The Rinoceronte Master Class – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Rinoceronte aims to control World of Tanks! A methodical flexible heavy that has to think smarter to survive – here's how to master !



  1. I love when you help us get into your mindset while in specific situations. Thank you for that.

    I got the Bisonte a couple years ago (just before taking a break fromt he game) and only recently started playing with it. The Auto-Re-Loading does take some getting used to. It is quite a different beast from Auto-Loaders!

    Anyway, have a good one and thanks again for the video! Cheers!

  2. My favorite tank in the game since it came out
    Its not that great (I mean its hard to play), but its very rewarding and fun
    The buff was sooo good
    2nd mark on the tank, im scared to play it because I dont want to ruin my stats :p
    But I did well in ranked with it, so I think I kinda tamed the beast
    (I have bond vents, bond vert stabs and my only bond turbo in it)

  3. Przemek Lewandowski

    It’s a nice tank but you have to drive in a pack, being 1 on 1 against every other tier x heavy it melts due to poor dpm

  4. Could u apply this sort of gameplay into the carro 45t

  5. We need a master class on the Panzer IIJ…

  6. Worst tir 10 tank… Tight vs 30B

  7. My masterclass – dont get this tank, its trash xD

  8. I like these master class videos

  9. This tank is still crap,if you don’t get any help from behind, anything can kill you.
    That dpm is killing the tank,it needs to loose 2s from each shell.

  10. reload is ridiculous.

  11. I can not stress enough how important are these videos. Freaking love them, they are my favorite! Keep them coming quackybabs

  12. 24:30 if the borsig didn’t get unlucky like that and bounce both shots you’d be dead before you had the opportunity to kill him.

  13. i love it and hait it

  14. Player’s attention spans are ten seconds….no the matches are ten seconds long.

  15. I was this days old when I realised Assault games were only ten minutes not 15 like the others.

  16. I’m loving this masterclass series. Thank you, QB

  17. Thank you for another great video I love the master class series 🙂

  18. Fun fact that the mechanic that tank have is called reserve shell which you need to save the last shell and use it if it’s necessary just like in world of tanks blitz the Minotauro line and the M-V-Y is called M-V-Yoh in blitz (same thing) and it’s a tier IX in blitz the tier X is the M-VI-Yoh (M-VI-Y same thing) WG is an mad man bruh

  19. Love your classes, sir! Keep up the great work!

  20. What is a good tank line to grind through world of tanks?

  21. Haven’t watched it yet, but Jesus! Master on Rinoceronte, that’s like… that like 2500 dmg or smh, unreal skill.

  22. Great video, thanks qb, although u are still wrong on the daddy’s belt skid

  23. more masterclass videos, please

  24. Love my RINO!

  25. My biggest dissapointment with myself while playing the Rhino was the inability to get that 2nd MoE. Had been hovering around 75-77% for months but never managed to cross 83%.

    The 3.6K dpg average is well beyond my reach

  26. It feels like it rewards less greedy gameplay.

  27. Steven McLaughlin

    Great series QB. Keep them coming.

  28. I skip the setup and watch the gameplay, if I still played WoT I know the information
    Provided here would be amazing.

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  30. 15:35 I don’t think the wife would like that very much.

  31. InsertCrea†iveNameHere

    Can anyone tell me why he has a bonus for his Turbocharger? Mine does not have that bonus.

  32. Milan Bulatović

    Great play Quacky

  33. I was in doubts whether or not I go for it this month (as it’s top of the tree). But maybe I’ll give the Italian heavies a shot (I’m at the tier 6 rn, maybe I will reach the tier 8 after intense playing this month).

  34. I love these Master Class videos! I definitely would have messed that up in the last game.

  35. Love this series. Hoping you’re going to do progetto 65 soon. Keep it up QB.

  36. Kranvagn better than Rino?

  37. Something quite terminator esque in that last clip with just staring the borsig down while you wait for the last shell to come in. I’m on the tier 9 prog and looking forward to the Rinoceronte, though I will say that so far I prefer the tier 8 with how good the mobility is on it, almost felt like a fat medium tank.

  38. Day 2 of asking Quickybaby to try warthunder

  39. Alexandre Inácio

    The rhino is very good

  40. Its a bad tank. It cannot shoot itself out of situations there where others can. Get rushed? Take your 3 shots and die. Other times, the timing is good, u can reload and whittle them down, they give u the time to reload and you clip every 40 secs or so. That are those high dmg games.

  41. Monsieur Wonderbra

    I only can guess, that this Kind of Video will Take alot of efford but i really like this kind of gameplay for one tank. It will help the community to see, how a tank with all slots upgraded can work and help the freetoplay-players to descide, whiche Tank to pick up later. Thx a Lot @quickybaby for keeping your conntent informative and innovative all this years (for me now around 10 by now)!!!

  42. Its one of the few tanks that need 10 min games to do decent damage

  43. When type 5 heavy master class would love to see it

  44. 5,5k dmg wow you are so good at the game!!

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