The Sad Story of the Panzer 3 and why it’s Neglected (War Thunder)

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The Sad Story of the Panzer 3 and why it’s Neglected (War Thunder)


  1. TWO IN A ROW! Love this little tank, however it’s big brother just overshadows it 🙁
    Oh any btw the bleep was fat sherman… not the other thing

    • This tank works beautifully in arcade (used to, haven’t checked lately). T-34 and Shermans get green penetration markers on its outer 20mm armor so they fire, APHE rounds detonate just between the armor plates without going through main armor. Most people don’t understand what happened and keep shooting without any result.
      Works perfect if you just stay on a hill exposing upper glacis and turret while keep shooting APCR.

    • +Adam Charnley exactly what I came here to comment lol

    • +YJ Wrangler you could be my echo <3 Haha

    • i prefer tbh the stubby chode version of the P3 or is it a P4 cant remember, The one with the low velocity. i feel like it preforms better since i lob shells from a high angle.

    • Günther Schneider

      You ruin the game, Talking about good tanks BR getting them up tiered to be not so good, You’ve ruined the game making people try hard as Well as Spickbee doing that too, But still you ruined the game man.

  2. Jeremiah Burnett

    And the sides on the turret bc the armor is weaker so the round will bounce into the gunner or commander depending on what side you hit

  3. Play the Chaffee

  4. stubycluby Things

    I hit the Sherman mantle every time without fail.

  5. OddballtheRighteous

    Chaffee is a must man, such a good looking little tank, and effective

  6. Please play the Chaffee! ??

  7. Illegalskittles

    Love the new editing

  8. What happened to the sound mod

  9. Paly that bloody Chaffy. Most OP tank in game!!!!

  10. Its fantastic at lower BRs, but even the 50mm is anemic for anything with actual armor.

  11. Chaffee is cool, I’d say it’s better than the M4A1

  12. Just to let you (and every one reading) know that Panzer III were replaced by Panzer V (ou Panther). Panzer IV were in battle with Panzer III to help.
    And also, like back in February 2017, Panzer IV F2 was 3.7 BR and the next model (IV G) was 4.3 BR.

  13. Pz 3 with long 50 mils are some of my favorite tanks

  14. The gun is not the best, but the suitability is a lot better than the IV F2…

  15. Boy, you haven’t seen me play the panzer III M at 6.7

  16. Play the f2

  17. searchoverload8

    Why did he not just shoot the m4a1?

  18. Dude your audio kinda echo

  19. lol you just suck with the PZ III M lol i get mad kill streaks even being upteird take some APCR you doofis

  20. Phly I ve been with you since world of warships. Can you a part of a video where you show your settings

  21. Bt-7 video

  22. Play the l3/33 but covered in as much bushes possible like asu 57 and zis 30 but cover whole tank to cover spaghett tonk

  23. Think you shoot his left track after he turns left you shoot his side right in the middle

  24. Play the m47

  25. audio’s got quite a bit of echo. did you move house or that’s just the audio getting wonky?

  26. i loved the panzer III – L

  27. Let’s play with the Chaffee!

  28. got done with the pz grind and its booty the rng magic nerrfs it so hard

  29. Use to be my most played vehicule back in the days

  30. ‘Fly’Daily your my favorite WarThunder Youtuber

  31. Stephan van Heerden

    Saily daily
    Please play the t92 post heat buff(since last video)

  32. 3.0 BR and lower is so fun… i’m stuck grinding the italian tech tree at 7.7 for over a year now…. stuff of nightmeres…

  33. Why use the Pz IIIs at 3.0 when you can use the Pz IV F2 at only a 0.3 BR higher? It’s over tiered and the penetration changes nerfed the hell out of it. At 3.0 it still gets wafflefucked by M4s, M4A1s, M4A2s, T-34s, and KV-1s. It’s a point-click-kill for it’s opponents and it basically has to has difficulty OHKing it’s competition. It plays like a heavy, if it’s top tier it’s an absolute monster. If it’s at tier or lower it’s just an RP pinata.

  34. You know what else is neglected?The Cromwell mk1.
    Phly needs to make a list of all the tanks he’s overlooked.

  35. you just take the wrong ammo out with this tank(:

  36. ReaperSide Gaming

    what the Intro .. So Hillaruous ! LMFAO !!!

  37. Can we get a challenge Italian M13/40 (I) 8 plus kills in a game?

  38. germany suffers – rikka

  39. Phly, please, meme the living frick out of GAZ MM 72-K, this thing has such big meme potential, you dont even know

  40. WW2 Gaming With Mill / WW2GWM

    The Panzer 3 inquisition…. was…. a…. FAIL.

  41. My pz4 f2 on xbox is at a br of 3.7, what gives? Would love to use it at a br of 3.3!

  42. Hasbro killed me to sell new toys

    4:33 nice excuse phly, because you can’t spell bravo without a.

  43.´s not really though. But the f2 is too low in BR.
    Uptiers, all the fucking time by Gayjin´s absolute garbage MM fucks over the Pz IIIs a bit. But it is still useable. There are far worse offenders around.

  44. AussieDogfighter

    M24 is a noice tank, try it

  45. Elias Mäenpää

    Do you have new mic phly?

  46. Pz3/H is def the best variant of the Pz3 as it has the long barrel HV 75mm vs the short barrel 75mm

  47. Yes play the m24 WITH the p40 f-10

  48. Suleiman the Magnificent


  49. Kommander Phly, pls take out the VFW into 10.0.
    Attempt No 9

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