The Senlac – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Check out the tier premium UK , the Senlac!


  1. YouTuberino cappuccino. You mean they can properly design a British light tank, you just gotta pay real money for it. Comrade. Good stuff, keep it up boss!

  2. I have it and the lack of Cam breaks me. The UK light line isn’t much better.

  3. Agreed. HE is not « always » retarded and can be used to outdpm low armor tanks or outrade opponents or just playing like a god and landing pens at weak spots they didn’t even knew they had while disrespecting what they thought was a range so close no one would « take the risk » but boy, some players are good at this game and plan things from the beginning to the end.
    So yeah HE can be valuable as an advanced mechanic for people who can actually enjoy that whole part of the game in which they have to know what their pen is and what is the thickness of the armor they re shooting at ( unless you re a lazy ass MF and use the color market assist which is unreliable and will focus your attention badly on your noob reticule while at the same time you re doing 7 mistakes at once.
    « Congratulation you reached saltyness level 99 by just being honest and ironically perfectly calm and fine with the fact that you re not fighting ignorance you re fighting insecurity »

  4. I’m on the LHMTV and so far they are all horrible to play. I’ve had a few good matches but that was more luck than the tanks carry ability.

  5. I already got the M41D and it seems to play very similarly except for the HE rounds. I think I won’t get the Senlac

  6. the ONLY british light tank that is decent because in your video on reviewing the British lights you said what to improve on them and it literally has all the things that you suggested

  7. These tanks are probably not to be like we have to play on most maps. Like shitty mediums. I haven’t even tried one yet. Sucky sucky 10 bucky ? No thank you I d rather play my other lights!

  8. Honestly I load one shot of HE in every tank I play and always shoot it first, either I track and do low damage or I do huge damage and maybe a track or 2

  9. I have ground the british tank line. And they were surprisingly okay (I’ve not played but unlocked the manticore though). Tier 7 wasn’t great but 8 and 9 were fun in my opinion.

  10. For those of you interested in English history, Senlac is the ridge Harold Godwinson occupied during the Battle of Hastings.

    He was winning when he stayed on the ridge, and lost when he left it.

    Not sure if there’s a clue there for how to play it.

  11. eleven lols

  12. so circon does not like the vk 100 super heavy t tier 8 how does he feel about the kv 4 it is a super heavy

  13. It’s also worth noting that this is basically a better m41d, if you’re debating buying that. Both are pew pew guns; however, this is the better overall gun, it has better view range, better camo (lul), and you get the high pen HE.

  14. @Circonflexes How are your ingame sounds so crisp and the engine sounds are so loud and clear? It’s so much better than my sound ingame.

  15. Circon makes his best in lights. Thanks for another great replay.

  16. Just finished with the LHMTV, not sure I can be bothered buying the T9 until I know the whole line is going to be substantially buffed They are ok passive spotters, but very dull to play, with very low combat capability. There is just nothing special about them. The French tech tree had a good light line, then got a second good line, both very different, interesting and fun. Then after many years the British finally got one, and it’s just not exciting or special in any way.

  17. I liked the LHMTV but the rest of the line was ass. The LH, although very low alpha, has great camo and view range. I really like the Senlac; with food, bia I have a camo value just under 33 and max view range. On open maps like Red Shire you will almost always be a royal pita for the opposition.

  18. Unlocked the tier 8 British light couple weeks ago, It’s rough line. Just not much left to grind on anymore. Also not a big fan of the French wheeled tanks. Working on the tier 8 hoping the tier 9 is better, I think it will be with the 2 clip.

  19. WG seems to care a lot more about making the tank decent/good when it’s a premium

  20. Not gonna lie the IS-3 in chat
    He’s spitting facts

  21. 3:16 – nice suggestion. But we all know that WG doesn’t listen to nice suggestions, they are too busy trying to fuck all of us and any fun left in this game

  22. I have the Senlac and enjoy it, Yes it has low camo values but it makes up for it in just flexibility, yes the rest of the british lights should be more like this one

  23. Thats why I dont like their plans to change he. Because of tanks like these when you get rewarded for flankink and using he to do a lot more damage. Sure low tier or even high tier derps like type 5 are not good for the game but changing he like wg has in sandbox is stupid and lazy. Obviously that sandbox is stupid overall cuz type 5 still has that derp but its uselles so they should have removed it and only left it with ap gun.

  24. Thanx for the show, I enjoy watching your skill(luck) plays. I don’t play LTs but once in a blue moon, but still enjoyable.

  25. Stop fucking slurping my dude

  26. Did The Guys making the British light tank line have some sort of grudge against the Brits or did they just mak- er Choose terrible tank for the line?
    Edit: Also still waiting on the Saladin, Scorpion and Scimitar

  27. I dont agree with you on derp guns, its ultra skill demanding to play t49, on the first line head to head against hull down gods, op russian meds, having no armor and terrible bloom when moving turret and yet being able to chunk 300 hp off of op tanks every 17.5 seconds using only situational awareness and speed… No room for mistakes there, well only if you get saved by Rngeezus, like that wheely 🙂

  28. Technically Cromwell isn’t a light tank, but its pretty enjoyable to cosplay one playing it.

  29. how does it compare to the T92?

  30. I think wargaming are using a tactic here, I think they made the line suck on purpose so more people buy this premium tank, then when enough people buy it they will suddenly buff the line. I can’t think of any other explanation of why they made the tank line suck so bad.

  31. Grind British lights? Eeeee No
    What,s the point;-)

  32. The brits are one of my favorite light rank tech trees. Mostly because of the gun which mostly hits the target. The “hitn’hide” tactic fits my playstyle since im too old to be running around like a headless chicken…

    Also when the fck are they going to sell the Senlac again?!! Missed it last time…

  33. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Really good HE pen and will be useless when new HE mechanics comes on live server yeah?

  34. Nobody:
    Not us:
    Not anyone in the entire galaxy:
    Circon: Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat is up everybody

  35. Hey Circon! I really like your videos ! I just wanted to say that personally i enjoy this kind of videos, in which you describe your thoughts and strategy on a game, instead of the Stream Highlight battles. Then again, perhaps i just like your voice #no_homo

  36. The average EBR player in chat XD

  37. Control A4 and you’ve won any battle on Ghost Town. OK, I exaggerate, but you get my point.

  38. I am at tier 8 of british lights, I was so happy when I finally got rid of tier 7 but tier 8 is just as bad

  39. Hated the Setter, actually liked the MTV (terrible elevation though)
    Have yet to buy GSOR

  40. 6:36 is a learning moment. Specifically, it should teach you that shit talking teammates will target high caliber players like Circon while he’s tearing a map apart and carrying harder than a freight train because the system doesn’t have a useful way to relay how well you might be doing. Don’t let teammates rile you up.

  41. Circon, thank you for another informative and entertaining video. Please post more!

  42. The tier 7 and 8 were god awful in the line! I couldn’t stand playing them and every time I did I was like WHY WHY WHY make these crap tanks! Tier 9 wasn’t so bad but the alpha on the tank needs to be higher in my opinion. The Manticore I really like as this thing is a little ninja! Yes I wish it had more ammo and yes the two crew is annoying as you need at least a five skill crew to make it worth it but it is hella fun!

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