THE SECOND most sophisticated WEAPON SYSTEM IN GAME (War Thunder Tanks)

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THE SECOND most sophisticated WEAPON SYSTEM IN GAME (War Tanks)


  1. phly is now Phlin

  2. This game was amazeballs!

  3. Stalin is proud of you!

  4. 10:00 that guy was blind as f

  5. Лайк за “Коробейники” !

  6. 13 kills. 13 KILLS.

  7. Today tovarishch PhlyDaily and his machine gun crew held the line against fascist tanks. Knocking out 13 tanks before dying during the line of duty do to an enemy air strike. He and his crew will be awarded the highest honor the Soviet Union can give. Stalin is proud to award you with the Order of the Red Banner for courage and bravery against all odds.

  8. WTF incredible !!! this is what the Russians will be using for their training videos from now on. PHLYinium.

  9. phly you are the best anti air user ever

  10. I used that sound pack just to have KUuuDUSH for my KV2

  11. This is LUCK Level GOD. XD

    And I’m only talking about that first kill, cus if that blind guy killed him, Phly would have not gotten that gameplay. The rest, pure skill!!!

  12. So epic !

  13. Stalin so proud.
    you did it for motherland, for proletariat, for lenin !

  14. ’bout that sound effect pack…

    DO IT!

  15. Sir phly? are u OBSESSED with the russians?

  16. Yeeeeees, Phly Sound-effects! I need it now.

  17. Phly, for Warthunder please try to gather up 10-13 people on ur squad, and when you and ur squad spawns, just let you and ur squad J out at the same time just to troll ur team. attempt #3

  18. “Look how big this .50cal is… The biggest D… with 27 mm of penetration.”
    Srsly Phly, do it (the soundtrack). I’ll pay to download it. This is going to be hilarious…

  19. Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    Comrade Stalin sensed the true patriotisms in your heart and make guide your bulletses to crrrash da vile fascist invader. Za Stalina! Za Rodinu! URAAAAA!


  21. Attemt 12

    Chrismas box full of surprises play the SU 100Y

  22. Awesome gameplay !!

  23. Russian technical built with stalinium armor and runs on vodka (drunk Russians not included).

  24. Btr 13! The twin 14.5mm is OP :))

  25. I want all the guns I fire in war thunder to sound like Phly saying…..”bluuuuuuurg”. Could we maybe get a “whammey” or a “blammo” too?!

  26. ржу как конь 🙂

  27. BEHOLD!!!! stalins most dangerous weapon : IVAN’S 50.CAL!!!

  28. Yes please plhy we need that sound pack. WE NEED IT NOW

  29. Stalin bless Phly

  30. H A H A intro approved

  31. gun depression is suck because the dude is not high enuf kek

  32. Man I’m really trying to like this game but its really hard to have any fun. I mean, I just started and if I’m the top of my team nearly every game what does that say about everyone else thats been there forever? Played 128 battles now and won 4. This is more like work than world of tanks is, and really not that fun at all.

  33. the stalinium effect is strong with this one

  34. I would install Mouth-sound effects

  35. Sound effects

  36. To kill a ho to in 3 shots, just shoot that big ammo rack

  37. russian .50 cal op comfirm XD

  38. well u can also think thats a Russian Bias!

  39. That orgasmic feeling when an atgm hit your Zis-5’s wood and you some how take no damage

  40. Dam, do that sound pack !

  41. there should be 4 more than 1 DSHKA

  42. You have the best intros!! but yea very impressive I would have been dead in the first two minutes lol

  43. О_о 13 фрагов на ДШК?! Серьёзно?!??
    Great vid btw))
    Cheers from Russia o/

  44. Can you do world of warship grosser kurfurt

  45. Hmmm …. the wooden deck on this shows up as “armour” whilst the steel plates (gleaned from Panther tanks) on the T26E-1 show up as (and perform like) “structural steel” . . .

  46. 2 OP 4 Phly

  47. 6:56 I will clear the skys cum rags!

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