THE RUSSIAN DANCE CLUB – SU-152 One Shot (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

RUSSIAN DANCE CLUB – SU-152 One Shot ( Tanks Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) it out!
Screenshot –



  1. hey daliy I’ve been having some rough times in my life and you put a smile
    on my face thx man:)

  2. Do the Russian kv-1 and make sure to use your vodka fuel.

  3. P 51 D and muse

  4. might i request the pz2H and the fw200 condor

  5. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    what does it mean if a players name is green??

  6. *Watches beginning intro* “how the fuck did you see that” , I still can’t
    see the Dicker Max

  7. Being a puppet for the Russians again huh phly?

  8. Take out the Matthew McConway (FV4004)!!!! For King and country!!!!

  9. p51D 30!!

  10. Play kv 2

  11. This game is pretty bullshit

  12. Phly daily it’s tea time and you have your crumpets waiting for you in your
    lancaster. Nigel will protect you using his poor aim In the back Gun but
    you gotta show those Jerys who the best. and as always GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

  13. pika's random channel

    fw190-a4 and german churchill

  14. SU-76 plz tovarisch :(

  15. Валерий Рываев


  16. Phly you is hax for days

  17. Matthew Swartzwelder

    Phly, what the hell is your graphics card, that sand at 9:30 looks freaking

  18. Why don’t you play with the mates anymore

  19. Could have attached the machine gun then it’d be Orlando Dance Club

  20. Yo phly, can u play the m103. That thing’s just gone outta site. No one
    EVER plays it anymore.

  21. play with the f9f cougar with the backup sabre for the amerikano

  22. Tiger and me bf 109 aka Deutche bias!

  23. pls help me get 30 subs

  24. is 3 tank for mother rusha

  25. Play The Russian Bias Master!T-54 1954 !

  26. I try to translate derp , but translator can’t do that , what that mean

  27. guys whats the best ammo for planes sorry im a ps4 noob but i heard it was
    Stealth and Anti air

  28. asu 85 and me410

  29. Play ze peanut butter jelly plane, pbj 1-h
    And the big boy, the big d Sherman, with a 105 mm d
    Estroying gun

  30. Rip Sharambe 2016

    Sherman, harambe

    My girlfriend doesn’t know who harambe is lol

  31. Phly, its been awhile since you took out a Bf 109! Fly out the F4 and show
    them that Germany will not give into Russian Bias!!

  32. THE HD GAMER Alanas

    su-100Y boxtank pls attemt #1 P.S youre da best comrade

  33. The overkillon 20 mm that the Britts have scare me in my t-34 because the
    ap shreds my engine up

  34. M26 pershing & p51 mustang or is2 & Yak9

  35. russian reserve planes in arcade lets show the newbies why playing a
    russian game is the best game ;)

  36. phly pls play Russian vehicles and show how op they are,oh wait.

    sad fact is everyone ends up playing Russian everything cuz they get sick
    of playing other nations due to every nation being inferior in game to the
    lame ass game

  37. Panther G
    next vid!!!
    (if you want)

  38. Tiger 1 (H)?

  39. Play some brit tank and spitfire mk24 and kill some t44s with hispanos! yes
    it can pen t44s!

  40. Chieftain and Hunter!! pls


  41. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I would like to see the box of armour aka the Maus :3 pweaseeeeeee :3

  42. It made me laugh when he one shotted the stug, I always have issues against
    them and I’ve never killed one?

  43. play the Isu 152… tha box stronk tenk comrade

  44. KV-2 and Yak-9T or Yak-9K
    Bring the Russian Bias back!

  45. play comet next

  46. stronk tenk made with pure stalinium :D

  47. Telephone wire tree.

  48. tiger (p) please with fw 190 d

  49. Phly I’m requesting the t44 122 and the mig 9 plz make in vid #RUSSIAN BIAS

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