THE SALES ARE RUBBISH SO HAVE FUN INSTEAD – Chi Ha Long Gun in War Thunder ft. @Spookston

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Source: OddBawZ

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Chi-Ha Long Gun in War Thunder is one of the most fun meme vehicles in the entire game. The cannon is MASSIVE for its meaning it will nuke anything it touches.

Being borrowed from a Naval Gun, the cannon is incredibly easy to aim and even glancing blows can still cause enough damage to send your enemies back to the hanger.

Today, I joined Spookston where we spoke about donuts for breakfast and War Thunder's funny trees.




  1. 0:51 damn that was pure evil hahaha … *sad Spookston noises*

  2. Is it likely that the December sale will include the vehicles worth buying?

  3. its not a naval cannon, its a nasal cannon

  4. Why is it called realistic mode when you can play in 3rd person and peak corners

  5. 1000lbs bomb is a “bit” overkill for a Chi-ha LG 🙂

  6. Haha I’ve been playing this one a lot recently and its a lot of fun. One shots almost everything at that BR. But machine guns kill everyone almost instantly lmfaooo

  7. I had 2 beers for breakfast on monday, and boy did I get tipsy

  8. Ive recently been playing the Chi Ha LG as im unlocking the Jap tech tree. It is so much fun to play and even good at higher tiers. I used mine in my 4.3/4.7 line up. Far more survivable than you would expect. Hardly ever gets ammo racked (Take full ammo. Its fine), SAP round pens more than you expect. However if it doesnt Pen i found the explosion damage poor.

  9. Good to see the IJLN back at it

  10. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    Dude, WTH happened to the LG? I ground it maybe a year or so ago and it one-shot everything with nuke-level satisfaction. Now you literally shot a Crusader’s turret and it only killed the gunner?

  11. The trees looking like they are in a hurricane constantly is bad enough, but the countless updates since they broke them is the salt in the wound.

  12. It’s funny hearing their conversation about donuts for breakfast

  13. Spookston speak like a gay 😂😂😂

  14. Return of the Imperial Japanese Land Navy lol

  15. 3:52 The breeze on the trees is still a joke making it look worse than it use to be would rather them be still or give us the choice if we want the breeeze of the trees or not.

  16. OT: To come back to the topic of breakfast; if you’re hungry, you eat! It’s that simple…. it doesn’t really matter what’s on the table, the main thing is that it tastes good to you.

    And if the others don’t like it, Perfect…. then there’s more left for me – In this spirit, bon appétit! 😁

  17. 16:28 so you to crude 🛢🚢🛢oil…..⛽😁 low tier fun tier… The Na To is pretty fun

  18. bro the amount of times that i have eaten donuts for breakfast…

  19. tenn magnet fishers

    This is one of my favorites to play thanks for playing it i didn’t even have ask 300+ times but i was gunna😂

  20. I will say, I still have the stick me drawing one of my nieces gave me 2 years ago on my fridge.

  21. 3:33 as a 27yr old male I had a piece of tuxedo cake for breakfast Sunday lmao I didn’t feel like making shit 😂

  22. when the donut conversation started i could not hold my self but think about the meme “you fucking donut”

  23. I bought 4 tanks that I have wanted for a long time. I am very happy. And I topped it off with the Mustang mk1a.

  24. Is there a particular control sceme with wich you control tanks? I’ve noticed how smoothly you’re able to start and stop your tanks, no matter the BR so i was wondering how you achive this. I tried manual transmission before but its not looking anywhere close to your bottom left corner gear description.

    I’ve learned quite a lot while watching your vids, especially on how to play CAS, so thanks a lot for upgrading my WT expierence im general

  25. Can confirm alcohol for breakfast is generally a bad idea, doesn’t mean it’s out of bounds however. Just a bad idea. 😂

  26. I love when 4 mans try-hard on low tier against new players. We’re already all dorks who love tanks, and they have to be the dorkiest of all. Like, what are you doing with your life? Multiple players trying to use out-of-bounds exploits… against open top derp players. It’s so embarrassing.

  27. 15:41 love the Battlefront II death sound from Spookston right there

  28. Betty Collab when?

  29. You two together is a perfect couple for the War Thunder video. Please, do more. 🙂

  30. The grown ass man who eats what he wants when he wants comment resonated with me 🤣

  31. 3:20 ohhh spookston. no you dont want a crap ton of carbs and sugar in the morning. infact thats the opposite you should want in the morning. protein and some fat would be ideal. helps bring up insulin levels the same as sugar and carbs but without spiking it. and insulin levels remain at a better average compared to sugar and carb so youre less likely of having a insulin crash if you skip lunch etc.

  32. Man those SRU guys are such clowns, sweating their balls off with bushes and B1s at such a low BR

  33. You should probably stop giving dietary advice on your channel.

  34. The Iron Giant reference 👌

  35. id love to see these two playing with ryanberry. the enemy team wouldn’t stand a chance.

  36. Chi-Ha Longschlong

  37. noob question at 21:15 what does the symbol above the enemy tank mean ?

  38. Put a bush ontop for goofy hair

  39. I always feel a little sad how you trash talk newer/less experienced players or make sweeping assertions about . Consider how your behaviour shapes the community, you have some much visibility and a large impact. So much of your video is positive vibes, and these types of comment stick out like a sore thumb.

  40. Say what you want but a steak and cheese pie with a beer for breakfast is great

  41. I remembered the days when odd played with phly and not a dood who wants to hump animals

  42. I can confirm that the Chi-ha LG is extremely fun.
    I love using it in high tier.
    Godkills rock ^^

  43. yeah, i haven’t understood why suddenly the game has gale-force winds blowing thru the trees. all it is, is annoying

  44. I don’t know about anyone else but iv heard alcohol for breakfast makes a fantastic hangover cure …….

  45. I love when you play together

  46. Smart play taking Spookston with you, takes all the planes off your back so they can relentlessly gun him down instead.

  47. 3:34 – mfw drinking an 8% IPA at 10 AM with breakfast 😮

  48. This is a joy to watch

  49. When has anyone ever eaten donuts as a desert instead of a breakfast food? WHAT?

  50. Your awesome and awesome video be safe out there

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