THE SCARIEST KV-2 | 107mm 440 GRAMS of TNT (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SCARIEST KV-2 | 107mm 440 GRAMS of TNT (War Thunder)


  1. the panther treatment lmaooo

  2. > Using the 107 on the KV 2
    > A weapon it never even had
    You pos, you’re a disgrace to the union.

  3. anime will be the best Turner

    6:28 Every time you put the anthem on when those things happen its the most hilarious thing in the world lmao.

  4. I-16 type 10 with historical information please Phly

  5. how on earth do u get all of these premuin tank they arn’t in the store or in the tech tree

  6. Use your influence to add super sherman in war thunder. Pls!

  7. How did I know the “scarier” KV-2 would be a premium vehicle ?

  8. The Chosen Pessimist

    y no link meatball music

  9. In tanks…It is kill or be killed…there is no steal…stop being nice.

  10. Plat kv1 attempt 55

  11. 8:40
    Before nerf you can just aim for its hull and you can pen through it:(

  12. Yo Phly play the Ho 22OP

    No kidding its actually OP now.

  13. Phly Just fyi all the music you linked are removed

  14. Still love the brrrrts

  15. Nothing beats the original KV2 gun. That hot dog cannon is just not the same…

  16. 0:16 Rly no pen?:)Wierd physics on flat that M4 Jumbo or normal M4?And not gel kill if hit crew????
    3:53 But T29 have have 256 pen instead of 163.
    18:57 He make nice distraction,next time need go closer.

  17. What was that? A FlaK 36 88 mm AA/AT gun mounted on a Ram/Sherman hull?

  18. The song at 1:00?

  19. Did… did you say “are we agree”? :-O

  20. 05:07:
    You manage to turn the turret of a KV-2 while not being on a horizontal ground??
    And you turn said turret… upwards??!

    Are you a sorcerer?

  21. The “eeeeeEEErika” moments just make me giggle. :-3
    I love your vids, mate.

  22. Pls do SU-100Y it has a 130mm gun, some flat armor but some angled, td so gun turns partially, turning is close to non existant If your doing neutral turn, has armor penetratable by a Panzer 4

  23. 2:05 Phly is now a english teacher ?

  24. I love this tonk sooo much!

  25. Yup, just as I thought. The German team always gets absolutely trashed. What the fuck is the point of playing?

  26. Those Rams I swear are harder to kill than pre hull break vfws

  27. 15:20 – hm why not shooting the engine for hullbreak?

  28. But did you saw the SU-152 or ISU-152?

  29. Nooo not the pencil, it’s painful to look at!

  30. @Phlydaily there is a youtuber called Avarik and just made a mod for the f15 on war thunder you should check out his video on it

  31. 04:10 heard the meow and got up to let my cat out, just to find out it’s Phly cat meowing in the mic as I get half way to the damn door. ?

    I can’t be the only one tripping.

  32. Phly you should play the sturmpanzer 2 at top br because why not

  33. back in the day before the shell penetration algorithm update this was my favourite tank. It had like 200mm of pen aswell as the 440g of filler lol

  34. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Intro says everything about nowadays gaijn. Nothing else to say.

  35. is so easy to kill the kv2 with the r3 but he failed the last step ?

  36. Can we talk about how great is the new censor sound ?

  37. What a great fun this video was! ? RIP comrade.

  38. One of my favorite tanks. I’ve had great success with it. And that reload makes it a (challenging) joy to master.

  39. I swear this gun in world of tanks is pure horse shit

  40. campbell chesterfield

    I totally agree man, FIX THE GAME

  41. Phly L3/33 bush Kemp tank

    Attempt #1

  42. R3 is cancer

  43. Hey. thats Dollarplays music

  44. Sauce on lunchbox theme?

  45. Finally the zis boi is getting some love.

  46. You got so unlucky at last game XD

  47. Does anyone wach goodtimeswithscar

  48. Looks up in the air. Takes a silent breathe of air in. Looks back down. “The weather looks like cloudy… with a chance of meatballs…” –takes off glasses

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