THE “ROCKET DADDY” in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

BZ-75 is the latest T10 in World Tanks and has new rocket boosters but is it any good? Today Soudruh_RileyReid lets us know!



  1. ” i dont know who Riley Reid is” Filthy LIES!!!

  2. what an awful ending. 2 people completely throwing the game. 430u going in first as a 1 shot for some wild reason and our “hero” shooting the thickest part of the maus and then the side even though he was literally seconds from getting to his rear.

  3. I’m seriously going to unsubscribe if you keep hyping us up for losses ..

  4. The bz75 is actually an assault heavy and not breakthrough like the other tanks of its line. Meaning it can only get +2kph instead of +4kph from field mods. Additionaly it has higher chance having its crew killed. Bad trade imho.

  5. QB feeling awkward everytime he says the name.

  6. Good game, but well deserved loss when u send the 430 to tank.

  7. Sick of hearing about field mods .There is no way I will be able to get them as i can only play 8 hours a week at most which means players like me play with a handicap . WG need to drop them

  8. Complaints Department

    Why people even BOTHER to load high explosive shells in their tanks anymore is utterly beyond me. The shell has become so fucking worthless that at most, you shouldn’t ever load more than 1 or maybe 2 shells of it. If he hadn’t loaded 3 HE and instead only 1, he would’ve won that game easily.

  9. Soudruh can only blame himself for that L, who shoots spaced armor with HE? Also using their keyboard would have helped.

  10. For clarification Souhdruh apparently means comrade in Czech.

  11. If you feel the need to state that you do not know who Riley Reid is, you definitely know who Riley Reid is.

  12. WG could make this tank more funny than powerful, but they take 180mm gun away and make E100 speed tank

  13. Wargaming. How can we fuck this game more. Let’s strap rockets to tanks!

  14. It’s not SUDRA, but Soudruh lmao. It means “Comrade”.

  15. Yes He would have won with that Intuition switch

  16. Sometimes I hum the old outro music hoping that I’ll hear it play again.

  17. So the chincks just made a poor copy of a leopard and taped some rockets to it?

  18. every game with a BZ in has been a lose.. crap tank…

  19. “Well I don’t know who riley reid is” QB 2023 thats cap xD

  20. Check the QuickyBaby 50tp tier IX on wot replays to see the real fun game with real heart break. Whyaminotsleeping

  21. Riley Reid playing with big guns is nothing out of the ordinary

  22. Gg Rng.

  23. Institut de médecine chinoise de Toulouse

    BZ75 has to be one of the most ridiculous tank in the game, it’s slower than tier 9 heavies with the boosters AND turbo….And doesn’t have any armor to justify that slow speed (barely 26 an hour in normal mode), it gets penetrated front, back and center. The gun take ages to reload, cannot aim right, and when it hit (if U’re lucky) it does a lot less damage than the tier 8. And the gold ammo cost a fortune. What”s not to like…..

  24. The real DPM for progetto 46 is 2880, not around 2300 in the stat that you guy can see

  25. Qb finally got to commentate Riley Reid

  26. Should have tried to shoot the back, or the turret ring. The side of maus has some space armor

  27. Running2 StandStill

    id usually shoot HE B/W the roofdeck and the bottom of the turret, the neck if you would like to call it in front, you get more HE damage there, at least for me it did on the maus line.

  28. wow, that dragon paint job on the tank is absolutely stunning.

  29. Yay yet another dumb gimmick tank mechanic. Makes me want to play less with every one of the added to the game.

    As for this battle, deserved to lose with so much gold spam.

  30. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I wish the old HE mechanic not the new one I have that damn game where I lost to an HE that says “Screen not penetrate” on my monitor …..

  31. qb I don’t mean to doubt you but i know you know who riley Reid

  32. It’s the Chinese Rhino, cept instead of a crappy auto reloader you get a semi useful boost system.

  33. “i dont know who riley reid is” sure bro what ever you say haha

  34. sad that quicky was saying Soudruh instead of Riley

  35. Quickybabies dad, the Rocketdaddy

  36. I hated that replay. Spamming gold from the very start even at lower tier tanks and absolutely not bothering with aiming even when he had time for it. A half of his ammo capacity got completely wasted, yet even when he had very few rounds left, he put absolutely no though into his ammunition usage. A deserved loss, here

  37. Shoot under Maus.

  38. Soudruh means comrade… just saying

  39. Give this man a Riley Reid medal

  40. “While I don’t know exactly who Riley Reid is” yeah

  41. 430 threw hard

  42. yeah, it’s nice to try to communicate to your team. it’s just … they usually stop at the first rock, camp for 14 minutes and then die. it’s a miracle when someone actually “obeys” or at least tries to think and look at the map to understand what you are trying to achieve and helps/reacts to your calls.

  43. if he saved that last AP shell for the maus instead of using it on the char that would have been pretty smart

  44. Maxwell Sim Tsyh Yinn

    *fires HE at the upper plate of a maus* “oh no i only did 30 damage” lol

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