The Return of the Derp Panther 2 – World of Tanks

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Derp like its hot. Panther 2 Derp, 105MM ACTION.


  1. 0 views, 0 likes, 0 dislikes, 0 comments. wow

  2. i got to 92% on gunmarks, derp to 95% soon….

  3. Only OG’s remember the m46 derp on mines back in the day

  4. Had to exit fullscreen to see what date this video got uploaded. Thought it was back in 2016.

  5. Always updoot the derp panther owning tier 9’s!

  6. Going Golfing!

  7. Syahareen Sha Rani

    How to piss off tier 9s

    Equip a tier 4 derp gun onto a tier 8/9 tank (Yes even a Patton uses the M4 derp gun)

  8. I love your videos like these

  9. Derp guns: the one saving grace of World of Tanks. The one bright spot in a world full of suck and OP Russian tanks.

  10. Even coronavirus can’t withstand sheer might and power of Fistpanther.

  11. I still remember the good old days where you could use the Awful panther with the 105mm derp. And that massive thing could sit in a bush and spot and remain hidden unless someone got too close.

  12. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Wanted a hover over modules destroyed 😞

  13. Alexander Zukhrov

    Play the panther II with the short 75 LOL

  14. Alexander Zukhrov

    The derp is too OP

  15. Been having a good time in frontlines with a Derp Panther. Feelsgoodman

  16. 3:27 The T-10 killed himself by shooting HE to the defender, lol.

  17. I like the derp panthers when I drive my Lynx, I pity them Panthers they aim forever and when they shoot you move and circle them and shoot their paper thin armour.

  18. You know when you have ran out of memes when the derp panther comes back.

  19. german derp woo

  20. 5:18 the bush is not transparent because it is the distance from the end of the gun to the bush, not the front of the tank, that makes the bushes transparent…
    Edit: because it is the muzzle flash that gives away positions when firing

  21. only in the 91 percentile? got any tanks where you are number 1?

  22. How do you have the mark percentage on the screen???

  23. Dominik Wiśniewski

    I’ve waited for that for so long

  24. “Lets see what this lynx is doing people are complaining.” *Belorussian physics kick in*

  25. Hey circon. Have you thought of making a vid of your M44 rant from the other day? Putting it on here and reddit might get of the WG regulars there to give a shi* about it maybe… You never know…

  26. “NO!! Why did i autoaim like a fucking idiot!?” question i ask myself almost every battle when i think thats an easy shot lmao

  27. gj circon for defeating coronavirus

  28. From the context I gather that you had a run of bad games where you were losing gun mark score? Well, it might be interesting to see some bad games too, where everything went down the toilet, just to see how you were trying to salvage the situation, even it it wasn’t not successful.

  29. Is the derp panther actually working for the average player?

  30. When I try to play like this, I get shot from all over the map. From both circles at the same time.

  31. The 105 Panther 2 reminds me of myself 🙁 Fat, kinda slow and … well I’ll leave it to your imagination what the stubby gun resembles

  32. Derp Panther II 2: Inverse Electric Boogaloo: the sequel everyone wanted

  33. I ground out the Panther 2 in frontlines with the derp. ‘Im also dead inside.

  34. Hey Circon, you probably the only WOT i get any more, the game is just so……devoid of passion. I played it for years and it just got to the point that i stopped feeling like a I was playing a game and more like i doing a job. Wot is too big for its own good. But i still find a lot of enjoyment from your content, keep it up man.

  35. Georgios Papageorgiou

    Finally a circon video that doesn’t start with an awkward 10sec silence and me trying to check my sound settings

  36. Now I wish I’d tried the derp when I ground through that tank.

  37. 3 marks on that stubby gun? It’s literally just striping the whole barrel.

  38. I finally grinded through the panther and my god I cant stand the 135 alpha of its top gun :/ its literal garbage even with the high fire rate and pen its just so fucking bad

  39. Its true name is the fist panther

  40. Wait… Samoa? Does that mean we are getting a Polynesian tank line?

  41. How do you get the armor pen indicator @circonflexes?

  42. to bad you cant bounce off dead tanks, you would of got him

  43. Panther 2: the return of the derp

  44. A wiser fella once said, sometimes you eat the panther, and sometimes, well, the panther eats you

  45. Circon aka Meme Machine 🙂
    Congrats on working around the snack in the end :]

  46. now throw the derp on the tiger 1 and see if it is fun

  47. but why use meachanical keybord if recording video or streaming bro thats enoys part of ppl including me ..

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