The Russian SPACE GUN – OBJECT 120 DAAA (War Thunder Tanks 1.71 Gameplay)

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The Russian SPACE GUN – OBJECT DAAA (War Thunder Tanks 1.71 Gameplay)

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  1. Take out t64 ples

  2. Stop lying Phly. We all know the KV-2 is the best sniper in the game.

  3. I want to see the American MBT-70 =)

  4. “I’ve never seen anything like this”
    “World of tanks”
    *fucking l/120 guns for german tanks*
    *fucking KV2 with a 107mm naval rifle that literally broke the tank when it fired*
    Fuck you phly

  5. Wake up, watch Phly Daily.
    Bout to sleep, watch Phly Daily.

  6. h a h a l o n g b o i

  7. longboi

  8. Of course this one just had to be premium…..

  9. that is a HUGE gun! You could send Sputnik to mars!

  10. Тарас Королык

    on a russian dev stream BVVD said that there is bug, and gun will be shorter in major update

  11. Oh no. The “AI” voice sounds to much like world of tanks

  12. Jeff da gamer Mintah

    Derp true to size

  13. 2:41 : Is that where they drop the shell out, or the casing? Roger that!

  14. Love the unloved:M19 and A20-G with rockets.Attempt #2

  15. So when will gaijin add an apdsfs for leopard?

  16. 9:18 You can’t see me

  17. *If Vasily Zatyev is a Tank:*

  18. Ridiculous. This is too much.

  19. play A-36 is so op

  20. War thunder should honestly implement “solid gun” physics into the game. If not, tanks like this would be way to op.

  21. Shaun voices the announcer now yeah

  22. ‘ve been alone with you inside my mind
    And in my dreams I’ve daked your Armour a thousand times
    I sometimes see you pass outside my hatch
    Hello, is it me you’re looking for?
    I can see it in your eyes
    I can see it in your smile
    You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my requests are open wide
    Cause you know just what to say and you know just what to do
    And I want to tell you so much, I WANT you TO PLAY THE DAK (Pz.II)
    I long to see the auto cannon carnage in your eyes
    And tell you time and time again how much I want it, it’s been one year!
    Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
    Hello, I’ve just got to let you know
    Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do
    Are you somewhere without a dak? Or is someone daking you?
    Tell me…

  23. Its like a maus buuut…
    -reloads faster
    -is maneuverable
    -is agile
    -good penetration
    -80% critical damage
    -high damage
    -94% one shot kill
    -have a good range
    -and the tureet turns faster than a maus
    -and plus its an gulag express
    Ivanov and ckolovski will like it 🙂

  24. put a 8.3 BR on this ultra OP russia shit.

  25. More like Object 420blazeit

  26. Those results tho… Rank V premium in a RB match with 10 kills and only 82k silver and 5k XP….

  27. 10:25
    Hello darkness my old friend
    There is a sherman want to die again
    That is the dying sherman song

  28. just some facts abouth this monster.

  29. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    *Phly, Phly, Phly, I got news for you!! Remember how you came across Omero?! Guess what?! His newest video is about the Object 120 & the T-64 (I think) but guess what?! When I saw you, I timestamped it! By the way, do you have Chat turned off? Cause if you watch his video on the Object 120 & the T-64 (?) @**3:51** on his video, he typed in Chat saying “Phly?” He recognized you!! ??*

  30. If it was smooth bored………..hmmmmmm

  31. I’m still more into the WW2 combat. Playing with my T-34-85(D-5T) and some APHE. I love it.

  32. OP gamebreaker

  33. This is the king of Russian bias sneekie breeekie

  34. You should see the Grille I bet that is the longest gun in history ?

  35. When you are done showing all the new vehicles id love to see the amphibious line up OS2U Kingfisher and the LVT!

  36. phly plese im going to get the b 34 and i want to know how to used it and your good at this game plaese play with the b 34 thanks
    if you can

  37. b 34 plese

  38. you never played in it
    :”( plese play

  39. and ill sub i geuss

  40. I bet whoever designed this tank had a microscopic dick


  42. T64 plzzz

  43. NATO callsign should be Pinocchio =))

  44. Товарищи Ангелы

    The Funny part is, the cannon barrel simply doesnt exist to the cannon itself. Its just for looks. The shell leaves the breech and thats the end of the story.

  45. The T-64’s APDFSDS is faster at 1800

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