The Sexiest Side-Skirts in the world | Mouth Watering ( War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The Sexiest Side-Skirts in the world | Mouth Watering ( )


  1. Emperor Of Mankind

    “Sexiest side skirts” My ass. The E-100 will find you and eat your babies.

  2. War thunder should add the Heinkel He111z Zwilling. Phly please ask because I have no say.

  3. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on War Thunder
    Attempt #154

  4. So I remember seeing a video awhile back that had your emblem as a decal. I have tried searching for it with no luck. Is it not out on Xbox??

  5. how old are some people i wonder….youtubers and commenters acting like giggling sex obsessed kids…

  6. tip: if your round pens more than 420mm, the 1st abram hit mantlet to hit ammo in the back an 1 hit
    if its a upgraded abrams you need a round that pens more than 470mm to do that

  7. Bring Back the Combos!

  8. I really want to know if this is your account or if it’s like a press account or smthn??

  9. Still loyal to hetzer side skirts

  10. You never played the Type 16 or Type 74G and test the type 93 round :/

  11. I wonder when they’ll add TUSK to the M1A1

  12. Phly can you play the Chinese M4A4

  13. Hey Phly can you pls play the mkpz47

  14. Is tank stronk? My fly gmae is.

  15. MIKI TANK?!

  16. PyrotechnicMailman

    Lol. Most of these armor upgrade packs for tanks are meant to deal with shoulder fired missiles. That’s why they’re not that great against mbt heat shells, in the real world of tank world of tank.. but in the real conflicts, they usually fight head on. But no first world countries have really faced. So the sides would get penetrated by a mbt heat shell just makes sense even with the extra

  17. tunguska be like “oh you’re having fun komrade? is not allowed, is only for inner party blyat”

  18. Sometimes you should artillery to hide. It works sometimes 🙂

  19. War Thunder WorldWide

    Its Spooktober

  20. Copper_Eagle Productions

    i love that i got a wot ad on a wt video

  21. How about a challenger 2 video?

  22. 8:38 “I am garbage”
    The moment I realize I am a disappointment of my parents

  23. Oml that thing just sounds like it runs on meatballs and spaghetti

  24. When are you going to play the tiger Euro copter


    Pretty sure I quit the vid u were talking about how u had to watch ur language because… children

  26. hay phly play with a joystick but put peanut butter on it and instead of using your hands you use your feet and have a feet cam.
    attempt 1

  27. roll out the ro-go

  28. 14:39 and thats why you don’t leave your hair dryer on during combat

  29. Isaiah Schoenfeld

    Hey Phly could you do a video with a straight up vietnam loadout

  30. Айсен Винокуров

    Damn. This tunguska really hard.

  31. The Composite armour not disintegrated after so much shoot, so its permanent armour?

  32. I missed the FLYday stream

  33. Now you have to try the war package on normal C1 ariete

  34. 11:08 is that going in the sound mod?? as thunguska machinegun sound??

  35. You kick ass without even trying meanwhile I’ve lost 100k SL in the last 3 days due to spawn camping fucktards and absolutely unreasonable repair costs.

  36. Tactical SpringRoll

    Chally didn’t even get its additional armour, or even the Charm :/

  37. Phly!! World of Warships is beta testing submarines! You should try to get into that beta test. Everybody please like and bring attention to this. I would love to see Phly give some torpedo presents in WoW.

  38. Your avatar is now creepy .
    I want old one

  39. Lau Kæseler Nielsen

    What even is this title lmao?! No but for real keep up the good work man. Love your content!

  40. Italian fashion is everywhere.

  41. Phly have you seen the new german Memememe machine VT1-2 yett? Its HILARIOUS

  42. 11:11 new sound psck incoming ??

  43. how does phly have so few moving pixels when in nv mode, I cant see anything bc of the pixel blurring

  44. Challenger 2 be like: –_–


  46. How is your NV look so clear?? Mines all fuzzy asf.. ?

  47. Annihilator ANH-1A

    Sounds like someone was ringing ur door bell shooting u with that machine gun lol

  48. Nice side skirts, no thigh highs tho..

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