The Revisit of the BANE of Early War Thunder Ground Forces (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. 32 ping bruh, wtf

  2. Dive Bombing Huh..

  3. There’s nothing more annoying then your mouse refusing to aim at what you want it too

  4. Yet another victim to the Pearl Harbor hack.

  5. really surprised you havnt mentioned this.. why havnt they corrected the mechanic that requires you to shoot your current round to swap ammo type rather than just unload the round and swap ammo… being an ex tanker in real life this bothers me and i hate having to give away my position or cause an enemy rush just because i wanted to make the tactical decision to use a different ammo type… your the man!!

  6. God want to play with Phly as well

  7. You,should do a bias video on what country u think is most biased

  8. phly. got idea for new series. Greatest Comeback Matches. you know those matches in which your team has no chance and looks like a loss then out of nowhere you all win?

  9. 12:05 when you’re short but you’re stronk

  10. It’s a stupidly good looking tank

  11. Life & Times of JCM

    damn i wish i was as good as u are in realistic battles. i just suck.

  12. And i thought i was cool by killing a sherman jumbo in my He-51…..

  13. planes taking the fun out of tanks in war thunder *thumbs up*

  14. Japanese bias intensifies

  15. Man those explosion renders are terrible.

  16. animu bombs

  17. Phly your CAS vids inspired me to start flying planes again and with the reserve P-36, no bombs unlocked, I went into Tank RB got killed and started shooting down enemy CAS. Pulled the Immelman three times on enemy planes and one pilot said “Kill tanks not planes dumb***.” I used your series and replied “Let my tankers tank.” Having a blast and unlocked the Dauntless Dive Bomber and am wrecking people with the 1k bomb.

  18. The FUTURE combo!!! Drive the MONSTEROUS T200 with the 600mm gun with a 30 second reload and 40mm minigun
    Then use the Hover Jet with 4x Plasma cannons and 4x 10000 lb bombs

  19. Phly

    Why have you never taken out the American T25?



  20. That rangefinder..
    Is that a mod ?
    Can u give me da link ?

  21. Oh ! You think that darkness is your ally phily ?!

  22. Thumbnail looks beautiful

  23. Loving the unloved idea: Take out the A1e1 Independent haven’t seen but one or two ever taken out

  24. Do the 75mm motor gun carriage

  25. Hey guys go check out this game in Mobile, it’s called IronBlaster it’s a tank and it’s good (trying to make the game popular, so it can 1 million downloads) 😀

  26. A True Wisconsinite

    Can someone explain the intro?

  27. I find tje t54 with the “most armour” easier to penetrate due to trap shotting

  28. Duy Ngoc Sang Nguyen

    how do you adjust the range of the target ?

  29. in my T54 I get shot at . You dont seem to .

  30. Phly, please try to gather up 10-13 people on ur squad, and when you and ur squad spawns, just let you and ur squad J out at the same time just to troll ur team. attempt #1

  31. play T95E1 pls phly 😉

  32. You are a big guy

  33. Phly you need to get yourself a G900 from logitech

  34. Hey Phly how do you do that fine aiming with the range up and down? What is the default or how to set it because I can’t find it in the settings. Please help. Thank you.

  35. Guys what are your LEAST favourite maps?? Mine are: 38th parallel, Korea, Whiterock fortress and the Air RB version of second battle of el alamein

  36. EntryCentral AKA Nathan Estes

    Do the Cobra combo!!! Phly the P-39Q-5 and the drive the Cobra King.

    Attempt #7

  37. Love watching those replay clips, kinda wish you’d edit a few more in every now and then. The bombs were great to see what happened, but it mighta been nice to see how that arty shell hit on that kill.

  38. wtf, how do you adjust the sights??o_O

  39. The trap shot on the 1947 is ridiculous, it makes the tank useless because anything at 7.0 and above can kill it through that.

  40. I’ve been seeing a lot more arty kills. Anyone else noticing this too?

  41. 5 rounds of ammo on any tank you want and get 5 kills (yes you can refill at cap points only five rounds of ammo)
    (Attempt 2)

  42. Who here got a WOT ad before this video

  43. How the fuck he spot does tank so quickly can,t believe it!!! i have to look 3 times and he is already shooting.

  44. Phly, I dare you to get into a rank 6 tank battle with only reserves of any nation of your choice and try to get at least 5 kills. That’s a real challenge

  45. Use to think you only used op tanks…
    Now I realise your the op part

  46. Play the maus

  47. russian bias failed Japanese bias

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