The Saddest CAS Destroyer

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Source: Spookston

The OTOMATIC is the end-of-the-line SPAA in the Italian tech tree in . It used to be amazing but has been heavily overshadowed by additions like the Pantsir.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Various Command and Conquer: Generals Tracks

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The Saddest Destroyer


  1. I miss the old OTOMATIC

  2. Can you play the 15Cm Sig next at top tier?

  3. Can you play the T-35

  4. Day three off asking spookston to play the m103

  5. Pls play tiger 1 again or be a gremlin and play the puma ( the low tier one ) day 1

  6. Pbv 301 needs some sunshin

  7. “Challenger 2: the pinnacle of MBT obesity” fucking killed me.

  8. Day 50of asking to play the alecto 1

  9. Day 39 of asking spookston to play the t-35

  10. Day 116 of asking this man to play the IT-1.

  11. You should play the zis-30 its a Russian rat tank thats at 2.3 but can pen tigers

  12. day 98 asking for cruasde 3

  13. Algirdas Radzevicius

    Thirty-first time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  14. day 25 of asking spposton to play the to55

  15. Can you please play churchull mk7 at 4.7?
    Or chieftain mk3 since it has moved up in my to 8.7

  16. One of the saddest vehicles in the game! But hasnt played churchill mk7 🙁

  17. A British Challenger DS

  18. The limited apfsds is a throwback to when it was really strong and they nerfed. They still havent removed that cap…

  19. Yhe HE damage nerf against planes a couple patches back really ruined it, even if you get the shells close enough to proxy in the first place, they proxy to far away to do any real damage to pretty much any aircraft, it’s ducking stupid

  20. they duing this with all of the tanks, russian apfsds 1shot anything, dm53 min2 shots against a t tank, and so on. t54 same thing. pt76/57 with laser range finder + thermal famr my amx50 surbiasse from 2km with 1shot, my 120mm apds do nothing against them from 200m. i have so enough from this shit. fuck u gaijin.

  21. M3A3 Bradley, for some Gulf War vibes.

    Attempt 70

  22. Classic gijian nerfing anything good that Italy has until it’s practically unplayable

  23. I need to know what sound effects you’re using man

  24. being an italy main is a chore but id like to think itll pay off one day.

  25. spookston i have an idea for a sound effect, there is a voiceline from world of tanks that says “That one went right through!”, you could use that for overpens

  26. Richard the Lionheart

    1:05 as a german and japanese player, I am dissapointed in leopard

  27. 0:57 LEOTARD

  28. Day 12 of asking Spookston to play the italian P40

  29. How is it when I try and spade my AA, literally nobody spawns in a goddamn aircraft, yet here’s Spooks’ fighting the entire VVS and PLAAF at the same time

  30. 15:05 careful now Spookston, in your own words there is no such thing as Russian bias in warthunder

  31. Command & Conquer ost, casually in the background

  32. Do you know what other European tank sucks at shooting down planes? That’s right, this is the one hundred eightieth video asking for the Spj fm 43 44 💥.

  33. Average germany mains after they got top tier vehicle

  34. 2 words. Russian bias…

  35. Try playing the ADATS

  36. Actually , Otomatic is still Heli killer

  37. the russian vehicles across all the trees have stealth buffs that other vehicles don’t get

  38. Gaijin’s balancing simply cannot be understood. Sadly, out of many cool vehicles in this game, maybe just something like 40% is playable.

  39. Was that a Mandela Project ref-

  40. I grinded the Italian tech tree specifically to get the oto and had a blast playing. It felt nice playing a AA that could actually counter CAS effectively. Needless to say, i lost all motivation when they started nerfing it

  41. Trying to play the AMX-30-DCA is a pain, it just isn’t good 🙁

  42. Puberty?!?!?!?!1111

  43. “This vehicle is so sad”
    >Get’s multiple MBT kills as a SPAAG per game

  44. I am the only person to notice the two Decepticon logos on each side on the Challeger 2 front with the add armor ? time 4:45

  45. Why gaijin is paranoid about fast dart slingers, but only when they are nato ? Seriously now, spook ? How much more obviose do you need that russian bias ? Heck, there is even a good reason for gaijin is doing this. Its actually illegal in russia, to represent the russian military badly. So if Anton Yudintsev wants to see his origin country again, he better make the russian military the best in war thunder. Else he will end up like many other gamedevelopers who would be arrested the moment they step foot into russia. Like the guys who made Company of Heros.

  46. hi spookstone, i would like to see a vid with the hungarian KF41, could you do it?

  47. Day 8 of asking spooks to play the M4A3 (105)

  48. that leo player cant be human… you cant be deaf and reach top tier at the sametime…

  49. Just saying the proxy he is a lot better if u use the sight because the circle is small and more precise

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