The sad truth about the American DERP PROGRAM (War Thunder)

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The sad truth about the DERP PROGRAM (War Thunder)


  1. *had to throw in a bit more of the old intro music. god bless k-391* have a good day fellas!

  2. Love the old intro tbh every video should have it

  3. Phly forgot about the M8 Scott with is snub nose 75mm

  4. Old intro back

  5. Attempt IDK
    If you remember duck hunt i have a challenge:
    set a custom battle where you with a few others in a squad use the 37mm of the M15 GMC to shoot down Hs-129 hordes

  6. You probably Hit the space Armor of the T-28

  7. Why no heat tho

  8. m4a3 105 since when is 2.7 the last time I took a look at it it was 3.3

  9. M3 or M10 GMC its been 3 years!!!

  10. I still dont get it,why are you using the HE rounds? HEAT is sick on the howitzer sherman

  11. m4a3 105mm he shell cant penetrate 15MM of armor nice meme

  12. Now that’s an intro I haven’t heard in a longggg time


  14. Why is the stuh 42 higher br than this thing. It has longer reload and no turret and no machine guns

  15. Love the old intro

  16. BRUHHHH!!!!! I missed the old intro! Like if u like it

  17. Old intro music is the sound of angels bumping nasties. Fucking love it

  18. You could see the comment section on how only few gets that you’re using HE
    Others that say *UsE hEaT I WoUld’Ve oNe sHoT tHoSe tAnKs*
    Ignore them they’re normies that doesn’t know how to have fun.

  19. you should use HEAT with the 105

  20. The (105) is like a low tier E2 but with a *derp gun*

  21. Old music is baws! Could you perhaps consider contemplating flying the xp-50 in RB? Something Unloved something something XOXOX

  22. I really like how you and Bo gaming released a video of the same tank at the same time

  23. My favorite Gun:AK-105
    My (2nd) favorite tank: Sherman 105


  25. YES!!! THE INTRO MUSIC IS BACK!!!!! XD I miss that intro so much.

  26. Bro been there done that heat is best in 105

  27. 9:50 : “Sir we have a problem, he appears to be showing explicit content.”
    “Looks like a dirty jumbo 3-some”
    “Copy that you are clear for demonitisation over”

  28. does the M8 count as derp? *cough* *cough*

  29. Yes!! The old intro song is back!!!

  30. Love that classic intro Phly <3

  31. Phly you missed it. It’s called the m18. Not the biggest gun but certainly the derpiest vehicle.

  32. I have spent many moons practicing with the M4A3 (105) and I have mastered the art of cupola/cannon barrel sniping.

  33. The m103 is a derpy fucker in my opinion

  34. Phly take out the CAC Boomerang! Attempt #13

  35. I remember that my friend is so pissed with that tank, he even said that it can’t even penetrate Panzer IV’s

  36. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The American tree should get a Jeep-mounted M-28 somewhere. Crew should all be wearing sunglasses, cowboy hats, and no shirts.

  37. Love the old music intro

  38. Maybe this *is* the derp machine you were looking for.

    Nice video as always Phly.

  39. WTF IS A LORRAINE 155? another ultra rare most of us will never get?

  40. By the way the M4 at 3.7 still bounces a lot of shots but then a T-34 or 88 rips through me and it’s gg

  41. Just wondering why taking HEAT shell…

  42. that guy feels very bad lol

  43. Y U Bully Sau : (

  44. Phly keep that intro I love that good ol phly daily intro. like if you agree

  45. Classic phly intro hypeeeeee

  46. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    That HE for ya… Can’t rely on it for nothin’

  47. yeah i always had more success with the HEAT round

  48. A180 challenger

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