The Rudy!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. jonathan Wieringa

    ey am i first? great…

  2. Nice video

  3. Imagine a premium M44. Wargaming would sell thousands of them. Victors pocket would be very happy.

  4. Extended Gun Marks mod not ready yet, Circon?

  5. The Alternative Hypothesis

    The Rudy Tank.

  6. I like my Rudy, it is fun sometimes.

  7. Nashorn best heavy tanku

  8. That MT-25 tho…

  9. Circ, what would you say are your top 3 favorite tanks?

  10. Nice to be top tier in a premium tier 6 with high rate of fire.. how many battles do you get against tier 8?

  11. Great crack over the two games, love the gold piss take; really funny.

  12. The reason people complain about your use of premium ammunition is very easy to explain. They come to see you showcase your skill and knowledge of the game to win and pull off amazing feats, not to see you press 2 to butter vehicles. Could care less what you fire or do personally, but it does seem disingenuous to say stuff like “it is as if they are paying for my ammo usage.”

    • Philip people still call it gold ammo

    • At least none of the more zany ‘theories’ are not being tossed around as complaints. Like the “shoots through obstacles” claims or the “wargaming employee sells better RNG codes.” Lately I have heard this “auto bounce code exists” and “there is a code to set tanks on fire with 1 shot automatically.” I do not even notice what ammo is fired at me in my randoms. Too busy playing my tanks to map strengths and trying to synchronize with what my team is doing. To be clear about what I run: I have around 130 tanks now, around 60 premium vehicles, all with camo paint. I am not going to run stuff like my PantherM10 or IS-6 or and not bring enough premium ammo, that would just be letting my team down before the game even starts. The issue with little tankers and their heartfelt (yet incorrect) complaints is nonsense wildfires spread.

    • Forgive me, I didn’t mean to start a purity discussion or ammunition inquisition.

    • Don’t you think he is showing his skill when he taps the 2 key at the right moment and not be a retard who bounces all the shots?

    • If the players, refusing to use gold and complaining when others use it, would stop dying like flies in the first 2 minutes of a game. That would be great.
      As some others mentioned. It is a race against the clock. You can not afford to miss anything in the first minutes of the game, because team is dropping in the millions left and right. In 2015, I was able to play my E100 without HEAT and I was good at it. That days are long gone and only some exceptions can cope with it nowadays.
      I would happily drop the gold shells load-out from 50% to 5%, if the games wouln’t last 3 minutes. >.>

  13. Spicy Rudy Memes der!


  15. That broken post-game stat screen 😀 “finalStatistic/window/title”

  16. Rudy has to be my favorite tank at tier 6. A joy to play regardless of MM, three marking it was a blast.

  17. Circon uses prem ammo cuz he’s good enough to earn creds to pay for it…when a man bitches in game about being hit with prem ammo, just tells me he sucks so bad, he doesn’t make enough creds to buy it…99.9% of the the time it’s the dead guy who has time to type and troll chat. I almost never have time to type even short messages, so busy I am driving my tank to a win… I would have to hire a premium apprentice to type for me…cuz I’m the Mage. lol

  18. Thanks for watching! <3

  19. APC is in game ammo, so why the **** not use it?

  20. Jonathan Bibbings

    I was actually in the Excelsior in the first game! No wonder we lost, GG Circon! 🙂

  21. It's not what you think

    I cant watch circon anymore without thinking of the WOW song.

    Also nice hair.

  22. “You Think i am not gonna climb up for 13 damage?” – Circon.

  23. Using nerfed rounds is too frustrating. It’s in the game design. RNG will just smack you all over the head and your noob team that can’t aim or find that 2 key, when they need it, will drag you down with them more often than not. Be the P2W Samurai when you are low tier in MM.

  24. tfw your view range permanently covers the entire map at all times, good feels

  25. this last move… i definitly dying just by falling of that cliff…

  26. Nice flip there Circ. 10 for the landing.

  27. I love my Rudy 3 marked it 🙂

  28. Just yesterday someone hipped me to the fact that the HE on the T28E-F30 has 280 alpha and 43 pen–AT TIER 4. As if 160 AP alpha weren’t enough at that tier! So I ran a bunch of games in it last night with plenty of HE spam. It was sick.

  29. Runner in the dark

    rudy is on train to nowhere half way down the line he dont want to get there but he needs time

  30. stop shooting gold, circon. THINK OF THE CHILDREN

  31. Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Rudy Rudy Rudy, AaaaaaAAAaaaAaaah, do ya do ya do ya, AaaaaaAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaaah

  32. Everytime I hear about the Rudy I think of the movie Rudy. There is a part where they chant, “Ruuudy Ruuudy.”

  33. That Yugoslavian flag tho.

  34. Awesome video until 5 last seconds…fucking Pepsi…Coca cola so much better

  35. I thought it was supposed to have a dog bark when spotted?

  36. Doggo warns you when your in a ruff spot…

  37. Old Scratch scam. Duh. When has free been truly free. Duh…

  38. Just pull up in front of another player. Expose both impede line of sight……….smh

  39. I do think that if you watch Circon merely to bitch about his ammo choices , thou doth miss the point .

  40. This tank is one of my favorite tier 6 premium tanks!

  41. There’s lots of “free” games that you can play without spending any money, and still be competitive. Because those devs aren’t greedy fucks and chose to monetize on cosmetics and quality of life improvements, rather than straight up better things, like gold ammo. There’s decent ways of making money, and then there’s WG’s way. The thing is, people have to put up with this bullshit, because there isn’t a good alternative to the game.

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