem with buying this is that it will proof to WG that they can crank up the numbers even more and maybe get even more moneyzz out of it. And you could not blame them for it, in the end, they have to make money to keep going.

  22. Yay, yet another reward tank and those of us with bigger priorities than WoT get screwed outta being competitive

    • Not really, tank doesnt look op by its stats. Just e5 in tier 8. And its been a long time since e5 was considered op in any sense of a way

    • So you are saying that a kiddy with plenty of free time can grind this almost for free but you with your priorities (I guess a job would be one of them) cannot spare some coin and easily buy it? And how having this in a garage is making you more competitive? Man, you are full of riddles…

  23. I completed every marathon before this, but this one is gonna stay out of my garage, it is far too hard for a far too shitty tank

  24. I won’t buy any tanks with tumors.

  25. grind it to 70% off and then give wargaming fuel for thier moonbase, i like those odds

  26. Sing along, renegade master!

  27. What do you think of the $1,000 Thanksgiving premium package they’re selling? I really wish you could buy some of the tanks individually because I’m not fucking spending $900 for premium tanks.

  28. Do you get Lorenzo Lamas as a crew member or something?

  29. I think I’m impressed enough to play as much as I can stand in the next 10 days (I got a brand new tier 9 to enjoy, as well), and then buy the pack.

    Hopefully I can get to 50% discount, and that the price won’t be too high.

  30. I’ll just play tanks as usual and buy it at the end if the discount is high enough.

  31. …and plot twist, the tank sucks.

  32. An hour or two is the most I can do a day. I’m fine without it.

  33. Nah, thought about it, saw the armor then decided i don’t want to grind the marathon for a Premium american heavy, if it’s not incredible then i’ll wait for the next marathon, is kind of tempting though to get another Tier 8 prem credits maker

  34. Hmm yes more no lifer marathon…

  35. I want a US heavy like I want a hole in the head. I will take the free stuff I get for playing but I will not be grinding or paying for this tank.

  36. My complaint is that they used to give you 14 days for the missions and then shortened it to 10 days while the total XP required was barely lowered

  37. Tank looks great, I want it, but I’m broke and the Marathon sucks so I probably can’t get the M56 Renegade
    Thanks WG

  38. So basically a nerfed E5 then putting it on tier 8

  39. I do like the odd middle ground for alpha dont like high alpha slow guns like the 750 dmg td guns or the fast firing low guns like the comet

  40. I can’t stop calling it T54E2

  41. does this have premium economy?

  42. So mini e5? Got it. Still not as good as a t32

  43. Also think I may say screw or and grind for it for feee to see how bad it is. I’ve done the AX, ts5 and 44-100 for nearly free, usually 80% discount

  44. Meh care less don’t have a T-10

  45. Today I did 8k dmg bottom tier in my isu152 and lost

  46. My t32 is making sad sounds

  47. I was wondering, how many would pick this over the upcoming double barrelled tanks?

  48. Why can not this 10 day mission happen anytime, instead of just 29nov-09dec, when i am not at home and cant play ?

  49. The Christmas event in World of Warhips is way easier and you get a tier 10… WoT just punishes you too much

  50. circonflexes you have always done a great job on your vids keep it up buddy have learn so much from you THANKS

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