The Sheridan Master Class in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Sheridan has the highest DpM in World of of any light tank! The result is a ferocious scrapper of a vehicle; here's master it!



  1. Love the masterclass series qb. Most of us now are veterans and we do not need introduction to the game, but more in dept videos like this are better! Love yah!

  2. Another train of thought is to invest in that view range. Know that you are easily spottable, use hard cover/terrain knowledge, but pump what you can spot way past what anyone else can. Rather than sit in a bush and wait, you ‘peak spot’ from behind a ridge. If they can’t hit you, it doesn’t matter if they can see you. Before Field Mods my Manti had 511m VR. The Sheridan with Bond Optics hits 537 before mods or vents. Not sure how this compares to a ‘camo-compensation’ build, but might be worth exploring. Nothing worse when you are playing a Manti than having to advance on a high-VR opponent.

  3. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I used to play a lot of light tanks because is fun but getting city maps, wheelies and those god damn Bourrasque makes my light tanks worthless ….

  4. I really like the concept of the master class. Any chances of one for the Manticore? I find it is a bit like a pre-nerf ELC bis on tier 10 and I’d like to get better with it.

  5. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Got no wheels, get over it.

  6. Play your t49 he says, still bounces everything and no fun.

  7. Would atgms on the sheridan be a good idea?

  8. Love these videos QB, thanks a lot

  9. So… when can we see such a review about the Rheinmetall?! XD

  10. A4 steam enthusiast

    Really apreciate the extra time you put in, I always enjoy the master class.

  11. 12 games 2 wins, a matchmaker for premium.

  12. Hoàng Huy Phạm

    Any tank will be good once they are fully decked out, the fact that if it wasn’t it can not compete makes it a bad tank. But that’s not the point of this series anyway

  13. louis winterhoff

    More Master Class!

  14. Please do a Master Class for STB-1….please (I am not a bad player but I really suck in this tank)

  15. Im still grinding the sheridan line, can you do a build that fits the whole line starting from tier6? Thx.

  16. When can we shoot tow missiles from it

  17. Franklin Clinton

    Currently grinding for the Sheridan and this video is truly a blessing. The AMX 13 105 is my favourite tank and i hope the sheridan offers similar gameplay where you are both a scout and an absolute monster in damage.

  18. Baxter Wellington

    I HATE the Sheridan but am liking this video because it’s part of your master class series

  19. Fuck that piece of shit, have at least 4 games from today recorded getting pen through the ground. Game gets retarded every year

  20. If only it actually floated, and didnt have the 25% pen falloff over distance

  21. Youre an absolute noob for not abusing the amazing view range of this tank.

  22. That was a great video!

  23. Can you do a class that quickly covers recommendations to complete campaigns from the first one. Having hard time with the level 14 and 15 in various classes. Thanks

  24. 8 HE rounds but you don’t use a single one on a skorpion and a Conway…. Bro, why do you even pack them?

  25. Kajzoo also made a vid on the Sheridan the other day, and the two of you almost convince me to get it. Almost!
    I have it researched from the T49, but 6m credits is 6m credits…

  26. QB: Dont get me wrong, if you want to have fun, play with the 152mm. But I would argue, why arent you in a T49.
    Me: Dont get me wrong, if you want to pad your stats in a shitty tank, play with the 105mm. But I would argue, why arent you in a Leopard.

  27. WHY is it SO disheartening that when QB plays like this, he ALWAYS hits his shots, but when I play like this, I get found, miss the shot, and die after 1900 dmg. I want 5k dmg too!!

  28. its a realy great video and would love to see more of these as i have struggle with one or another tank, could you make such videos for top of the tree every month?

  29. I’m not sure if I want this still. I’m almost to the T37 and I’m kinda unimpressed with the Sheridans play in this meta. Mediums can do what this does and then some its kinda useless

  30. I have noticed that wg servers nowadays have days where there are more lag, small jitters and so on. Server change does not help. Then the next day everything is fine.

  31. That spot only works cuz the lancen was there in the corner

  32. The dpm on the sheridan is so nice to have. I feel like whenever I play the T100 I have to be very very aware and proactive about doing damage throughout the game or else it might bite my ass later on in the game.

  33. You can bind the auto-aim button for something else than RMB, then you can actually hold your gun in place while aiming at enemies without trigerring auto-aim.

  34. Masterclass videos become one of the best in WoT section. Thanks, QB!

  35. Aymeric Bergerolle

    This series is crazy good

  36. *Actually, you can’t have “FUN” anymore with the 152mm… Why?*
    Because it doesn’t do damage anymore half the time. At least before you could do some damage when you take all the risk playing this gun with the 8 Second actual aim-time, terrible accuracy now (since the previous nerfs) etc. I literally can’t play the T49 anymore now it’s just that terrible, and only LUCK shooting light armored tanks can you generally do anything, but even then sometimes not. When the last HE nerf occurred, took the T49 out, and literally shot an EBR “3 TIMES” and did ZERO DAMGE every time. Shot a Heavy’s Square Flat turret, and did ZERO damage, and more… **** WARGAMING…!!!

  37. I wish his Sheridan replays featured more standard battle game modes

  38. HEllo QB! Please make MasterClass videos about maps also.

  39. Learning how to bounce/bait the enemy to shot the space armor. Why are the smart one playing blitz. Gets eviscerated by high explosives by 3 120 and a couple of 15cm. Fun lief

  40. vents
    of course
    what a surprise
    god damn it…

  41. what happens when you are matched against a T100 or an EBR? covering such challenging scenarios would help

  42. I hope you can make the masterclass about tech tree japanese HT

  43. Coated optics and a view ramge beyond 445m also helps u to see the opponent in bushes – it is not only commaders vision which plays a role here.

  44. not possible on ridgelines tho, since you don’t have the 10 degrees of gun depression over the back. There it is actually just 4.5 degrees.

  45. Next time KV2 masterclass please

  46. Can you please do one of these on the Lowe. It’s one of my oldest premiums and I’d love to see if you think it’s viable in current day and just how you’d min max it.

  47. this is all just cc rng, if anyone watching did this it wouldnt work. you ccs get special account bonuses as well as weaker players on the enemy team to fight, this was proven by multiple tests. it is quite disgusting for you to present this as a masterclass when us regular players would never be able to reach these highs without becoming ccs. if anyone wants any good advice, become a streamer and watch your stats improve because wargaming needs their product to look better.

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